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Syrian Army Deploys Reinforcements In Northern Hama, Prepares For New Push – Report


Syrian Army Deploys Reinforcements In Northern Hama, Prepares For New Push – Report

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) deployed large reinforcements in the northern Hama countryside over the last few days, Muraselon, a Syrian pro-government news outlet, reported on July 17 citing “field sources.”

According to the sources, the reinforcements included several battle tanks, howitzers, loads of ammunition as well as additional troops.

“The Syrian army is preparing to resume its military operations within the demilitarized zone,” one of the sources told Muraselon, without specifying the target of the new operations.

The demilitarized zone was established around Idlib last September under a Russian-Turkish agreement. However, Haya’t Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and other terrorist groups, controlling the governorate, never respected the agreement.

Syrian Army Deploys Reinforcements In Northern Hama, Prepares For New Push – Report

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Last April, the SAA launched a military operation against terrorists situated within the demilitarized zone. After initial advance, a series of one-sided ceasefires allowed HTS and its allies to regain initiative.

Russian and Syrian warplanes are currently carrying out an intense bombing campaign on terrorists’ positions in northern Hama. This supports Muraselon’s claims of a new offensive being prepared.

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  • Rob

    Majority of world leaders whether they are Muslim or non Muslim take monthly bribes from US state to work for them. That is why if America impose sanctions on any country then these pedophile leaders comply US order and cut relation with the victim country. One day God will punish these pedophile leaders soon.

    • Bill Wilson

      God helps those that help themselves.

  • gustavo

    Please explain to me this…..How do you expect that terrorists respect Russia-Turkey agreement when the agreement was not made with them ? This is totally fool. You and you neighbor on the right side of your house made an agreement, and do you expect that you neighbor of the left side respect this agreement ? Don’t you think that this is stupid ?

    • klove and light

      ty spot on

    • Lazy Gamer

      Explicit here is that Turkey rein in its openly supported groups, Implicit is that the other groups(terrorists) will also fall in line. These groups came from somewhere and are sustained by someone. Whatever rebels there are, are clearly not interested in amnesty and are content to be in a de facto Turkish province. The problem however is that the area is within range to the Russian base which finds a lot of converging interests. lol

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      At least half of the rebel groups fighting in the Idlib areas were included in the Astana agreement, FSA, NFL, SLF, and many other groups, about 30 to 35,000, the ones that weren’t included were HTS 12 to 15,000, Al Nusra 20,000, and several other smaller groups, about 10,000 or less, and Erdogan still has about 25 to 30,000+ Euphrates Shield forces in eastern Aleppo facing the Kurds, they’re also included in the Astana agreement.
      Thanks to Putin and Erdogan more than half the rebels were redesignated as opposition groups when the Astana agreement was made.

  • Free man

    Apparently someone decided to eliminate the SAA. How many Syrian soldiers will die before they start looking for a political solution?
    Syria has reached a deadlock, it can’t be in a state of war forever.

    • klove and light

      unless ofcourse this is the plan from Starters…..too bleed out SAA. exactly this is what is Happening Right now in n.hama, Idlib and latakia

  • Natalis

    The destiny of Idlib will be decided by Putin and Erdogan, period. I have been hearing about “limited operation” for over an year but nothing serious has happened. The civil war is now almost over and Syria is a divided country like former Yugoslavia.

    • Alberto Garza

      yes the damage is done now turkey and the u.s. has gained a piece of syria and are never going to get out.

      • klove and light

        ty…spot on

  • klove and light

    as Long as SAA is not prepared to attack their enemy number 1 ..Turkey which invaded and occupys large parts of their Country and is allied with all jihadi Groups…any attempts to move into Idlib, as the dozens before, will fail again and again and again……

    this News we heard before and before and before……..probably 1 or 2 days after the initrial attack, Turkey will call Putin..and Putin will call out a ceasefire…and back we go again to Starters.all bullshit

  • klove and light

    New video shows how jihadists are infiltrating Syrian Army lines in Latakia

    BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:50 P.M.) – A new video released by a pro-jihadist Telegram channel showed how groups like Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and the Turkestan Islamic Party are infiltrating the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) in northern Latakia.
    As shown in the video below, the jihadist rebels are using tunnels to slip behind the Syrian Army’s lines and carry out ambushes and raids against their forces in the Jabal Turkmen and Jabal Al-Akrad regions of Latakia.

    almasda news

  • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

    today for first time an “officially” Turkish backed rebel group (TFSA) ahar al sharqiya, targeted Russian airbase. RuAF got lots of work to do, hopefully all “rebels” will be pulverized in no time

    • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

      in response RuAF targeted rebel drone launching sites in Jisr Al Shagour with 12 air raids :) dozens of ‘secular, freedom fighting rebels’ annihilated

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    They should clear out daesh from that area and the desert area finally

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    The Kurds are attacking the Turks and their proxies in Aleppo and the SAA are attacking them in Latakia, Hama and Idlib, is there some sort of concerted effort going on under the table, a little cooperative tactical maneuvering between the Kurds and Assad maybe.
    So why has Erdogan sent Turkish troops to the borders of Idlib, Aleppo, Ar Raqqah, and AL Hasakah all of a sudden, what’s got him spooked, I wonder what it could be, let me think,
    The SAA and Russia are now ignoring the Astana agreement and attacking the rebels in Idlib 24/7, that would definitely worry Erdogan.
    And the SAA recently attacked the Turkish OB posts in northern Hama [on 3 separate occasions] causing death and injury to Turkish soldiers, that would also be a worry for Erdogan.
    And in Aleppo the Kurds are in constant guerilla warfare against the Turks and their proxies, and they’re escalating their attacks all the time, that’s always been a worry for Erdogan and getting worse.
    Then just after Erdogan deployed his troops to the Al Hasakah border just a few days ago, the US ramped up surveillance and air patrols of the area, that couldn’t make him happy either.
    And the US shipped in 1,700 trucks filled to the brim with even more goodies for the Kurds, I wonder how Erdogan reacted to that news, not so well I’d suspect.
    I wonder if he’s getting a little paranoid now, especially since it’s starting to look like everyone’s out to get him all of a sudden, or is that just in mine and Erdogan’s imagination.
    A lot of Kurds have already joined the SAA to fight incognito in Idlib, and a lot more are preparing to fight alongside the SAA when the time is right, we may not hear much about it in the media but that’s what’s actually happening.

  • klove and light

    Home Syria Turkish military convoy enters northern Hama
    BEIRUT, LEBANON..18.07.2019 (11:45 A.M.) – A Turkish military convoy has reportedly entered the northwestern region of Syria this morning, opposition activists reported via social media.
    According to the reports, the Turkish military convoy first entered Syria from the neighboring Hatay Province before making its way through the Idlib Governorate to the town of Morek.

    almasda News…

  • klove and light

    Home Syria Syrian Army strengthens presence along Turkish border after jihadist offensives:

    BEIRUT, LEBANON 18.07.2019 (11:00 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has taken strict security measures near the Turkish border with the Latakia Governorate following a series of jihadist attacks on their positions in the Turkmen Mountains.
    According to the Sputnik News Agency, the Syrian Army’s recent measures around the Turkish border has proven effective in defending several towns in the Latakia Governorate, including Atirah, Al-Durra, and Sarraf.

    “The new measures came after the Turkish-backed attack, which was aimed at creating a strategic breach that would reshuffle the cards,” a military source told the Arabic-language version of Sputnik.
    According to the Sputnik source, the opening of the Turkish border had facilitated the entry of several foreign fighters from countries like Uzbekistan, Chechnya, China (Uyghurs), and Turkestan.
    The goal of the attack, the source claimed, was to take control of the Zahi Mountain that overlooks the strategic town of Rabia.