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Syrian Army Deploys Additional Heavy Weapons, Troops In Northern Hama (Video)

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They Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has deployed additional reinforcements along several frontlines in the northern Hama countryside.

Pro-government sources revealed on July 21 that the reinforcement consisted of hundreds of troops from the army’s 5th Division as well as dozens of battle tanks, Infantry fighting vehicles and howitzers.

Syrian Military Capabilities, a pro-government Facebook page, shared a video showing a part of the reinforcements, which arrived in the last two days.

The deployment of these new reinforcement come as the tension in northern Hama mounts. Earlier today, the SAA repelled another large attack by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies.

With the apparent failure of all peaceful solutions, the SAA may resume their ground operations in Greater Idlib very soon.

Syrian Army Deploys Additional Heavy Weapons, Troops In Northern Hama (Video)

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They have to lunch a long term offensive, till they complete take iblib back by force

Free man

SAA is not strong enough to conquer Idlib / Northern Hama, it has been proven. But for the sake of discussion, if the SAA succeeds in conquering additional parts of Idlib, who will protect the new liberated territories? Soldiers who will run the moment they hear a shot of a toy gun ?


SAA is not IDF

Hisham Saber

These three Zionist blowjobs above cant stand the Syrian Arab Army and its successes. It eats them up. Especially given the sound ass whopping Israel got from Hezbollah in 2006, with 76,000 IDF troops and two armored battalions, totaling 400 Merkava ‘ Chariot of God ‘ MBT(of which 44 were totally destroyed and a few dozen more needing to be towed back to bases. These forces were routed by about 4800 Hezbollah ‘ regulars ‘ , as Hezbollah had it special forces and commandos stationed north of the Litani line, thus seeing no action.

What’s most embarrassing about the 33 day scrap between Israel and Hezbollah, Israel enjoyed total air supremacy, armed by the U.S. Congress and Senate with the most advanced aerial weaponry around, they the Israeli Air Force failed at stopping missile and ballistic missile fire, nor take out the highly mobile , hit and run, tactics of Hezbollah ATGM teams. One of the most remarkable defeats in the annals of military world history. The next coming war will see Israel overwhelmed and overrun. Wise Zionists should heed a start coming to their senses. The experiment, a very cruel one, is over.

And now the Syrian Arab Army, NDF have 8 y=ears of tough, barebones, urban, rural and desert combat experience, something invaluable. The SAA would shred , and overrun the IDF on the ground. The IDF are mostly Russian criminal Jews, on the run from warrants from Moscow, or exchange students from Brooklyn New York. They’re soft, would absolutely panic and Israel society would be rendered paralyzed.


I feel insulted and ashamed that these zionist colonizers call themselves russian. their AshkeNazis, nuff said


SAA has been depleted, numerically. Going from 300k to barely 100 k. No new material, piss poor performance against semi trained jihadis with no airforce, while being supported by RuAF. NDF are poorly trained, poorly equipped and poorly led, suffering from low morale. Hezbollah fought IDF to a draw, which they considered a win. No reason to think SAA could win against an entrenched defensive IDF, having the Golan highground.

SAA cannoy, at this time, control their own country. About 50% is held by SDF, Israel, Turkey, jihadi rebels.

Free man

“The IDF are mostly Russian….” – Why did you have to mention Russians? You’re a stupid ungrateful Iranian Boy.
Syria should at the moment stop fighting and start rebuilding, it doesn’t need a war with another country. Only Iran wants Syria to continue fighting forever.
You better keep playing computer games .

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

and recently i saw an article on almasdarnews netanyahu saying IDF is the only army that can stand up to iran, they could barely hold their own against hezbollah and palestinians, what a deluded moron lmao

Rhodium 10

Not only soldiers..also commanders and officers are useless…you can see how terrorist easily attacks gas pipeline, railway( east Homs) and plant IED in Dara…all in areas free of terrorist and with many outpost and checkpoints!…

klove and light

ty ty spot on


Keep dreaming. And go to Idlib, to experiment your theories.

Free man

Why do not you go to Idlib Keyboard Hero ?
Or are you just a hero in the name of the SAA soldiers who are killed there in the dozens every day ?


You are lying: “SAA soldiers who are killed there in the dozens every day”.

klove and light

what the fuck…alll the time telling the whole fucking world including your enemies About your troop deployments.

get your asses into Idlib and stop with this “public Relations” bullshit……this is seriously pathetix and ridicuolous..totally nonsensical…….i truly wish for the bastard turks and their jihadi broithers getting thewor asses kicked…..BUT

your fucking useless troop deployments withour seriously attacking Idlib on a Major scale is truly Breaking my balls…i m Ready to puke each time with These ridiculous Messages………your Brothers of saa are getting butcherd daily in the desert area from Isis, with the bullshit SAA message afterwards ” and after the attack Isis retreated into the desert”……

Hisham Saber

Watch and learn from on the ground military experts like the Russian battle field advisors from the MoD, and also Syrian and Iranian IRGC commanders embark on the quest to capture Idlib. Know that what they do, is for a reason, and know that sometimes in these seemingly random skirmishes along the contact line are just that, battle pulses, and nothing to get ones panties in a knot about. Know that the head of the pincer, forward troops are the famous Tiger Forces of the SAA, and one of their trademark maneuvers is to feign attack, to draw out militants, and let the Russian aerospace forces and the SAAF do the rest. i.e., smash the militants, especially as reinforcements arrive.

The Syrian Arab Army will take back Idlib as they took back Douma in 2018. Break it up into smaller more negotiable pieces, all the while surrounding pockets and either pulverizing them from the air, or go in with tanks and troops to clean up. Usually the cleanup follows the air hammering. Idlib will be broken up, and that will be the end to that. Turkey will be left in a precarious position, and be forced to understand that it cannot continue to stay in Syria contrary to international laws and norms.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

from your mouth to Gods ears :)))


SAA steamroll incoming. Idlib Offensive will happen. Many fronts opened same time will overwhelm jihadists and force them to retreat to Maraat Al-Numan, Jisr al shoughur, and Saraqib. Paving way for SAA to smash them all

Mustafa Mehmet

Yeah yeah go for it super man


I personally believe that the Syrian war will not end, the way Vietnam war ends, it’s over, rather it is going to develop as bigger conflict, dragging iran, turkey, Israel, of course, Russia, USA & NATO. We are all living towards the great war, and the peaceful window we got today is because God wanted the zionist, US, NATO, Isisrael, to be weakened, while the force, mainly Russia, Iran and (you may also include) China is rapidly developing their army. However, as much as I believe that RIC have the power to stop nuke war to happen, the zionist is known to be a bunch of psychopath, who will not to hesitate to get “all hell break loose” once their time is up… So, we’d better repent before it happens… Cheers☕

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