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Syrian Army Deploys More Units In Eastern Al-Suwayda, Prepares To Launch New Attack (Video)

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On June 15, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) deployed several units of the 62nd Brigade and the National Dense Forces (NDF) in the areas of Tell Asfar and A’wra in the eastern al-Suwayda countryside, according to the Syrian blog al-Suwayda 24.

Syrian pro-government sources revealed that the SAA is reorganizing and reinforcing its units in order to resume its attack on the remaining fighters of ISIS in the eastern al-Suwayda countryside.

The SAA launched a large scale military operation to eliminate ISIS cells in the eastern al-Suwayda countryside on June 7 and managed to capture several key positions within a few days. However, the SAA was forced to put the operation on pause after losing more than 30 soldiers and officers along with several battle tanks.

Syrian Army Deploys More Units In Eastern Al-Suwayda, Prepares To Launch New Attack (Video)

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According to Syrian pro-government activists, hundreds of ISIS fighters and commander are currently hiding in the eastern al-Suwayda countryside. Most of these militants were allowed to withdraw from several districts south of the city of Damascus in May.

Clearing the eastern al-Suwayda countryside is vital for securing the al-Suwayda-Damascus highway. The operation against ISIS there will also secure the SAA positions around the US-led coalition base in the settlement of al-Tanaf, near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

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We hope these preparations do not take forever.

Muja Suria

What will happen when you kill the one who tried to protect from evil which is clearly invisible to you? https://youtu.be/nrG8VvKxGe4?t=2m33s

We will see how the shaam will look like after defeat of lSlS. Except soon the western moral values and western rule over your. And western films pushing western lifestyle and western thinking. Western morals and western democracy. It is the time of the invasion and attack on our culture and our guys tried to prevent that. Im waiting for travel visa and i will leave this land you ruined.

Muja Suria

As Muslims, it our responsibility to give the message of Islam to you, the evidences and facts and invite you on that basis to accept Islam or to deny it.

Do not trust in western morals, western laws or their ideology:
“Let there be no compulsion in Religion: truth stands out clear from error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy hand hold, that never breaks. and Allah hears, and knows all things.” (Qur’an, Al-Baqarah 2:256)


If one has no humanity then he has no religion. What picture of Islam ISIS have showed to the world. Islam had never like that. That was Israeli picture.

Muja Suria

What is humanity? Some western concept? There are different definitions of “humanity” which varies in different cultures so there is no one size fits all.


Study the life style of Abraheem Aleh salam.

Muja Suria

I know my version of humanity and i beleive that it is the best way of all known ways because it is from the God. Im just saying that the humanity has different meanings in different cultures.

Γιάννης Καράς

So boring!Be sure,we believe you!


Why should I trust in your murderous religion? “Do not kill” is that in the Koran? Most all muslims eat meat, they are murderers when in fact they could just eat beans.

Muja Suria

Hey i dont agree with all lSlS does but they are still lesser evil. And they were pushed to corner so the only thing they can do is cut and behead their enemies and show them how brutal it is to prevent another deaths by scaring them. But it didn’t worked well and instead the mainstream media used it as propaganda against islam. Which is false because in the time of peace the religion of islam is most peaceful of all religions.


Why do you believe in this NONESENSE!?
How come you don’t understand that ALL religions are fabrications of the human fantasy?
When people need to believe in a god, because they cannot accept the idea that they will never understand the complexity of life and the universe, most people just follow the fantasy of some very bright person with a good portion of fantasy. Examples of these persons are Zarathustra Buddha, Jezus, Mani, Mohamed. I think it is more interesting and original to create your own story…
Personaly, i accepted the FACT that i will never understand my purpose in life. The only thing that matters is “comes around goes around” treat people in the same way, you like to be treated..
Worshipping the fantasy god of some guy that mayebe was invented by a group of other guys, doesn’t seem smart to me.

Muja Suria

You think that you are smart to deny existance of the God but opposite is true. We know nothing (I mean all people on eart including scientists and we will never know). Read this really do it for me at least the part about people denying existance of one God: http://www.missionislam.com/discover/purpose.htm

Black Waters

@Muja GTFO from this website with that extremist behavior.


i did read it. you are pathetic and not using your own brain, only copy paste something invented by paternalistic MEN, that made a religion out of oppressing women, jealousy, fear, stubbornness, copy paste Judaism, and laziness of humans for not using their common sense

Muja Suria

Not very true, the same way i can say that you just follow atheist thesis and the idea is not yours but from other people. You rely on other people and blindly believe them (the scientists). Yes all religions may be fabricated but if then we have huge problem. I mean then this life does not have any specific meaning and thats bad.


Origins of religion are very diverse…is the Lighting a Thunderbein’ shooting fire from his eyes…. or is it simply plus & minus? Religion ain’t Bad… but should be kept personal…. I’ve had many Good conversations with Muslims… they never forced me to become one too…


oh yeah? and why is that bad? i don’t see any logic in that. You suffer from the typical human vanity that put humans in a special position within the universe…

soooooo pathetic, we are nothing more important then bacteria……

Muja Suria

We are. We can do wonderful things while bacteria cannot even drive camels or build something. Bacteria is very simple and we humans are the most complex and the most intelligent creatures.


Without bacteria, we would not survive! Do not underestimate the importance of bacteria! There you go again, reasoning in a medieval way, another reason why i would never follow the desert logic. it is OUTDATED

Muja Suria

No bacteria is actually deadly and killed more people than anything else.


Like with Humans…you have Good & Bad People… there are Good Bacteria & Bad Bacteria…the eternal Cosmic Battle of Light & Dark….Yin & Yang… God & the Devil…and you can think of a couple more….


aaah, there you go, ignorance is a bliss…….
you know nothing about bacteria, go see a good docu about the importance of bacteria for ALL life.

Muja Suria

Yes not everybody knows about everything, i studied islamic school not medical.


you are just bored i guess…..

Muja Suria

Yes i havent slept for 21 hours wow.


One cannot go without the other… for “Divine Wisdom” one Needs to study as much as possible… Knowdledge is True Power…not only to be found in books

Muja Suria

Yes but trust me nobody can know everything. Why do i need to know about bacteria when i learn about more abstract things and philosophy? Computer scientist does not need to know how to write essays or the names and deeds of first four caliphs etc.


Well you just learned…. by talking to some Kuffars… see what I mean?

Muja Suria

Yes but i feel even worse than before i dont know even why. Maybe im too tired. I go to sleep good night.


Good Night… perhaps you wake up tomorrow… thinking slightly different..and feeling better..


Hohohoho….I am an Ant….& the Universe….built out of the Same materials…so I am Eternal…


good point

Muja Suria

I think you can convert mass to energy (nuclear weapons) as Albert Einstein said in his books or energy and mass are the same (E=mc2) so mass is only form of energy. If you scatter ant to atoms it is no longer ant because the organised structure is lost.


If I eat the Ant…The Ant becomes part of me…he will no longer be recognised as The Ant but as Me….his atoms became my Flesh & Blood…I come from the Rock and will return to the Rock…I am Billions Years Old…

Muja Suria

And i think you don’t understand it. Well nobody invented the God. He was there all the time as there was the laws of gravity, strong or weak nuclear forces etc. which science only discovered the same way as we realized and discovered that there must be God. You see the evidence everywhere around you. How can some people be so ignorant and deny it? Names does not matter but the idea to which they point. Can you deny electromagnetism? No. Can you deny God? No. But you say that you can measure electromagnetism but cannot measure God. But thats is flawed thinking you are actually measuring also part of the God because everything in this universe submits to his will and the laws are only result of him alone.


My God Taught me to be nice, to nice Folks & the Right of Self-Defense…When attacked I am Free to go All Out….ISIS are Mercenaries… there is no God to be found in their Hearts…GREED is what Leads People in the World today… So talkin’ about God becomes a Useless Phenomenon…for any agressor..

Muja Suria

They are not mercenaries they recieve some money so their families can live from something. And those who dont have family or dont need money invested them as zakat for the poor. At least in ar-Raqqah. People from outside always ignored their missionary and state building work all that slipped trough the mainstream censors were beheadings and executions.


Like I said before… even the ones who joined ISIS for in their eyes right reasons… were Lied too, Betrayed by Deception & the Wahhabi way of Islam is in my Eyes a Very BAD & Extreme Way of Religion…. Every Religion Preachin’ Hate Towards others should be Forbidden & the books destroyed if Necessary… Why you might Ask…. Because if Kids get Raised with Violent Rubbish… when they grow up they will become Angry Adults Filled With Hate….same goes for the U.S. CarpetBombing Cities with their Religion

Muja Suria

Yes this may be true that the leadership is corrupt and only those lower in the hierarchy (amirs or less) believe what they fight for. But still i dont understand why nobody inside figured it out if there is something bad. For example Caliph Baghdadi as mossad agent etc. Another interestring thing is very professional propaganda and high quality photo editing and camera work i know that Qatar helped with some of that but still it is very sophisticated.


Believe me… poor fellas are all screwed by their elites…and their Elites will do anything to stay in Power… and Have the Gold they Stole Stacked in Switzerland….no difference where they come from…were is Baghdadi now? He won’t be found… just like Osama…burial in Sea…. my ass… it is just a game and we are fooled…

Muja Suria

But what can we do if they push aganist us own people? And we are not fighting them but our people. Its same in the world and soon every country will be defeated one after one. The strongest one are already down and enslaved and there is no way out of it. In the future even if you get enough same minded people who think somebody is not okay you will be sanctioned, attacked and killed by the wast majority and the system they will simply cut you out as insignificant noise. In the future society everybody will be slave of consum, you will watch films and think that you are free, you will eat food and you will live but in very narrow space. if you cross the red line you will be killed and sanctioned and few next generations will be so zombified that they will forget all their history and past. And this is what the new world order is trying to achieve.


Yup… and they want Muslims & the Rest of the World fight eachother…Manipulation of the Masses…let’s kill eachother…and make some more money for them, more control…sounds like fun…they don’t give a shit if you are Russian, American, Chinese, European, Iranian, African.. Muslim… Buddhist… Hindu…we are all the same scum…


You make a big mistake here! I never denied it, i just will not follow the human fantasy that you wish to follow….
there is AB-SO-LUTELY ANY reason you can give me why i should believe you nor any other HUMANS that follow ANY religion. There is only ONE way to turn me into a religion follower. GOD must show, or make me feel ITS presence
ALL the rest is just other humans talking to me, nothing else….

Muja Suria

OK but how can a medieval age man write such sophisticated book as the Qur’an? Without any error or mistake. This book must be inspired by God or be the word of the God.


without any mistake??!?!? it is FULL of contradictions and mistakes!!
That prooves it is a human fabrication.
Mayebe when we invented A.I. we can ask it to write a better religion for people like you, that cannot live without one ;)))

Muja Suria

I dont think that there are mistakes. I dont need false religions. Why write a better religion if it is not from God? Nobody would follow it.


why would “god” write a religion for something so unimportant as humans???
What is the purpose of it? this creator has better things to do then wasting its time on such an insignificant species as a human……
it doesn’t make sense, running the universe is a zillion times more interesting then your or my life

Muja Suria

Because humans are the only which havent submitted to Gods will because we are free. Maybe it is a test for us i dont know why. But universe is mostly empty space and our lives are not. It is called STEM compression the most interestring things are in concentrated and highly organized places not vast empty space.

And i may have proof of God for you. In America lighting hit Christ statue as punishment for worshipping objects instead of God read the coments:
“thats what happens when you worship the creation instead of the creator”
“That’s what they get for whorshipping false gods and idols!”


gimme a break! is that all you got???
i think we are done here, you stay happy with your outdated religion, i will keep to my own ideas

Muja Suria

It is one of the many of proofs but im not saying that religions are true but if then islam is closest to truth. Even scientsits say that islam may be true and islam and science are not in conflict.


some scientist say that, well a scientist is just another human, nothing more….


Back to the basics… what we humans think and feel… are just chemicals in our Brains…Empty Space does not exist….it is filled with tiny particles… and those tiny particles are filled with even tinier particles…and every perception of the great Creator should involve that even “Emptiness” was created by him…and is there because it had to be there….the Absolute Perfection & Complementation is to be found in this organised Chaos…build or not build by a supreme bein’

Muja Suria

My yesterday comments were marked as spam so im reposting some of them:
I know now but what does that mean? Are we biological machines? It does exist in such what that it is WAY more emptier than the space we live in. I mean density per volumetric area so this way we can define what is empty and what is not. The emptiness is result of self organization caused by the natural laws so i still see God there no matter how differently i look at it. We will never explain our purpose trust me because we are limited by our observation. Scientific progress is going downhill (more questions than answers) after it collected all low hanging fruits. Trust me we will never travel at light speeds, we will never survive long enough outside our Earth. There is law of thermodynamics which is very pessimistic about our future.


There can very well be a Great Creator….for me there is.. for someone else there might not be and is it all physics… this is not a reason to kill eachother… Every human is an individual…and thinks differently… Should we Kill eachother for having a different opinion? If you are a Childrapist you can die… Killer of Women & Children you can Die….Stealing money from poor folks…you can Die….very simple


You have the correct approach,
“Do not believe anyone who claims to speak the word of God.
Do not believe any book that some claim to be the word of God.
Do not believe in me or anything I say.
Only believe that which you can verify”.


Lets assume there is a God, a being that created the universe and all the many forms of life within it.

Can you imagine the intellect required to do such a thing?
Then you come along and have the arrogance to suggest that you know what this staggeringly intelligent being is thinking.

Know your place, you are just a very small cog, like the rest of us within a staggeringly complex organism(universe).

Empire's Frontiers

Nobody needs more Muslims, the existence of god notwithstanding.

In fact, the existence of god seems somewhat separate from the existence of the modern Muslim horde and their ruling classes.


I don’t Trust Western Morals because their Moral: Without War No Trade ain’t mine….But no one is going to Tell me what to Think…What to Believe…How to Behave….How to Dress..And Chop My Head off for Saying What I Want…..Because if they Do…I’ll Chop Theirs Off

Muja Suria

Yes i dont like that too but if this is the price for freedom then im all for it and i will dress how its commanded in the religious texts. I don’t like alcohol, drugs, smoking as they slowly poison the society and for me it is greater evil than somebody forcing me how to dress. Chop head for saying what you want? No unless you misguide others, you will be lashed instead if you offend the parents or other muslims but this does not apply to women.


Everyone should be Free to live their life the way they want….we are also individuals… some guidance here and there fine… isn’t your religion something between you & Allah? Mine is pretty personal… not to be found in church…every human should know morals…an Atheist has Morals too..”perhaps” even more than someone chopping off heads…

Muja Suria

Yes but i think that the political islam is different if you build islamic society from the times when the Prophets(pbuh) lived you need to ensure that there is no one who can misguide you. For example it hurts when you fast during ramadan and you see fat people in the streets enjoying food in front of hungry muslims.

lSlS also included the hadeeth not only the Qur’an. There is guidance how certain things should be performed and how the state should work. For example Sahih al-Bukhari (they want to ban it in Russia and other countries). There is a way following these hadeeth books as a comphresive manual how to build a succesful Islamic state (society) but humans do still make mistakes implementing that.comment image


The hadith is VERY CORRUPTED, for it is written by MEN, stupid paternalistic MEN
If god exist, it must be a WOMAN and it would make women rule humanity.
Therefore islam is a false religion just like the other two desert delusions

Muja Suria

Are you sure? They say it is authentic.


“they” are the ones that keep women second class…..

Muja Suria

Ok, i dont follow them anyway until i live in the Islamic state again.


Women are just as BAD as Rulers as Men… Perhaps even Worse….Killary Clinton, May, Merkel…..what a Bloody DRAMA….


Not agreed, Merkel is not so bad, given the context within she has to do her job.
The problem is that they all have to act WITHIN a MALE dominated society


It is women that want a Big House, Golden Necklaces, Diamond Tiaras, American Express Centurion Card, New House-Decoration every Year….


Again, because they live in a male dominated society. The patriarchy put women without power, so instead of equal rights and opportunities, they need to gather material wealth instead….
Apart from that, you are talking about a specific kind of women, i never dated those :))) And they never fancied me with my bicycle and cheap clothes….


The women in power at the moment impress me as much as the men in power….same old, same old…so I’m not convinced they are better than men yet…they are caught in the same system… the system itself is what I have my Doubt about… without War no Trade… the Good Ol’ V.O.C. Mentality where Balkenende was talkin’ about….


at least we should give them a fair chance :)


Quote Muja Suria: Im waiting for travel visa and i will leave this land you ruined.
Yes you daesh rats are fleeing from Syria like crazy into Europe. Go and goodbye! You are not welcomed here. And why there are so many brainwashed girls these days? Unfortunately, you couldn’t admit you were just tools of the Israel. https://youtu.be/gwYaO0p4ZxQ?t=19s

Muja Suria

You ignorant asshole stop calling us daesh rats and im not even in lSlS. And what? I can live anywhere i want. Next time you should be knowing to not destroy and bomb our country. Brainwashed? Common word here but far away from the truth. It is called knowledge.

Muja Suria

I have friends in Germany and they will teach me the language. And do you know the famous german imam Pierre Vogel?comment image

Muja Suria

This is my gift for you, night reading after the ramadan :) What is the Purpose of our Life?comment image

In a world full of prejudice and cultural conditioning, it is very hard to find people that are able to take a moment to think about life objectively. And try to arrive at the truth about this world and the real purpose of our life. Unfortunately, when you ask most people the question what is the purpose of our life, such a fundamental and important question, they will not tell you what they have concluded through observation or analytical reasoning. Rather, in most cases, they will simply tell you what someone else said. Or they will tell you what is commonly presumed by others; what my father says the purpose of life is, what the minister of my Church says the purpose of life is, what my teachers says, what my friends says etc. If I ask anyone about the purpose of eating, why do we eat? Everyone will say in one word or another, its for nutrition because it sustains life. If I ask anyone why they work, they will say because it’s a necessity in order to support themselves and to provide the needs of the family. If I ask anyone why they sleep, why they wash etc. They will answer this is a common necessity for all human beings. We can follow this line of questioning with 100 questions and get same or similar answer from anyone in any language in any place in the world. Simple!

Then I ask you the question, why is it, that when we ask the question, what is the goal and the purpose of life, that we get so many different answers? That’s because people are confused, they don’t really know. They are stumbling in the dark. And rather than to say I don’t know, they just fall for any answer that they have been programmed to answer. Well think about it tonight!

Is our purpose in this world simply to eat, sleep, dress, work, acquire some materials things and enjoy ourselves? Is this our purpose? Why are we born? What is the object of our existence? And what is the wisdom behind the creation of men and this tremendous universe? Think about that question.

Some persons argue that there is no prove of any divine origin, there is no prove that there is a God, there is no proves that this universe has come about for any divine purpose; there are people who argue this way. And they say that perhaps this world came about by chance. A big bang and this whole great world, with all its orchestration just came together. And they argue that life does not have any definite purpose and that there is nothing that can be proven through by the logic or science that there is a God or purpose or any divine reason behind this world.

In the Qur’an it’s mentioned:
To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and Allah has power over everything. Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding, men who celebrates the praises of Allah standing, sitting and lying down on their side and they contemplate the wonders of the creation in the heavens and the earth with the thought, “Our Lord, not for any foolish purpose has thou created all of these. Glory be to thee, give us salvation from the penalty of the hellfire.

Now here in these verses, Allah has mentioned very clearly to us by first drawing our attention to the creation of ourselves, the different postures of the human body, the different attitude of the human psychology. He draws our attention to the heaven, the alternation of the night and the day, the firmament, the stars, the constellation and then He says to us, “He has not created all of these for any foolish purpose”. Because when you see the design of it, you know it that the design of it is very powerful and very precise. And something very powerful and very precise that is beyond your own calculation and imagination, it cannot foolish. It cannot be just thrown together.

If you took 10 marbles and number them 1 to 10 and all of them with different colours and you put them inside of a bag and shook the bag and then closing your eyes reached inside that bag, and I told you, pull out marble number 1 and then marble number 2 and then pull out marble number 3 in order. What’s the chance of your pulling out of these 10 marbles in order? Do you know the chances are? Its 26 millions to 1. So what’s the chance of the heavens and the earth being thrown in a big bang and orchestrated like they are. What’s the chance of that?

My dear respected fellow humans we have to ask ourselves a further question. When you see a bridge, a building or an automobile, you automatically consider the person or the company that constructed it. When you see a plane or a rocket, a satellite or a large ship, you also think about how incredible of a vehicle that it is. When you see a nuclear plant in orbiting space stations or a super international airport, you have to thoroughly impressed with the engineering dynamics that are involved.

Yet, these are just things that are manufactured by human beings. Then what about the human body; with its massive and intricate control system? Think about it.

Think about the brains; how it thinks, how it functions, how it analysis, sort information, retrieves information, distinguishes and categorizes information in a millionth of a second! And does it constantly. Think about the brain for a moment. This is the brain that made the automobile, the rocket. Think about the brain and who made that. Think about the heart how it pumps continuously for 60 or 70 years, in taking and discharging blood throughout the body and maintaining that steady precision throughout the life of that person. Think about it.

Think about the kidney and what kind of functions that they carry – the purifying instrument of the body, which performs hundreds of chemicals analysis simultaneously and also controls the levels of toxicity in the content of the body. And it does this automatically.

Think about your eye – The human camera that adjust, focus, interpret, evaluate, and applies colour automatically; the natural inspective and adjustment to light and distance. All automatic, think about it!

Who created that? Who has mastered that? Who plans that? And who regulates that? Human beings themselves? No of course not.

What about this universe? Think about this. This earth is ONE planet in our solar system. And our solar system is one of the systems in the Milky Way. And the Milky Way is one of the constellations in this galaxy. And there are millions of galaxies like the Milky Way. Think about that and they are all in order. They are all precise. They are not colliding with each other. They are not conflicting with each other and they are swimming along in an orbit that has been SET for them. Have human beings set that into motions? And are those human beings maintaining that precision? No of course NOT!

Think about the ocean, the fish, the insects, the birds, the plants, bacteria, and the chemical elements that have not been discovered and cannot be defected even with the most sophisticated instruments. Yet each one of them has a law that they follow.

Did all of these sequence, balance, harmony, variation, design, maintenance, operation and infinite numeration, did this happen by chance? And also do these things functions perpetually and perfectly by chance? And do they reproducing themselves and maintaining themselves also by chance? No of course not.

That would be totally illogical and foolish to think and in the least, it will indicate that however it came to be, it is totally outside of the realm of human capability. We will all agree to that.

The being, the all mighty power, God, the creator who has the knowledge to design, to proportion, who has created all of these and is responsible for maintaining all of these, is the only one that is deserving our praise and gratitude.

If I gave each one of you a $100 for no reasons, you would at least say thank you. What about your eyes, your kidney, your brain, your life, your birth, your children – what about that? Who gave you that? Is He not worthy of praise and thanks? Is He not worthy of your worship and recognition?

Allah the all mighty said to us in the Qur’an: “I have not created the Jinn (the spirit) nor the human beings for any other purpose except to worship me”. This what the almighty says. So our purpose of this life is to recognize the creator, to be grateful to the creator, to worship the creator, to surrender ourselves to the creator and to obey the laws that He decided for us.

In a nutshell it means worship. This is our purpose on this life. And whatever we do in the course of that worship, that system, the eating, the drinking, the dressing, the working; all of these are just consequential but we have been created to worship.

That’s the purpose of our life. I don’t think that anyone who is scientific or analytical, they won’t have much argument with that purpose. They may have some other purpose within themselves. But that’s something they have to deal with between themselves and all mighty God.

What do you know about Islam? Not what you HEARD about Islam, not what you seen in the action of some Muslims. Because there is a difference between Islam and Muslim. There is a difference between a man and a father. A man who has children is a father. But father is a responsibility. If a man who does not fulfil those responsibility, he is not necessarily a good father. Islam is a rule and an order. If a Muslims does not fulfil those rules and orders, he is not a good Muslim. So you can not compare Islam by Muslims.

We hear the term “Islam” and “Muslim” quite often. And we read about Islam and Muslims in the periodical textbooks of colleges and universities. We hear and we see a lot of inaccurate, misleading and purposeful misinformation through the media. And I have to admit that some of these misinformation and misrepresentation has been perpetuated by Muslims themselves. Yet one out of every 5 persons in this world of some 5 billion people is a Muslim. This is the statistics that you can verify in the encyclopaedia. How is it that 1 out of every 5 people in this world is a Muslim and that we don’t know something about Islam? The facts about Islam?

If I told you 1 out of every 5 people in this world were Chinese, which is a fact cause there are 1 billion Chinese in the world. We know the geographical, social, economical, political, philosophical and historical facts about China and the Chinese. Then how come we don’t know Islam?

What is it that joins all these nations (around 35 Muslim nations) and this universal configuration into a common entity? What makes a brother in Saudi Arabia a brother to an American? What makes a brother from China a brother to an Egyptian? What makes a brother from Australia a brother to a Pakistani? An African is my brother, another one from Thailand is my brother, a Bosnian is my brother, the other one from Canada is my brother. From Spain, Russia, India, Germany and so forth. What makes them my brother?

We have that different cultural, psychological background. What is it about Islam that automatically embraces us and joins us together as a brotherhood?

What are the accurate characteristics of this misunderstood way of life that are followed by a great part of humanity?

I will try to provide you with some facts, but in addition to this as I mentioned to you before, it is necessary for you to be open minded and open hearted. Because if a turned a glass upside down and poured water on it, I will never get a glass of water. It has to be right side up.

Facts alone do not lead to understanding, but rather a combination of tolerant, ambition and the ability to appreciate and accept the truth when you hear it.

The word Islam means surrender, submission and obedience to the law of almighty God. You can say “Allah”, you can say the creator, you can say the supreme God, the supreme force, the all wise – all of those are his names. We say “Allah”, because in Arabic, there are no other expressions. This expression “Allah” cannot be applied to any created things. Other words we use for almighty – can be applied for created things like “the almighty Dollar” or he is the “greatest” etc. But the word “Allah” can only be applied to the one who has created all of these that we have previously described.

Muja Suria

The word “Islam” is derived from the root “salama”, it means to be at peace or to have security. Therefore, a Muslim is a person that surrenders, submits and obeys the laws of almighty God and through this submission; attains peace and security for themselves.

We can immediately see that by such definition, the Arabia word “Islam” describe the same manner and the behaviour of all the well known and respected prophets and messengers of almighty God. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, John the Baptist, Sulaiman, Jesus the son of Mary and Mohammad (peace be on all of them). All of these prophets and messengers came from the same almighty God with the same message with the same chain of transmission and they said ONE thing – obey God. Worship the almighty God and fulfil the purpose of life and do good actions and you will be rewarded with another life. That’s all they said. Don’t make it more than that. That’s all they said regardless of what language and what time and whom they came to. If you read the scriptures carefully without your own interpretations and somebody else’s addition or fabrication, you will find that this was the simple message of all those prophets whom confirmed one another. Not one of those prophets ever said “I am God, worship me”. You don’t have to think cause you won’t find it in any books that you have. Not the Bible, not the Torah, not the Old and the New Testaments, not the Psalms of David. You won’t find it in any book or in any speeches by the prophets. So where did it come from? That something else that you have to investigate yourself.

We can immediately see that by such a definition, the Arabic word “Islam” describes what all the prophets did. They call came and submitted themselves to God, surrendered themselves to God, called the people to God, and asked the people, and insisted upon the people to do deeds of righteousness. The Ten Commandments of Moses, what was that? The speech of Abraham, what was that? The Psalms of David, what was that? The proverbs of Solomon, what did he say? The Gospel of Jesus Christ, what did he say? What did John the Baptist say? What did Isaac and Ishmael say? What did Muhammad say? Worship one God, nothing more than that.

Allah says in the Qur’an: And they were ordered nothing except, to worship Allah, being sincere towards him and this was the straight way. This was the original message. By the same token, it will also be appropriate here to consider those prophets and messengers as Muslims.

Don’t think about the Arabic terminology, don’t think about how we are dressed, don’t think about Mecca or Saudi Arabia or Islamic state etc.

Think about the word “Muslims” means he who surrenders themselves to almighty God, and obeys the laws of almighty God. Everything that surrenders to the law of almighty God is a Muslim. So when a child comes out of the womb of its mother at the time God had ordered, what is it? It’s a Muslim. When the sun goes around in its orbit, what is it? It’s a Muslim. When a moon goes around the sun, what is it? It’s a Muslim. The law of gravity, what is it? It’s a Muslim law. Everything that submits to the almighty God is a Muslim. Therefore, when we obey almighty God, we are Muslims.

Jesus Christ was a Muslim. His blessed mother was a Muslim. Abraham was a Muslim. Moses was a Muslim. All the prophets were Muslims.

They came to their people and spoke different languages. The prophet Muhammad spoke the language of Arabic. And so in the Arabic language submit and surrender is Muslim. The one who submits and surrenders is a Muslim. Every prophets and messengers of almighty God brought the very same and fundamental message – worship almighty God and be sincere towards him.

If we examine the message of each of the well-known prophets, we can easily conclude this side. Where there is a conflict, it is a result of false expression, fabrication, exaggeration, personalized interpretations of alleged writers, historians, scholars and individuals.

For instance, how come throughout the Old Testament, God is always referred to as one, the master, the lord and king of the universe. And that in the 1st commandment given to Moses, he did not allow anybody to worship any graven images. All the prophets said he was one and that he was the almighty God. Throughout the Old Testament, it’s completely repeated. Then all of a sudden, we get four testimonials. The four Gospel called Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Matthew who? Mark who? Luke who? John who? Four different gospels that were written 48 years apart, and none of these men, who did not collaborate with each other, none of them wrote their last name. If I gave you a check for your pay this month, and I wrote my first name on the check and tell you to take it to the bank, would you accept that check? No you wouldn’t. If a policeman stopped you and asked for your license and you only had your first name, would it be acceptable to him? Could you get a passport with your first name? Did your parents give you only one name? Where in the history of men, is one name accepted as documentation? Nowhere except in the Bible. And how could you base your faith upon four gospels that are written by four men who didn’t seem to know their last name.

Then after those four gospels, there are fifteen more books, written by a man, who was an apostate, who killed Christians, tortured Christians and then said that he in a vision saw Jesus and he was commissioned as an apostle of Jesus.

If I told you, that Hitler after he killed all the Jews, then he himself decided that he wanted to be a saints and he meet Christ or Moses on the path and he became a Jew and he wrote fifteen books and added them to the Torah. Would that be acceptable to the Jews? No they wouldn’t accept that. So how can four books without a last name and fifteen other books that’s written by another man – and this is the first time that God is called a man and the first time that God is called three, and the first time God is given a son, then how would be acceptable to the Christians? How? Think about it. We won’t argue that point, I have just given you something to think about.

The advent of Prophet Muhammad did not bring a new religion or a new way of life as some people claim. On the contrary, the prophet Muhammad confirmed the life and message of all the previous prophets and messengers, both through his personal conducts, and through the divine revelation that he received from the almighty. The sacred scripture that Muhammad (Peace be upon him) brought is called Al-Qur’an. It means that which is recited because Muhammad (Peace be upon him) did not write the Qur’an. He did not author the Qur’an. Nobody came and helped him to write it and nobody collaborated with him to help. But the angel Gabriel recited to him and almighty God made his heart a receptacle of that. Just like a satellite dish, is a receptive of waves and gives you the TV image. The prophet Muhammad’s heart was a receptacle of revelations and we have this Qur’an that has been preserved for fifteen hundred years without a change of a dot.

Is there any other book in the world that you know of that has been preserved as it was revealed without a changing even a dot? No book! Only the Qur’an. Don’t take my world for it. Go to the library and read what the encyclopaedia Britannica or any other universal encyclopaedia of the world that has not been written by a Muslim – read what is says about Islam, the Qur’an and Muhammad. Read what non Muslims said about the Qur’an, Islam and Muhammad. Then you will accept that what I am saying is universally documented and clear. That Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the most profound individual in the history of humanity. Profound why? Read what they say.

That the Qur’an is the most incredible, the most profound piece of literature in the annals of history. Read what they say. That is Islamic way of life, is categorized and so precise and dynamic, it has never changed. Read what they say.

The sacred scripture that Muhammad (Peace be upon him) received is called the Qur’an. And each of the prophets and messengers, they also received a scripture. And in the Qur’an, these prophets, their scripture, their stories, the principles of their mission, is mentioned with profound details. Did Muhammad (Peace be upon him) meet them and eat with them and talk with them and collaborate with them to write their biographies? No of course he didn’t. In the Qur’an Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is referred to as the messenger of almighty God and the seal of the previous prophets which is the limit of his role as a human being. Muslims do not worship Muhammad. We are not Mohammedans. We do not have the right to take the name of Muhammad to say we are Mohammedans. People who followed Moses were not Moseians. People who followed Jacob were not Jacobites. People who followed Abraham were not Abrahamians. People who followed David were not Davidians.

So how the people call themselves Christians? Christ did not call himself a Christians. Christ said that whatever he received from almighty God and the order of God and what he heard and this is what he said and this is what he did. So how we call ourselves Christians? We have to be Christ-like. And what was Christ like? He was a servant of almighty God so you should be servants of almighty God.

And as the final scripture and divine revelation, Qur’an makes it very clear and concise statement: This day I have perfected your religion and completed my favour upon you and chosen Islam as a complete way of life. So through the Qur’an the word “Islam” came. As a word “Islam”, it came in the Qur’an. Because when the building is completed, you call it a house. When the car is on the assembly line, it is not an automobile. It is in the process of assembly. When it has been completed, it has been certified, it has been test-driven, it is now an automobile.

When Islam was completed as a revelation as a book, as an example through the prophet Muhammad, it then became Islam. It became a complete way of life. So it is the word that was new but not the practice, not the prophets, not the order from God. Not a new God, not a new revelation but only the name Islam.

Another distinction to keep in mind is that, Muhammad unlike his predecessors, did not come to the Arab or to this own people exclusively. Therefore Islam is not a religion of the Arabs, it is not for the Arabs. Yes Muhammad the son of Abdullah was born in Mecca, a city in the Arabian Peninsula. And certainly he was an Arab by verse.

Consequences of his birth was the choice of the almighty. Additionally the Qur’an was revealed in the Arabic language to protect it, to make it pure and clear and precise. Yet the Qur’an dispelled any information that the message of Muhammad was limited or meant for the Arab exclusively. Allah says: You have not been sent O Muhammad, except to the whole of humanity as a warner, as the one bringing glad tidings. And most of the human beings, they simply don’t know. As such, Muhammad is the finality of the great prophets and messengers before him.

What is the Qur’an?
Now some background information regarding the Qur’an. First of all, the Qur’an makes a claim that it is a divine revelation – that is, it was sent down from the almighty God to Muhammad through inspiration. And Allah says: Muhammad, he is not speaking from himself, his own ideas or his own ambitions or his own emotions and feelings. But this is a revelation (Qur’an) which has been revealed to him.

Therefore, if we are to convince you or anyone else of the authenticity of the Qur’an, we must prove 1) that it was impossible for Muhammad to manufacture such a book 2) we must prove that it was equally impossible for any human agency to have created it.

Let us think about this. The Qur’an makes the statement: And we created the human beings from a hanging clot that was clinging to the wall of the womb. How did the prophet Muhammad know that the embryo started out as a clot hanging and clinging to the wall of the uterus of the mother? Did he have a telescope? Did he have a microscope? Did he have some kind of X-ray vision? How did he receive this knowledge when this was discovered 47 years ago? How did he know that the ocean have a barrier between them to separate the salt and the fresh water? How did he know that? How did he know that the sun and the moon and the planets are all swimming in an orbit that has been ordered for them? How did he know them when these things just been discovered 25 or 30 years ago? Technology and science, the sophistication of which you and I well know, have just discovered these things. How did Muhammad know them fifteen hundred years ago? An uneducated shepherd who could not read or write, a man raised in the desert, how could he say something like this? How could he produce something like this? How could anyone else living with him before and after, produce something that has been discovered recently? Impossible. How could a man who never left the Arabian Peninsula, a man who never sailed on a ship make such clear and astounding descriptions that were recently discovered in this half of the 20th century? Also if this is not enough, let me mention to you that the Qur’an has 114 chapters, over 6000 verses and there were hundreds of people in the time of the prophet Muhammad who memorized this book entirely. Was he come kind of genius? How did that happen? Did anyone memorize any of the gospels? Did anyone memorize the Torah? The Psalms? The Old and the New Testament? Nobody, not even the pope himself. But there are millions of Muslims today, who has memorized the entire book. This is the ambition of every Muslims. Not some but every Muslims. How many Christians have you meet in your life that as memorized the Bible? You have never meet any Christians that memorized the Bible because you have never meet a Christian who even knew what word the whole Bible. Because the Christians themselves have over 700 different denominations and there are around 39 different versions of the Bible with different books and different versions, with different amount of verses and different amount of chapters and they don’t agree to that. So how could they even memorize what they don’t agree about?

Finally, this book, Qur’an, has been universally preserved without the slightest alternation of any kind in fifteen centuries.

If all of these are true, and if it is all true, would you agree that this book is quite profound and unique to say the least? Would you be honest enough to say that? Of course you would if you are honest.

The Basic things in the Qur’an:
It talks about the supreme oneness of almighty God which includes his names, attributes, the relationships between the almighty and his creatures and how man should maintain that relationships. It also talks about the continuity of the prophets and their lives, their messages and their overall mission. It insists upon following the final and universal example Muhammad, the seal of the prophets and messengers.

It reminds the human beings of the shortness of this life and calling them towards the eternity of the life hereafter. After you leave this place, you are going somewhere. After you die, you are also going somewhere whether you accept it or know about it. You are going there and you are responsible because you are told even if you have rejected it. The object of this life is not for you to sit here and do nothing without an effect. Every cause has en effect. And you came into this life for a cause and a purpose and it must have an effect. You don’t go to school to stay there. You don’t go to work not to get paid. You don’t build a house and don’t move into it. You don’t get a suit made and don’t wear it. You don’t grow up as a child and don’t become an adult. You don’t work without expecting a reward. You can not live without expecting to die. You can not die without the expectancy of the grave and you can not expect that the grave is the end. Because that would mean God has created you for a foolish purpose. And you have not gone to school or worked or chose a wife for a foolish purpose. How can you assign to God something less than yourself?

In an attempt to capture and convince the imagination and faculties of reasoning, the Qur’an goes through great length and beauty to expound upon the oceans and rivers, the trees and plants, the birds and insects, the wild and the domestic animals, the mountains and the valleys, the expansion of the heavens, the celestial bodies and the universe, the fishes and the aquatic lives, the human anatomy and biology, the human civilization and history, the description of paradise and hell, the evolution of the human embryo, the mission of all the prophets and the purpose of life on earth.

How could a man born in the desert who could not read – could expound upon things which he was never exposed to? The most unique aspect of the Qur’an however, is that it confirms the previously revealed scriptures, and that if you should decide to become a Muslim, you do not have to consider yourself changing your religion.

If you lost some weight and you had a suit and you really liked that suit; you don’t have to throw that $500 suit away. Do you? No. You go to the tailor and tell them to make it smaller for you.

Your belief, your honour, your virtue, your love of Jesus Christ, you attachment to God, your worship, your truthfulness and your dedication to almighty God – you don’t change that and throw it away. You hold onto that but you make alteration where you know that the truth have been revealed to you. You just have to be honest enough to know that you have lost some weight, and you need to make some adjustment.

Islam is simple my dear Brothers and Sisters. Bear witness that there is none to be worshipped except almighty God. If I ask any of you to bear witness that your father is your father, how many of you would say yes my father is my father? My son is my son – my wife is my wife – I am who I am- then how is it that you hesitate to bear witness that almighty God is One and almighty God is the only and almighty God is your lord and your creator? Why? Are you arrogant? Do you possess something that God does not possess? Do you have some secret that you want to share with us? Or are you confused? That’s the question that you have to ask yourself. If you thought that you would die tonight and in front of you was paradise and the back of you is hellfire – and you had the chance to put this straight with God, and ask God to accept the best of your deeds – if you had that chance to do that before you die, then you would not hesitate to bear witness that there is only one God. You would not hesitate to bear witness that Muhammad is a messenger of God. You would not hesitate to bear witness that you are one of those who would like to be written down in the book of God as those who submit.

You would not hesitate. But you think you are going to live a little while. You want to enjoy some more. You want to drink a little bit more scotch. You want to lay down with few more girls. You want to wear few more fancy suits. You want to dance a little bit more. You want to sing a little bit more. And of course, you are not ready to pray everyday. That’s cause you think you are going to live a little while. But how much is a while? Some of us have baldhead. How much is a little while? How long was it that you had a full head of hair? How long was it when you had all black hair? You got aches and pains in your knees and elbows and another places. How long ago was it when you were just a child? How long was it? It was yesterday. And you are going to die tomorrow. Then how long you want to wait?

Islam is to bear witness that almighty God is God, the only God, the only One without any partners. Islam is to acknowledge the existence of the angels, who were sent with the duty of revealing the revelation to the prophets – carrying the message to the prophets, controlling the winds, the oceans and the mountains and taking the lives of those whom God ordered to die. Islam is to acknowledge that all the prophets and messengers were righteous men and they were all sent by the almighty God. Acknowledging the fact that there will be a final day of judgment for all creatures. Acknowledging that all good and evil has been proportioned by the almighty God. Acknowledging that there will definitely be a resurrection after death.

Bernd Herzog Römhild
Empire's Frontiers

2015 and ya couldn’t tell
between the howler monkey
and jihadi scream
But the roar of tiger
And rumble of the bear
Arrived on scene

2016 and muja-sardine
packed in a can
Abu and Mo trapped without a plan
Cryin’ Allahu Akbar! Praying for Unkle Sam
But the captagon’s gone and they’re runnin’ scared
snatching that UN aid, jihadis don’t share
Call it Abu and Mo’s last meal cause tomorrow
it’s the tiger, then the bear

2017 the end of the dream
Red overtaking barbarous green
Aleppo, Douma
And who’d uh thought ghouta’d be red
but Abu dropped his rifle and fled
Next it was Mo hiding with a burqa on his head
‘Liberated at last!’ cries a young boys momma
But the sighs of real relief came from all the liberated goats and llamas

Abu say Allahu Retreat!
Hey! wait up, Mo! Save me a seat!
Idlib’s torn so they heading north
Keeping hands warm at Master’s feet
They beg and plead!
‘Boss, we’ll do whatever it takes!’
‘Just save us from the sound the tiger makes!

2018 and it’s down to the wire
Abu and Mo facing a future dark and dire
Squeelin’ their tires in reverse
the pilot’s in the sky, yes sir
FoxTwo, ready aim fire
Boy, that’s a strike we can admire!

There’s a reason civil defense
rhymes with drivel and pretense
White helmets of Aleppo to save the day
Lop the head of your kiddo, that’s the way!
Dr. Manpad think’s Mo’ll be alright
Gonna patch him up, then join the fight
But as the pockets closed, no one knows
‘Where’d all those white helmets go?’
All that was left were name tags, Abu and Mo
Two guys they say took a green bus home.

From Hama and Aleppo

to the heart of Idlibistan

Abu just ran and ran

Ran outta TOWs

and didn’t have a plan

White helmets got no fans

Just the toothless gangs of

lesser and lesser Idlibistan

The rumble, the crack

Jihadi’s bodies stacked and burned black

Saraqib in need
Foua and Kafarya make ’em bleed

Tiger pouncin’ with lightning speed

It’s jihadi reverse, allahu retreat!
Victory is the future the tiger will meet!

Grease the gears and grind that al-sham meat

Clean ’em up, both sides of the street!

Claim victory, and deliver defeat!

Bernd Herzog Römhild

So sieht es aus.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Hahahaha best poem ever bro

Empire's Frontiers

I wish it could go on the live map too, but all the restrictions mean half the words won’t work.

I think a few of the guys there would dig it too


Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

U made it urself?

Empire's Frontiers

Yeah, that’s about the first draft too.

I keep reading it thinking I need to write another one.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

u should!

Empire's Frontiers

I started on it, dig my recents.


Doesn’t Look Like there is Plenty of Water up there….Just wait till their canteens are empty…Let’m perish in the Desert…


There will be a well, there always is.


Secure the wells…deprive them from access…build a fortress around it and wait till they get desperate…shoot them like game at the waterholes

Bill Wilson

I’m sure ISIS has plenty of water stashed away along with other supplies.

Joe Dirt

SAA stretched to thin

Mustafa Mehmet

none exists saa all Iranian. hesbullah .afgani. Chech they don’t get pay ? on time. that’s why there very slow


Not true. This is pure bullshit misinformation.

The vast majority of the SAA are Syrian citizens. Yes, some Hezbollah contigents are present, together with Shia fighters from the region that are trained by Iranian advisors and they have been helpful in Eastern Syria against ISIS as well as in the battles for aleppo. But the overwhelming majority of the Syrian government forces are indeed a part of the SAA and comprised of Syrian soldiers.

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