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Syrian Army Deploys Troops, Battle Tanks Meters Away From Turkish Post After Capturing Murak (Video, Map)

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On August 22, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured the key town of Murak in northern Hama, thus imposing a direct siege on the Turkish observation post in the region.

Syrian Army Deploys Troops, Battle Tanks Meters Away From Turkish Post After Capturing Murak (Video, Map)

Click to see full-size map

Pro-government activists released a short video showing Syrian troops and battle tanks being deployed a few meters away from the Turkish post’s walls.

The Turkish military established Murak’s post last year as a part of a Russian-Turkish-Iranian de-escalation agreement. However, the post failed to put an end to the militants’ violations.

Dozens of Turkish soldiers and Syrian militants are reportedly trapped inside the post. The post also contains several armored vehicles and battle tanks.

Turkey had said that it will not withdraw its troops from the post. However, it is unclear how the post could remain in the area with the SAA controlling all of its surroundings.

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SAA helpful as always. These measures will surely ease the Turk [bservational tasks.


The Turks in Morek might do some weather reports, just to stay relevant :) :) :)

Maurizio Pucci

Look mom as Negan :-)

Michał Hunicz

It will be extremely funny to keep checking updates on that siege.

alejandro casalegno

Use the post as souvenir……….take photos…….is a landmark of Erdogan failure………….

Kell McBanned

Wow they took the lot already – Al-Nusra must have withdrawn unfortunately. Quick work from the SAA well done.


Please, change the music from the video to that



ahah excellente!!! :)

Lazy Gamer

The continued operation of the post must mean, Turkey is still banking on a counter attack on the area or elsewhere.The blitz attack on the pocket however drives them to make a decision now, or might hasten the counter attack.


or they are just ridiculous bufoons

stupid is as stupid does

More like “blitz heart attack” for Erdogan !


All terrorists nested there must be identified and arrested.

stupid is as stupid does

Nested how?! Through Turk uniform? They must all have Turk documents or ID cards that can’t be fabricated there over the night! If they check their ID’s no way any terrorist can hide.


Must be very stinky with all the terrorists and Turkish soldiers inside this post.

Icarus Tanović

It must be.


No water to wash their asses!


For Turkish there will be buses or free road to north, but the terrorists have two options to go to jail, or to go to hell.


I bet turkish soldiers and militants look the same. Bitter true is will not be pace in Syria until sponsors of terorists will be destroyed also. Even if a nuclear war is needed for that.


Not wait, a nuclear war means the destruction of human kind. Nuclear war must be avoided at any cost, even if one needs to live with rats as Erdogan, Netanyahu, Trump, Boris Johson, etc.

stupid is as stupid does

Can’t believe my eyes that I agree with you for once!


I hope they secretly defile the buses upholstery with pork so Allah will never let them stinky animals in the heaven

Kire Stojanovski

So they have built a nice prison for themselves! Good, keep them there and let them rot there!


the pocket djihadist nord hama! liquided yes GLORY FOR SAA!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9b970b03a5b49656a7511226b9a071ebea2b2be4a06b7eee5f27946b2aafca6b.gif

Peter Jennings

The Turkish admin had their chance, and failed. The failure was baked into the cake when the Turkish admin began to supply terrorists in Syria with arms and protection. It seems it’s OK to arm terrorists just as long as they remain in another country and cause their trouble there.

The SAA is coming to regain the land that was stolen from them by western democracy haters and their pirates. I’m sure Damascus does not intend this land to become a dead zone to Syrians in order to secure Erdogan’s political status.

Turkish forces need to go back to defending Turkish borders and let Syria, with Russia’s help, get on with the job. Creating a force in Syria to combat the PKK and affiliate groups will not bring stability to either country.


Great job, like the music also, remembersme of an other elite corps.


I would jam they radio signal,they would be cut off from communication and then stated a demand for lay down arms.

stupid is as stupid does

I would put loud speakers with Greek music (they hate the most) to the max day and night around Turkish base so that they can’t sleep ! :-)))))

stupid is as stupid does

One word only for SAA:



Put a big fence around the base, hook it up to lethal electricity and let whoever remains on this base stew in their own juices. If the Turks want to hang on to it out of spite, let them. Crazy fuckwad Erdogan may want to hold on to it out of stubborn spite, I’m sure the troops inside will think differently once they run out of kebabs.

Iranian Falcon

Haha i love to see turkish users here like that one with shrek avatar now how is he :-))))))))))


Drinking red wine and eating pork with the infidels


Pro Opposition sources claim that their friend Mustafa Mehmet is currently occupied in his day job as sheperd of Erdogans goats. And as Erdogan is currently in need to relieve some stress, Mustafa is busy with the vetenerian to fix up the poor animals after serious anal bleeding.. But the Turks always come back, they dont learn. So Mutafa will be with us again, unless he himself gets mistaken for a goat by his master. Though his master just proved pretty impotent, and Mustafa may soon be out of his job as sheperd. We will see.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

u mean that retarded turkish janitor who is bald and lives in netherlands? yeah he has 100 other accounts but hasn’t been seen for three days since SAA absolutely devastated his beloved STRONK turkish army and jihadi friends lol


just arrest the Turkish army…it is useless anyway…remember the police arrested the army in the failed cop attempt!!


Sadly it seems they nearly all escaped. I doubt the earlier rumored 1800 Jihadists hide in the post. And the numbers before the offensive of the SAA would be even higher, likely above 10000 if one looks at the numbers of Jihadists in Idlib total.

But anyway, this was a major victory for 3 reasons alone:

1. Morale. SAA troops morale was threatend to go to shit after nearly a year of the Idlib deal with constant troops losses due to Jihadi attacks, and not being allowed to attack them beside small “punishment” operations that changed nothing. So this is a major boost for the morale of the SAA, but for all Syrians that dont support the continuation of the war and the Jihadists and their sponsors. The Jihadi morale, that went up during the deal, is now again cut to size. This will influence the next parts of the battle.

2. Territory gain: Hama and Khan Sheikhun was a major part of Jihadists Idlib, a central Hub, and semi-capital. It also has symbolic value as the place of the false flag, though i doubt there is still evidence to proof it was a false flag, opposed to Ghouta.

3. Politics: It showed, that the US and even Turkey have more or less accepted, that Idlib is a problem, and have given up on the Jihadists. The rumored understanding between Putin and Trump and Erdogan on this fit in this picture, and is a hugely positive development.

It will enable the SAA to clear Idlib without any false flags (though maybe some rouge elements in state department or intelligence can not be ruled out).



Tigers like Turkey Jerky

Valery Grigoryev

What would they observe now?


Daily report to HQ will be just 5 letters – SNAFU! (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up!)

Jacob Wohl's Nose

one well placed grad or smerch rocket and no more observashum post :/

Tudor Miron

This “observation post” just changed its status to “observed post”.

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