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JUNE 2023

Syrian Army Deploys TOS-1A Thermobaric Rocket Launcher In Aleppo

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has deployed at least one TOS-1A thermobaric rocket launcher on the frontlines of Aleppo governorate.

On February 15, pro-government sources released a photo showing the heavy rocket launcher moving on the road in the vicinity of Aleppo’s city center.

Syrian Army Deploys TOS-1A Thermobaric Rocket Launcher In Aleppo

Click to see full-size image.

The TOS-1A, which is based on the T-72 tank chassis, launches heavy 220 mm rockets with a range of up to 6 km. The rockets are armed with a heavy fuel air explosives (FAE) warhead.

The thermobaric rocket launcher is mainly used against military personnel, equipment and buildings, including fortified constructions, such as trenches, tunnels and caves.

Syrian Army Deploys TOS-1A Thermobaric Rocket Launcher In Aleppo

Click to see full-size image

The Syrian military is operating an unknown number of TOS-1A rocket launchers, which have been supplied by Russia after 2015.

The SAA is likely planning to use the thermobaric rocket launcher to take out the remaining militants’ fortifications in the northwestern and northern outskirts of Aleppo city. Army units are now advancing in the region.

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Looks like a shock and awe approach to show, whos the daddy.

good american

They’ll run away just seeing this thing moving their direction.

Gabriel Hollows

That’s actually the only thing any infantry can do right now against termobaric spam. No fortification can save you from having the air sucked out of your lungs and ignited all around you.

Zionism = EVIL

Turkeys are all bluff anyway, there are mere 6,000 or two under-strength ill-trained and demoralized brigades in Syria and another 15,000 fair weather good time Charlie terrorists, if the Syrians and their allies get serious the Turkeys will bug out as they can not sustain massive casualties, the cannon fodder Anatolian villages are already very restless and the body bags come home.

Liberal guy

Ya right


Soon they will show up in America as peace loving immigrants and victims of Assad.

Zionism = EVIL

More likely Europe as Trump has placed Syria on no immigration list.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Hell’s Angels are coming to incinerate an unfriendly Turkish/Nato infidel-backed jihadist soon.


As long as they allow Turks, Israelis, USA, UK, France & others to attack Syria, occupy Syria, and supply terrorists freely, Syria will continue to lose, and so will Russia.


Look at the map … don’t look like syria is loosing

klove and light

he is Talking About the bigger Picture…… ps, moron….. yeah take a look at the map idiot…

west syria occupied by IDF-golan south syria occupied by USA-al tanf North syria occupied by Turkey-afrin/idlib North/east syia occupied by turkey east syria occupied by USA-oil fields

death to america death to Israel curse on the jews- the houthi Slogan the bravest of brave men


Yes bigger picture syria was almost destroy but each month she get new territorys and become stronger with a minimum investissement from russia hezbollah still exist and become stronger each minute same thing for iran. Yes russia looks weak but if your country progress so you did the right choice keep moving forward with a minimum efort

Wayne Nicholson

Putin never said Russia was going to solve all of Syria’s problems for them.

In 2015, when Russia started their campaign in Syria he said “if not Assad then who” meaning as far as Russia is concerned Assad was the best of very bad options in Syria. Russia’s mission was to stabilize the Syrian government and keep Syria from falling into the hands of jihadists. I don’t remember Putin saying anything about repatriating the Golan or defeating all comers and making peace in the middle east ….. just stabilize the Syrian state and keep it out of jihadist hands.

The USA can do nothing with Syrian oil fields except sit in them and threaten anyone who comes near them. The only way out is through Iraq and the Iraqi’s aren’t cooperating. Once US forces are out of Iraq there is no way to resupply US forces in Syria without incurring enormous cost.

Once the US is out of Syria Al Tanf makes no sense because al Bukamal and the M4 will be open. The USA are going to get tired of housing and feeding their pets in Al Tanf …. if they decide they want to stay let them ….. they’ll get tired and leave at some point.


Added benefit: Most of jihadis and domestic sectarian extremists fled Syria, leaving the most patriotic and resilient citizens to rebuild the country better than before. Europe on the other hand gets all that garbage.


This was the plan all along. Too destroy Europe and western civilization. This war is going exactly as planned.

good american

Why do so many say Bashar Assad is so bad? Is he so bad to deserve such a reputation? Maybe I’ve got on horse-blinders, but I haven’t seen it.

Zionism = EVIL

Russia really needs to understand that. You are one of the smarter here than mere Putin cheerleaders who don’t understand the Jew chokehold over Putin which has cost many Russian lives and the military is getting fed up with micro-management of the Syrian operation by Putin who have given a green light to the Zionists to bomb Syria at will.

klove and light

spot on!!!!

Zionism = EVIL

I tell the truth, even though the kiddies get upset sometimes.

Paul Sharpe

The enemy of my enemy is my friend


sure not

klove and light



:))) Jester .. you speak like a Trump selling bombing of his bases as a victory :))

Zionism = EVIL

Let’s fry some Turkeys.

Concrete Mike

Lunch!! It appears your order of fried turkey will be imported

Raptar Driver

Don’t forget the gravy.


Direct threat against turkish forces using their MLRS against the SAA..

Zionism = EVIL

It is about to kill some Turkeys, the arseholes are in Syria illegally and think that they can annex Syrian lands on the Zionist model.

klove and light

Breaking News almasdar news

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:00 P.M.) – Russian agencies quoted a government source as saying on Saturday that Turkey had delivered to Idlib more than 70 tanks, about 200 armored vehicles and 80 cannons, indicating that a large part of the equipment was being delivered to the jihadists of Jabhat Al-Nusra (now Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham).

He pointed out that the militants had obtained from Turkey U.S.-made anti-aircraft missiles, coinciding with the recent downing of two Syrian Army helicopters in the countrysides of Idlib and Aleppo this week. The Russian source confirmed that gunmen belonging to Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and other groups are participating in the fight against the Syrian military under the mask of Turkish Army elements. He added that within a week, the Syrian forces destroyed more than 20 tanks and armored personnel carriers that were delivered from Turkey to militants in Idlib. Turkey has yet to respond to these allegations; however, the Turkish military has been observed this week strengthening their presence around the Idlib and Aleppo governorates in an effort to block the Syrian Army’s advance to the border.


Ranting and swearing, insulting and using gutter language does not help to convince anyone. Are you able to express yourself in a civilized manner?


I would ignore klove and light’s verbal diarrhea. She has been heavily drinking for a couple of weeks now and you know, drunk people don’t care what you tell them. They don’t even care if they live or die. Sometimes they just have a horrible death rush and there’s nothing you can do about it than waiting for her to fall asleep. LOL Peace:)

Joe Doe

Putin need understand Erdogan is not Russia friend.Neither Israel or USA. Russia friend and good partner is Syria. Strategically important for Russia. Therefore, Russia need provides more modern weapons to SYria, such as S-400, MIG-29, SU-30, attack helicopers and more MANPAD

Zionism = EVIL

Putin is naive and inexperienced and thinks that he can pry the treacherous Turkeys away from NATO by selling them top line Russian weapons, which is stupid to begin with. The Turks are some of the worst savages on earth and are no one’s friends, they have problems with all their neighbors from Armenia to Greece. After suffering 300 years of humiliation and 17 successive defeats at Russian hands, which insane person can think that they will be Russia’s “friends”.

Joe Doe

I fully agree. Putin try please Erdogan with the hope Turkey will leave NATO, which NATO bases in Turkey strategically important, but Erdogan play both sites. Putin mistakes was to trust Erdogan and invite Turkey into SYria. Now is a big problem for Syria in Idlib province, as Turkey directly supporting militans.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, it is the Turkeys in mufti that are doing all the fighting in Idlib, they are using the Pakistani model of Taliban, which is the Pakistani frontier force in civvies. The manpads that have knocked off two SAA MI-8 were operated by Turkish special forces. Russia knows it, but Putin is waffling on.


Russia has a face of stone and Turkey hands of clay. It is like a kid having a melt down in the middle of the room and you just letting it wear itself out. At the end of the day Turkey is going to dry up and become irrelevant… and no major war started… My USZOG traitors would love nothing better than to see this go major league…


well the original Jewish Kazarians were of Turkish Mongol descent from the 400-800’s AD…

Miroslav Beran

The word “Jews/Jewish” was invented in 18th Century, so original word “KHAZARS” is enough.

Today 99.99997% of Khazars denied that they are Khazars. They insist they are “101% Hebrews and Semites”

Liberal guy

So true


The Sephardi Jews are the only “Jews” that have any credibility as being original Israelites, and even that is suspect. They number well less than 10% of Israel’s population and are considered second class citizens by the Ashkenazi Jew majority. Judaism is about 100% adopted and there are no biblical Israelites on the earth today. Their greatest victory is to convince the so-called Christian 100s of millions they are God’s chosen ones.

Lazy Gamer

For any Israelites to leave Israel, the most probable would be territories near the area but outside Roman jurisdiction or where Roman authorities are relaxed. Others could have just stayed and claimed they were of a different ethnicity or hid themselves. Others would have definitely moved back earlier on (considering a strong tradition doing so) and assumed different identities. The spread of the canon and the Catholic church could also have contributed to self identification. But it is also possible that migration could have reached all of Europe and Asia. Now, how in blazes did some of these guys distort their religion to mystical assery? lol (always had a strong tradition of being idolaters) It is like a Greek Cult with the fucking rationalization on The Word.


We really need to work out who or what these people calling themselves jews really are and what their story is because there is no credible archealogical evidence of isreal existing in that area then you have to look at the links between Judaism and the illuminati and the Babylon connections there . One thing for sure is that the people who run the state of isreal are not who they present themselves to be. Wether the average jew knows about their religion and its association with the devil is debatable I think they may just believe in the what the Bible tells them and another thing is I don’t think they were the first people here I think they were the last

Karen Bartlett

Well, I think Mr.Putin, being an Orthodox Christian, hopes that others will have goodwill and want peace. But I don’t think he’s naive about it. He just wants to do everything legally and with as much diplomacy, instead of war, that he can.

Wayne Nicholson

Putin has never called Erdogan a “friend” …. he calls him a partner which implies a business relationship built on the strengths of agreements …. not a friendship based on trust. He also calls the USA and Israel “partners” implying the same level of trust toward Turkey as the USA and Israel.

In 2015 western pundits predicted Syria would a quagmire for Russia drawing in more and more Russian forces risking widening the war and drawing countries like Turkey and the USA into the war. So far Russia has patiently avoided a quagmire however you appear to want Russia to fall into that very trap.

Putin is smart …. I doubt very much he’s going to fall into that trap. Let Syria win the war for themselves. It’ll take more time but who gives a shit. Russia to date is running this operation on their training budget. Russians get real world combat experience and Syria gets their country back in due time.

BTW …. why do you think Russia needs more air assets in Syria? They already control the skies over their theater of operation and are mounting bombing missipns unimpeded …. if anything I’d say they need more arty and counter battery capabilities. Way cheaper and given the small area of Idlib even more effective.

Tim Williams

Russia has enough aircraft … the territory they need to strike shrinks by the day

Saint Russ

That’s very good. Why to complicate if you do not need better?

Rhodium 10

Nothing New!…Turkey is a NATO member while Israel works for US military-Industrial complex…

Gospodin Sveti

Burn baby burn :D

Leon Auguste

Muse comes to mind straight away … :-)


mmmm, I like roast Turkey.




… and the roasted buzzard proxies…


I read an article on the ‘TheTruthSeeker.co.uk’ site earlier. The following is an excerpt that is pertinent here.

“Though war may expose man at his most barbaric, it’s also the summation of his civilization. War isn’t won through base instincts, but vast planning, mastery of technology and mass discipline, based on a shared philosophy. That’s why savages don’t win wars. Engineers do.”

Russian and Chinese engineers are the best :)


Art of War is reinforced by that. Turkey is squealing because their looting of Syria is being threatened.


That’s very true and the jihadi’s opportunity to loot and tax civilians is getting less every day, fingers crossed.

Its rather like having thousands of Irish travellers in ones neighbourhood :)

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Were Chinese engineers involved in creating that 1,000 room hospital which is leaking right now?


A hospital with a few leaks is better than NO hospital at all surely ?


They never had a chance anyways. This could have ended a long time ago if not for political maneuvering from Russia. The Jihadists just delayed their demise thanks to the Turks exacting unreasonable concessions from the Russians. This delayed Syria’s liberation for about a year or so.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

barbecued hipster on the menu later if anybody is hungry

Tim Williams

5 of these units are operating in the ALEPPO CITY area … fire .. clear the area of rats .. then move to new location … rinse and repeat



Smith Ricky

Syria is on the verge of becoming super power.

Tim Williams

no … a country free of rats is all

Black Waters

Not necessarily, but they will have an experienced army and a lot civilians who experienced first hand U.S “Democracy”, so they can learn what U.S “Democracy” really “Brings” with it.


LOL…within Syria, maybe. Do look a bit south to see the real regional superpower.

Tim Williams

TURKS babbling again


Tim Williams

battle map as of 6 hours ago … what the SAA did over night


Tim Williams

2 – TU 160 bombers at the air base … came in overnight

let the party begin


Wolfgang Wolf

grill those camelfuckers. no mercy

Karen Bartlett

Good, SAA!

Arbaches Glaukus

Combined with heavy artillery TOS-1, it is a devastating weapon if used by skilful and competent personnel. In Syria it is a different story, because if Turkey intervene they have all the means to neutralize TOS-1 and other weapons, unless a real confrontation between Russia and Turkey, which most likely won’t happen.

Russian TOS-1 Heavy Flame Thrower Missile System https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXYqpM6W_Xs


Must drop a few thermobaric rockets on Erdogan head


And a few for Assad. That would make it even better.

Empire's Frontiers

I was mentioning something along these lines on the live map the other day



Shit about get ReAl!


excellente news :)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Just one for Aleppo, but the Turks are deploying hundreds of theirs. Most of them are being deployed in Idlib and aren’t anything special, but the ones Turkey’s stationing at the border aren’t crap at all, they can easily hit any advancing SAA forces in Aleppo and most of Idlib, cover all the M5 through Aleppo, and support any future offensive actions by the terrorists.



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