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Syrian Army Deploys More Troops And Heavy Weapons Around Idlib (Photos, Video)


On September 5, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) redeployed troops and heavy weapons of the 1st Division from the Syrian capital of Damascus to several positions around the northern governorate of Idlib, according to Syrian pro-government sources.

The deployment of the 1st Division near Idlib is likely a part of the ongoing preparations of the SAA and its allies to launch a large-scale military operation against the remaining militants in northern Syria. According to several reports, the operation will cover northern Hama, northern Lattakia and northwestern Idlib.

In the last two months, the SAA deployed thousands of soldiers along with hundreds of battle tanks, armored vehicles and artillery pieces in several positions between Hama and Lattakia. Elite pro-government forces such as the Tiger Forces, the 4th Division and the Russian-backed 5th Assault Corps are expected to lead the upcoming attack.

Syrian pro-government activists believe that the military operation will begin after the Russian-Turkish-Iranian meeting, which is set to be held in the Iranian capital of Tehran on September 7.



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    Orcs and Orc fan bois talk a good game. Because all they can do is talk. Just like Aleppo, DeZ, East Ghouta, Daraa and finally Idlib. They tell us how invincible they are and how they will punish SAA, but it always ends the same. With the Orcs and their fan bois whining and sniveling and begging NATO, FUKUS, and UN to save them from those mean SAA bullies!

    • Lupus

      I can hardly wait!

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      hahaha i know they have already sealed their fate :))

      • Lupus

        Yes but the good part is yet to come bro. They will die! muhahahaha!!!

        • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

          and be sent to perm hell lool

      • peacelover


    • DaBoiiiii

      lmao. Aye, you remember when they went on about how the orcs in East Ghouta were going to have like a legendary stand off, and how it would take the SAA YEARS to capture it?

  • alexis

    SAA must get Idlib back. If not, anti Assad jihadi wariors would be “Troy horse”. There is the jepardise from anti Assad rebels to SAA, due to their next invasion to the rest of Syria teritorry…Assad know it, the Idlib operation is necessary….

    • Bill Wilson

      The Idlib Offensive may go faster than expected if the Turks gun down the extremists that try to flee across the border. They’re already firing on typical civilians trying to flee into Turkey before the fighting starts.

      • Merijn

        They should seal the border to prevent Western Intelligence from fleeing the area….

      • peacelover

        The main culprit the largest route provider for importing terrorists into Syria from all ignorent and mentally backward Arab world countries is Turkey. And now Turkey is going to pay the price in form of huge flow of bloody terrorists fleeing from Syria towards mother Turkey. How panic condition for stupid erdugan now. I can’t guess what is the agenda of sultan there in Iran.

  • russ

    Is Bolton going to be at that meeting on the 7th?

    • Ronald

      Not unless he”s representing Russia, Turkey or Iran.

      • hope springs eternal.

        Made my day!!! Thanks. LOL.

      • russ

        I was thinking more like he’s going there to represent Israel. Or maybe the z o g u s gov.

  • Gary Sellars

    Kill the Wahabbi orcs and their embedded HATO operatives. Let none escape.

  • Merijn

    GO SAA & ALLIES… Burn Idlibistan….