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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army Deploys More Units Around Eastern Qalamun As Negotiations Collapse

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Syrian Army Deploys More Units Around Eastern Qalamun As Negotiations Collapse

Jaysh al-Islam fighters in the Eastern Qalamun region, Illustrative image.

On April 5, a source in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) revealed to SouthFront that the SAA and the Tiger Forces had deployed several well-armed units around the besieged Eastern Qalamun region, 30km north of the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Russia given the Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups in the Eastern Qalamun region a second chance to accept a reconciliation or an evacuation agreement on April 4. However, the local negotiation committee of the region announced its withdrawal from the negotiation with Russia a day later.

Spokesman of the local negotiation committee Maher Hilal announced that the committee opted to withdraw from the negotiation after it had been accused of “treason” and had even assaultd by the FSA. The headquarters of the committee in Jayrud town was burned down by FSA fighters on April 4.

Local sources of said that more than 2,000 militiamen and civilians signed up for a reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government in the committee’s headquarters, which provoked the FSA attack on it.

The deployment of more troops around the Eastern Qalamun region is likely aimed at increasing pressure on the FSA groups there, as a last attempt to push them back to the negotiation table. If this attempt fails, the SAA and the Tiger Forces will be ready to implement a military solution there, according to Syrian pro-government activists.

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It would be far to optimistic to think that each and every position could be taken by diplomacy. All of these Rebel groups will make a deal to save their own skin but that doesn’t mean they won’t make the other guy fight to the death.

northerntruthseeker .

Good… wipe out these American run scum and free that pocket… The sooner the better!


Barrel bomb time! -)


Indeed! Wipe the f**ck out of them!


Thr jokes on them the barrel bombing have been going on for almost a year straight without a pause and they couldn’t find a good evidence to bring Syrian government responsible.
Either the Syrian government are very clever to conceal it’s trace or they never exists.


I’m not sure why anyone thinks Russia supplies their allies with barrels for bombs – it’s not like they don’t have a LOT of the real – more effective – thing.


It’s funny because they don’t want to waste real munitions to do the false flags but they just have to do it so they look into things they had on surplus and they come up with the barrels thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if suddenly they make an accusations that the Syrian army using pressure cookers IED because their allies Russia have a good experience with it.


LOL – Yeah



Interesting comment pasted from Craig Murray’s blog

frances April 5, 2018 at 22:19
agree this event was part of a larger game plan. The reason is now
appears so odd is because the other parts of the UK and US deep state
game have been compromised.

This poisoning was timed to match up with a series of CW attacks in
Syria to be pinned on Syria and Russia which were to be used to: justify
a full-on US/UK/Fr invasion and the destruction of Damascus and, the
expulsion of Russia from the UN Security Counsel and possibly SWIFT.

But it all fell to bits when from what I have read:

Russia and Syria got wind of the CW plan and captured the CW factories
and personnel and the Russian military got hold of Pentagon plans to
invade Syria and bomb Damascus which they presented to the US military
who got it to Trump.

Trump then asked Pompeo to find out if it was true and who was behind
it, Pompeo found out it was true and that Rex was part of the plan.

Trump recalled Rex, who realized the jig was up and said he stood with
the UK re Russia despite being on notice that he was fired. And with Rex
out, the Pentagon bombing shut down, May was left swinging in the wind
with her poisoned spy story which if the other events had rolled as
planned would have been covered up and over by the far larger events.

Man makes his plans, and the gods laugh.”


When something sounds too good to be true it usually is! And almost always is turned into a conspiracy theory, on or with, hindsight…….


OTOH – this has to be the most badly planned false flag EVUH.
Them Brits can’t keep their story straight – and don’t even know where their ducks are to put ’em in a row. Stinks of haste – and – “we won’t need to justify it anyway.”

You can call me Al

You may be assuming the wrong party did this. Why would the UK want all the Russian money disappear from the UK, it makes no sense.

Personally, as it was so shoddily carried out, my money would be on the other side of the Atlantic and we were left holding the can – it wouldn’t be the first time.


The sheer ineptitude makes me think this was opportunistic…
That either someone with a personal gripe tried to poison them with someone or they ate something funny … and when the authorities discovered just WHO was sitting unconscious on the park bench they went into frenzy mode and quickly put a #BlamePutin into action. Not a thought anywhere in sight.

You can call me Al

My view is the U carried this farce out and left it to the UK to sort out. If I am wrong, I am wrong.


Most of the cock-ups in history are failed conspiracies; the other cock-ups are the successful ones.


Ta…. I was wondering about that when the Skripal affair broke….. had the British set something in motion and didnt or couldn’t stop it.


“the Russian military got hold of Pentagon plans to invade Syria and bomb Damascus which they presented to the US military who got it to Trump.”
No wonder they expelled 60 diplomats – they don’t know who got the info or from whom so they’re doing a clean sweep on the Russian side…..

Too dumb to learn that people just talking is your best source of intelligence and not electronic surveillance!


This makes sense , plus it would have created a situation where Brexit could be postponed.


A military solution is good.
It makes terrorists DEAD.

Eskandar Black

Things will go a lot faster when the SAA start making examples of thugs who are trying to kill people who want to work things out. I mean real, teaching opportunities.


It is time to attack and destroy these terrorists, point.

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