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Syrian Army Deploys Reinforcements Near Idlib As Moscow Says That Idlib Agreements Are Not Fully Implemented

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has deployed additional forces around the opposition-held governorate of Idlib, the Russian Sputnik news network reported on January 27 citing a Syrian military source.

“The troops, which arrived in the area and began to deploy, are tasked with reinforcing the frontlines,” Sputnik quoted the source as saying.

Syrian pro-government sources confirmed Sputnik’s report and said that many battle tanks, armored vehicles, artillery pieces and other heavy weapons were deployed south of Idlib in the last 24 hours.

During the last few weeks, radical militants launched several attacks on the SAA’s positions around Idlib in a clear violation of the Russian-Turkish demilitarized zone agreement. Under the agreement, that was reached last year, radical militants are not allowed to be present in a 15-20km zone around Idlib.

Russia and Turkey agreed to work on additional measures to implement the demilitarized zone agreement earlier this week. However, the violations continued.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, said on January 27 that the agreement with Turkey has not been fully implemented. This led to concerns in Moscow and Damascus, according to the Russian official.

It remains unclear, if Moscow and Damascus are now ready to launch a limited military operation around Idlib. In the last few months, the SAA mobilized its forces around the northern governorate several times. However, no action was taken.

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Too much politics and tactics is not good tactics at all !!

There is no way girl can have true sex with men without losing virginity.

One of these days all of you will have to decide if you want to win this fucking war or not….
Cause if you don’t decide that than you will lose that war one way or another!


SPOT ON…….and believe me, SAA,Hezbollah and Iran and PMU Forces in iraq are well Aware of the gameplan………please dont Forget, that the various leaders of the above mentioned Groups/nations will always choose peace versus war.And they have been trying very hard, some might say to hard, to avoid war.Its changing now…..in iraq, PMU has openly declared the US forcs as occupation Forces warning USA that attacks on their Forces are immenent.Same for syria with SAA and Hezbollah and Iran Forces in regards to the SDF(NATO Forces and TAF Forces.
With regards to Israel, same Story……….. the bucket is full, and time is running out for the withdrawl of all occupation Forces.Next step will be the attacks on These Forces, which again could lead to MAJOR war down there.exactly what those above mentioned leaders try to avoid.
But like the iranians and Syrian Leadership said after latest israeli attack
” enough is enough”

Parisa Zoorgoo

hopefully the democracy loving Westerners willl grow a pair and yellow vest the fifth column out of their gov as well


Europe is UK/US NATO vassal,
their Governments are selected by them under “Gladio” menace,
mainstream medias are zionists !
That why there is discrepancies with Macron election and
the French Population…
yellow vest is a reaction to it !

Seventy years of harassing political establishment and people of Europe

by Andrey Fomin

Contrary to appearances, the decision of the United States to investigate a possible Russian aid to anti-European parties is not intended to protect Europeans from foreign interference. This is quite the opposite. For 70 years, Washington controls the West European politics prohibiting all forms of genuine democracy.

NB:The “Gladio” is Al Qaida, ISIS, DAESH and al Proxies ancestor !
Loge P2(Bologna train station bombing, Aldo Moro, Olof Palm,
François de Grossouvre assassination) and al too

English Translation of Udo Ulfkotte’s “Bought Journalists” Suppressed?


Be Afraid, very Afraid, dangers under progress !

The US are going to be busy in Venezuela to do the same they did in Syria,
on the same times, sooner or later, heading toward a major economic crisis.
Too much money spend to “Terrorise” the World to ease pilfering,
and not enough at home for the masses, environment and infrastructures…
Warmongers “syndrome” is to be ready to burn the World, not able to stop
and prevent fire at home…
The terrible forthcoming destruction of the « Caribbean Basin »

by Thierry Meyssan

President Trump has announced the withdrawal of US combat troops from the « Greater Middle East », but the Pentagon is still pursuing the implementation of the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski plan. This time the aim is to destroy the States of the « Caribbean Basin ». This is nothing like the overthrow of pro-Soviet regimes, as in the 1970’s, but the destruction of all regional State structures, without consideration for friends or political enemies. Thierry Meyssan observes the preparations for this new series of wars.

The Shale Industry Collapse Will Start in the Spring, and Take the Rest of the US Down With It


You’ve been flagged. We don’t need your idiocy, degeneracy and depravity here.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You’ll get in trouble for posting pictures of high ranking US military commanders just doing what they normally do on their days off, how dare you, the US will throw the book at you for this, you’re just lucky you didn’t show his/her face and identify which US commander it actually was.


I like your comment :-)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It will become a crime punishable by death in some countries if the LGBTQI get their way, you know those benign organizations that just plead for equal rights and tolerance.
Putin wanted to legislate 2 laws in 2003 banning the LGBTQI organizations from promoting LGBTQI material to Russian children under the age of 15, in 2006 he did bring in those laws, and the transgender deep state of the US and the LGBTQI media and celebrity lapdogs have demonized Putin and Russia ever since. US sanctions, NATO encroachment, Syrian uprising, all coincidences of circumstance since 2006.
The old world order used to tell gay people how to live their lives and bring up families, but now the new world order tells straight people how to live their lives and bring up their families, and also what they can or can’t say, or think for that matter, I think the old world order was way more tolerant.
If Putin and Trump get their way, we won’t have to worry about the LGBTQI forcing either of us to put on lipstick and a dress.


Writing was on the wall decades ago what were their intentions…. (Same goes for feminists in their fight for dominance today)
So they all will show their true intentions soon
because Western men are DEFEATED and not fighting back.
Here in East Europe situation is not so bad but getting worse every day (bad influence of Western movies and media)

Pedophilia is next on the list of “emancipation” and after that zoophilia and necrophilia.
In feminism direct , open attack on all un submisive men

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The mad lesbians took over the feminist movement 30 years ago and kicked out all the straight women, but real women who still love men are starting to stick up for us and condemn those insane man hating lesbians for what they’ve been doing. My Aussie female hero lately has been a woman called Bettina Arndt, she proves women still love men no matter how hard the mad lesbians try to brainwash them into hating us.
The western world doesn’t have a 90% straight 10% gay population, it’s more like 50/50%, that’s why they convert so easily to the LGBTQI ideology, half of them want to.
“bad influence of Western movies and media” you hit the nail right on the head there, but I call it sinister brainwashing of innocent young children by dirty pedeophiles.


I perfectly agree what you say but I simply don’t believe that women will stay on “10% lesbian” but grow in numbers and I don’t believe that feminism will not get even more extreme just like LGBTQ bunch.
With even more demands all the time.
Everything will continue since there are no adequate resistance from the men
And at the end situation will end up with conflict between men and women.
Children will start to earn lot of money ever more younger and gain their financial independence early
Traditional model of family will be destroyed completely
Since family will be totally destroyed nation states will be also destroyed.
Super rich are working hard on that process for decades already.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I know a lot of men that are resisting, and a lot of women too, no matter how hard the mad lesbians try to make us hate each other. Men and Women are made to love each other no matter what, it’s in our biology, they can’t change that no matter how hard they try, so they can’t win no matter how early they start brainwashing little kids, they’re just driving them insane whilst they’re trying.
In Australia we have what’s called the anti bullying campaign [safe schools], and they used teach little children aged 6 how to bind their penisis and tuck their boobs, at F-cken age 6, that is until one of our Independent politicians put an end to it. Dirty F-cken pedeophiles run Australian politics and our schools already, if I had my way, we’d make laws that would allow us to put all those filthy child molesting weirdos up against a wall and shoot the lot of them, that’d make Aussie schools really safe then.
I hope your country doesn’t end up like mine, it’s too late for Australia, we’re already transgender. Good luck.


Yeah thanks for your wish I doubt that all this process can be stopped now.
( East Europe in general all those things are just slightly delayed comparing to the rest of the Western world )

I just wish I can have your optimism in our “biology”.
Nature, a life and all living beings are magnificent but proved very fragile.
And once things get out of balance in any aspect of nature (including our biology) they are extremely hard ( if at all ) go back to “normal” …to natural balance.
Everything is corruptible our “biology” included (LGBTQ and many even bigger extremes are sample, proves)
If abnormal behavior grows lot and equals , normal “biology” the general behavior of human beings will be distorted, displaced from that normal “biology”.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The writings on the wall alright, it’s telling me the LGBTQI movement was doomed from the start, we gave them all the freedoms they said they wanted and needed, and now they kill themselves off faster that they ever have before, I don’t think the movement can last much more than a few more generations, not if their suicide rate keep climbing the way they are.
Don’t give up hope just keep fighting, otherwise some gay man will eventually be able to tell you that you have to put on lipstick and a dress to come to work on gay mondays, or tuesdays, or whatever day they chose, maybe even a whole week of crossdressing will become compulsory, they could even force straight men to have sex change operations, we could all end up looking like the weirdo you showed us, keep fighting if you don’t want to end up looking like that thing did.
I will be, to the death.


we somewhat differ.
For start I don’t see feminists going anywhere and with the time they will become only worse.
Also from my perspective country like US is already with one foot in Matriarchy with “positive” discrimination against the men marching forward all the time while men keep giving concessions even though there is nothing left to give…..

LGBTQI (“I”? didn’t know there was “I” as well there)
As for suicide rate I doubt it is important at all.
It is queerness, the perfidy of the idea that is growing.
The poison that corrupts becomes ever stronger and more aggressive.
IF 50-60 somebody would claim to the group of men that women and LGBTQI will dominate the men they would laugh their heads off.
And today we already have pedophiles knocking on the doors of “acceptance” just like gays did in those days.
That is the formula that worked and it WILL BE REPEATED till every sick motherfucker “comes out” and be accepted.
And that same formula will be used for the other sick perverted people as well.
Cancer is killer in the body not because those uncontrollable cancer cells are particularly dangerous on singular level but only because the speed of spreading and multiplying becomes uncontrollably fast and thus overwhelming for organism to defend itself.
The same way I see the potential of LGBTQI perfidy where normal people are trees and LGBTQI perfidy can become wild fire spreading with incredible speed (once it reaches critical point) without any control and possibility to stop.

Now ,I can imagine that all this my sound alarmist and exaggerated out of the proportions.
The fact is that world consumer society is SICK and without any moral values and guidance ripe for quick decadent DECLINE.
And all those elements are calling for the perfect fire storm to happen.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You’re absolutely right, but there is a rebellion against the LGBTQI/Feminists/transgender weirdos, in the US they’re the people who voted for Trump, in Australia we vote for our local opponents too, hopefully in your country you also have someone with a voice you can also be heard with, if you don’t have anyone you’re screwed. Just keep doing your best and protect your children if you have them, good luck you should only do what you thinks right, not what anyone else does, cheers.


This information is Intriguing.
it Smells like as if the Russians are hinting at somebody in the room is trying to stab them in the back and they are the ones who refuse to negotiate under the current terms.
In my Opinion I think Macron and May may be sabataging the process (remember the french troops stationed in Syria illigally and all of those news stories of British spec ops being killed here and there)

Parisa Zoorgoo

yup dont leave the oil thiefs a chance, after this move to take back golan from the loosers of this war!


If not in February, then in March I expect that a large offensive on Idlib will finally start! I understand this takes planing, preparation and most importantly timing! But there is not much left to wait… 2019 is the year when Idlib must finally be liberated, also the same for ISIS and USFSA terrorist pockets in eastern Syria. After that, the rest will be a lot simpler… until finally time for Golan Heights and maybe Hatay finally comes.

Hanny Benny

Hatay !!!


last pic m240 mortar, breech loading smooth bore heavy mortar that fires a 130 kilograms projectile


Do you think the US has tried to do a deal with Russia, saying if you invade Idlib we will invade Venezuela?


The war was going great after the US withdrawal announcement, until the Russians dropped the ball and let the evil Jew miscreants resume airstrikes without interdiction. After they had put the capabilities in place to prevent them. Which derailed the withdrawal and put the Yinon plan secession project back on track. And all of the progress on ending the war quickly came to an end. Every non interdicted IAF airstrike that the Russians let though is indisputable proof of Russian support for Yinon plan implementation.

The reasons for the Russians supporting the Yinon plan are open to debate. Either the whole Syria war was a scam for Israel to keep the jihadist crazies from taking over in Damascus. And to keep a considerably weakened Syrian government in place in a truncated state that poses little threat to Israel and keeps the region in perpetual turmoil. Or the Russians aren’t willing to put the capabilities in place, or to use them if they are deployed, to insure escalation dominance in the event that the Jews try to escalate if they start losing planes.

The combat unproven S-300/400s are dual use by design and can not only hit aircraft without interdiction, but can also hit ground targets without interdiction. Including Israeli cruise missile launchers and military bases in Israel where the Yinon plan attacks are being run out of. This, in theory, gives the SADF the ability to not only take down Jew war crime fighters. But also to hit surface targets in Israel to shut down the baby raper’s attacks.


Syrian BM-30comment image


“has improved accuracy thanks to the integrated use of the GLONASS satellite navigation system, and can be deployed more quickly from full stop than its predecessor.”

– 9A52-2 BM-30 Smerch / Tornado
300-mm Multiple Rocket Launcher –



3M-54 Kalibr cruise missile launchercomment image


“Terminal supersonic flight

The Russian domestic variant (3M54) and export variants (3M54E/3M54TE) fly at sub-sonic speeds while achieving supersonic speed as they near their target. They are also capable of performing very high angled defensive high speed maneuvers in contrast to the common linear flight path of other anti-ship cruise missiles.”

– 3M-54 Kalibr –



Kalibr cruise missile strikecomment image

Xoli Xoli

Re-enforcement with out immediate attack give HTS always chance to sneak behind enemy line and inflict serious losses.

Xoli Xoli

Before or if Erdogan attack northern Syria to invade it attack HTS in Idlib.Dont allow Erdogan to create so call terrorists safe zone in Syria territory.Erdogan must withdraw his illegal forces back in Turkey territory 30 km away from the border.Or Syrian forces and Turkey forces should guard border on each territory.

Kelli Hernandez

Russia is still caught in bromance with Bibi. When is Putin going to learn that neither Erdogan or Nutty is to be trusted.
Russia becoming more of an impediment and obstacle. Let Assad and Hezbollah deal with Idlib and in taking back NE Syria.
Russia has work to do in defeating ZIONAZI Bolton in Venezuela


Why people think that Russia is obligated to travel the world saving nations from the American barbarians is beyond me.
The world is full of aholes and Russia can’t get rid of all of them.
Your suggestion that Syria take care of the FUKUS terrorists is a good one, and I don’t think Russia will stand in the way of Assad.
But if you expect Russia to stop the American and Israelis from racing to the aid of their terrorists, you might be disappointed.


One thing is being “disappointed” and totally another ignoring stubbornly some facts.
Why Iran and Hezbollah didn’t save Assad till 2015 ?
They were on the brink of total military defeat and only Russia have saved their arse!


Only Russia has the ability to stop American air power.
The Syrians have AA, but not the ability to use it effectively.
Without Russian aircraft and AA all the NATO countries would have been lining up to bomb Syria.


No “Syrians have” Russian AA (because all upgrades Russians did on Syrian old S-200, S-125, old BUK’s all the new radars they have received, all the new Pantsir’s are either Russian HENDOUTS (like S-300) or some arrangement’s!
And on top Syrian AA is networked with Russian system to the Russian AA air defenses and AWACS which upgrades their air defenses on totally higher level and makes it lethal even for Israel.
Syria doesn’t have the money to pay all that.
So all in all Syrian upgraded AA defenses should be called “Russian” in way…..

They don’t have that “ability to use it effectively” only with S-300 but other older systems they know very well…using them for decades.
Some of them are very old S-125 is Soviet 1960’s missile system.
Also those are exported versions by default more limited than Russian systems.

I agree without Russia US-NATO-Israel would declare “non-fly zone” and bomb them into stone age like they did in Libya

And all Russia receives is anti-Russian propaganda as thank you.


Go and see map from 2015 before Russians came to Syria!
You all false experts permanently forget that Syria exist today only because of RUSSIA.
Only because Assad went to Putin and asked for HELP because in 2015 Syria and Assad were on brink of total defeat !
All Syrian weapons and upgrading of air defenses are Russian HANDOUTS !
Where are Iranian jets, choppers, air defenses?
Hypothetically if Russia would go away now (which they will not do it) Syria would be AGAIN on the brink of the collapse with Turk, Israel interventions and Jihad revival all over Syria.
Syria would become a second Libya!
And other thing I want to say is already told by Sinbad2….

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Although the Iranians sell Turkey heaps of oil, the Iranians despise Erdogan, they sell him cheap oil because Turkey’s one of the few countries, (8 I think in all) that is still allowed to buy Iranian oil without incurring US economic sanctions, they need Turkey to keep buying their oil to help sustain their economy, even though they’re also trying to stop them militarily in Syria.
According to a recent report the Iranian backed forces have been pulled back from certain front lines and replaced with SAA tiger forces units, I wonder why, could it be the Iranians don’t want to participate in any fighting that might happen in the near future, they perhaps don’t want to jeopardize the oil deal with Erdogan, or maybe just letting the best crack troops take the frontline in any upcoming assault and moving their not so experienced troops elsewhere.
This is an article from the Syrian opposition news,

-“The summit corresponded to some of the towns within the buffer zone being a target to shelling on the part of Assad’s forces, especially in western and northern rural Hama. In addition to this, the town of al-Tah, southern rural Idlib, received more than 16 rocket-propelled grenades on Friday, January 25, according to Mayad al-Ghajar, director of the local council, who explained to Enab Baladi that 90% of the town’s people were displaced due to the artillery and missile shelling undertaken by the Assad’s forces and the militias backing them.
The shelling followed the military buildup brought in to the area by Assad’s forces last week; military units of the “9th Division” and “Tiger Forces” instead of the “4th Division,” known for being controlled by Iran.
On January 18, Suheil al-Hassan, a Brigadier General under the Assad’s forces and the Commander of the “Tiger Forces,” arrived to the northern rural Hama, in an inspection-based visit, checking on the fronts, a week a after the visit of Ali Ayoub, the Minister of Defense under the government of the Syrian regime, during which he also sought the area’s fronts.
Mahmoud al-Hamoud, a leader of the “Jaysh al-Izza/Army of Glory” faction, functioning in northern rural Hama, said that the military buildup brought by the Syrian regime in the surrounding of Idlib indicate an approaching military operation.
The leader told Enab Baladi that the buildups were accompanied by reconnaissance flight, which hovered above the fronts, in addition to the Russian air force”-.

I hope the leader of Jaysh al-Izza is right, and he’s one of the first to be bombed and killed to confirm it is happening.


Wow you sure have a vivid imagination.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You have an even more vivid imagination, originally the Iranians, Iraqis and Syrians were going to pipe the oil and gas direct to the EU, but the pipe was going under the ocean to Greece and Bulgaria, not to Turkey, that was just Putin’s attempt to pull Erdogan away from the US, make Turkey the new transit hub as a lure to Erdogan, who not only needs oil for Turkish consumption, but he could also make good tax revenue from the transit of oil/gas through his territory.
The US wanted the Saudi Qatari venture to go through Turkey in the beginning, that was the first of all the proposals, Assad refused and the Iranians came up with their own proposal, and then the civil war in Syria started 2 or 3 years later, it was then that Erdogan was offered a place at the Iranian table. Russia and Iran used their offer as a bribe to pull Erdogan away from the US, and I think it worked. But the reason no pipeline has ever been built by anyone is, the war in Syria, until it finishes no one can build a pipeline, and until erdogan gets out of Syria, the war can’t end.


Fundamental interests will determine the battle lines. turkey wants more of what used to be Syria. So does Iran. Russia just wants its bases. SAA into Idlib =Turkey into Manbij and east.

Russia can’t play in South America. Too busy in Ukraine.

Latin American allies of USA will handle Venezuela along with Venezuelan patriots tired of Madura.

Israel will be left a free hand to defend itself from all existential threats (Iran), and Russia will provide protection for the Allewite in Allewite Syria where Russian bases are located.

Nothing to get excited about here.


You seem to think that Syria and Iran share a border?
If you don’t even know the boundaries of the nations involved, how can you expect anyone to take your comment seriously?


The Iranians want a land bridge to Lebanon through Syria via Shia controlled Iraq. The Turks and the Iranians will be in conflict. The Russian Turk Iranian deal is a hoax. Turkey should make common cause with a new federal state of greater Turkey called Kurdistan. It would ultimately incorporate parts of Iran, Iraq, and Syria into Expanded Kurdish Turkey. A better play on an old plan called Ottaman Empire.


Nothing will happen, until Russia and Turkey hammer out an agreement over Idlib, or Turkey’s backstabbing becomes too much for even Russia to stomach. Until then the SAA will continue to shift troops around, the Headchoppers will continue to infiltrate and the drones will continue to fly towards Khmeimin.

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