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Syrian Army Deploys Fresh Reinforcements In Idlib, Prepares For Possible Operation (Video)


On February 22, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) deployed fresh reinforcements along the frontlines in the northwestern governorate of Idlib.

The Ruptly agency released a video showing battle tanks, armored vehicles and howitzers heading to the southern Idlib countryside. Pro-government sources said that the reinforcements are from the army’s 5th Corps, which is known to be backed by Russia.

Two days ago, the SAA repelled a Turkish-led attack on its positions in southern Idlib. The Turkish military and its local proxies sustained catastrophic losses.

The army appears to be preparing for a new Turkish attack in southern Idlib. However, some activists claim that the reinforcements will support a new large-scale operation.

According to the activists, the new operation would be aimed at securing a vast region south of the M4 highway. The region would include the remaining militants’ positions in south and southwest Idlib as well as in northwest Hama.

A new military operation by the SAA will likely further provoke Turkey. Ankara had threatened to recapture the areas liberated by the SAA in its last operation before the end of this month.

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