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Syrian Army Deploys In 90km-wide Area From Ras al-Ayn To al-Qamishly

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Syrian Army Deploys In 90km-wide Area From Ras al-Ayn To al-Qamishly

Syrian government forces reinforcements arrive near the city of Ras al-Ayn, Oct. 26, 2019. IMAGE: AP Photo

Units of the Syrian Army continued deployment along the Turkish border in a 90km-wide area from the eastern countryside of the Turkish-controlled town of Ras al-Ayn to the city of al-Qamishly in northeastern Syria.

According to Syria’s SANA, government forces entered the villages and towns of Doudan, Qasir Sharak, Hasda Fouqani, Amouda, al-Jawharyia, Tal Hamdoun, Kharaza Fouqani, al-Dar, Abu Jarada, al-Qarmanyia, Karbashik, al-Salam Aleik, Rabet Haj Ibrahim, al-Arrada, Laboua, Faqira, al-Ibrahimiya, Msheirfet Asaad, Bab al-Faraj and al-Shukryia.

The report noted that the Syrian Army is working to establish control of the entire border area west and east of Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.


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Go SAA, take back every inch of the land that was stolen from you. Remain vigilant and watch over the Kurds, they cannot be trusted or at least can’t be trusted as long as American troops are still around.

Jens Holm

SDFs took it from ISIS and not Assads. Assads left and by that made more then 2 million refugees in Turkey.

You seemes to prefare SDFs should have left too and waited for Assads coming back. They never would, but was replaced by Jihadisme. Even less had died.


You Blyad! This is a sovereign Syrian state not a Kurdish state For fuck sake!

Jens Holm

2 things are – as usual – wrong. 1) Kurds dont ask for any sovereign state and 2) SDF might be domanited by YPG+J Kurds, but the majority is not Kurds at all.

And again its very strange, You dont see the structure is local decidings by local elected, where those things alsoare paid by local taxpayers.

You also dont see that its the most poor part of Syria and they are not helpåed by Damaskus, which hardly give them any oil money as well. How can You ever deny the poor raising their living standard by conential methods used so many parts of the world having great succes with it.

I could understand if You denied rich very corrupt Baathist oil grabbers allowence for continue that. Before the fightings 50% of the MEN in Syria was unimployed and my guess is vomen might be close to 100% apart from making children in theor kitchens.

I wonder if You have thought of the many uprisers from the Jihads and some from ISIS actually are as much Jihadists as they say. I also see them very much motivated as urbanized poor ones hardly having any job and mission in life.

In any part of the world it calms things down if people has a job even if its relativly low paid.

If anything the devellopment of Syria is impossible as long as it has no structures for it. Its either a very strong and well organized centralisme OR giving the population there rights and respinsabilities for themselves AND their country.

Assads for many decades has shown, thats not even an option. Its a typical simple arabic structure well for Emirate seize, where the Dictator(good or bad) with family can see all corners. Assads not even can do that.

I am from Denmark. Here around 50% og all decissions are made by local public elected being responsible for more then 50% of everything there. They also collect half of our tax.

We know our local politicians and at every election we can remove or replace them. We also know if parts of their governess dont work in the administration and can make the politicians change it as well as fire public employed in high rank.

We hardly have any corruption, and when we here and there even has, we can find it and it is not possible to be spread to the rest of our local parlaments.

Our Goverment for the State takes care of the big things. Its pension for all. Its motorways, bridges, airports and medical care and most of the free school and education.

Those upper things often is well coordinated with the rest. You have to go from and to a motorway. Several can use the same fiber lines and parabols for Internet and TV a.s.o.

We are not 2 states or divided by that. We are united, because we all are included and even we are small single persons, we do decide ourselves and use, what we pay for and build.

I can only see the SDFs are the only ones in Your contry, which has any program for the future even I am no Marxist. To me their wishes is like a car and even small its a good car compared to horses and waggons by Assads and Jihadists.

Rafik Chauhan

but the current reports say that Turkish thugs are still attacking and grabing land from SAA and Russia is supporting this Turkish thugs . SAA is also not retaliating . Russia has become whore in Turkish bed and sold SAA soldier to the butcher terriost.

Tudor Miron

Harder trolly, harder. Russia bashing doesn’t pay so well it did and requires more desperate trolling.

Jens Holm

Yes, things are not solved by the Turkish initiative and the lowlife Assads are there in free needed entrence.

I thought USA for bad reasons has left and by that made things a little less complicated, but now they seemes to stay in the Hasaka, DEZ, Abu Kamal triangle.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Putin’s sold out Assad to cosy up to Erdogan I totally agree, but Assad’s cosied up to the UN too so it’s still even steven I think.
Assad may be losing Russia and Iran’s military support to some extent that’s totally correct, but since Assad’s new deal with the UN more than a month ago, nearly every country in the whole world’s now saying Assad can remain in power”, and also saying “the Turks have to leave Syria”.
Military assistance is no longer vital so losing Russian and Iranian military support isn’t so bad for Assad now, politically he’s way better off with the UN on his side and the political gains that will bring.
Btw this is the first time in my life I’ve ever said the UN was good for anything, and it may also be the last time too, even if they do help Assad out of the mess.
I think the SAA are retaliating against the SNA when attacked, just not provoking them.

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