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Syrian Army Deploys 400 Former FSA Fighters To Idlib Front – Report

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Syrian Army Deploys 400 Former FSA Fighters To Idlib Front – Report

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) redeployed more than 400 former fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) from the northern Homs countryside to positions around the northern governorate of Idlib, the Syrian news outlet Enab Baladi reported on August 25.

According to the pro-opposition news outlet, the fighters, who were once a part of the al-Tawhid Army, are now fighting among the ranks of the elite Tiger Forces.

The al-Tawhid Army was backed by Saudi Arabia and has strong relations with Firas Tlass, a UAE-based Syrian businessman and an opposition figure. Last week, Syrian opposition activists leaked an audio message of Tlass, in which he threatens the remaining militants in northern Syria with an “invasion” if they don’t join the reconciliation process.

Two days ago, Enab Baladi reported that the UAE-backed commander Ahmad al-Awdah and 500 of his fighters will participate in the upcoming military operation of the SAA and its allies in northern Syria. Al-Awdah signed a reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government last month, under which his group, Shabab al-Sunnah, became a part of the Russian-backed 5th Assault Corps.

These developments hints that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are interested in neutralizing the remaining militants in northern Syria. The reason behind this interest could be that these militants are linked to Turkey, which is challenging the influence of both countries in the Arab world.

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You can call me Al

Now – this is going to be fun.


Yeap straight to the meat grinder that they helped create. No heroes there.


The FSA fighters that joined SAA did a good job in SW corner.
This will be fun to watch against Jihadist trash in Idlib. :)


John McCain due to which millions of civilians have butchered has died.

He has killed many children in Palestine, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Baltic regional states etc. He has been punished when he was alived and now he will be punished after death. God save us all from evils ameen.

You can call me Al

Amen from me.

Pave Way IV

Yet another aspect of the Idlib fight: Qatar. The Saudis and UAE have never stopped beating up on Qatar and would have invaded and taken it over by now if it wasn’t for the massive CENTCOM Coalition of Evil Forward Headquarters at al Udeid Air Base just outside of Doha. Qatar usually bankrolls Muslim Brotherhood militants wherever it can just to piss off Saudi Arabia and the UAE – and it works. That’s why they throw money and arms at the Houthis, too. Notice how the U.S. is careful not to accuse them of that – CENTCOM doesn’t want the landlord getting too cranky with them.

Qatar is still plenty mad about ‘losing’ MB in Egypt to a Saudi/Israeli/US-friendly government. Erdogan isn’t exactly MB, but close enough in political Islam terms. He’s also not openly hostile to the Saudis and UAE, but seriously hates their Wahhabi-the-World campaign in his neighborhood. That works for Qatar, who will keep (covertly) sending money to Turkish-allied head-choppers in Syria. I doubt if Qatar has any real long-range goals in Idlib, other than interfering with Saudi/UAE schemes and killing their loyal Wahhabi head-chopper minions.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

but i thought MB originated from saudis?

Pave Way IV

Don’t know about that, but the Saudis absolutely hate them today. Muslim Brotherhood isn’t even allowed in Saudi Arabia – they were ‘purged’ a while back.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


Pave Way IV

Like everything else in the Middle East, it’s complicated. This al Jazeera article from last year gives a good perspective from the Qatari side.

Saudi and the Brotherhood: From friends to foes

It suggests the most two significant events alienating MB from Saudi Arabia were 1) MB’s support of the Iranian Revolution and
2) MBs objection to US/western troops in the Middle East, specifically the Iraqi invasion.

Saudi Arabia (= the al Saud monarchy) expects consent in the least, but ideally obedience from all other Arabs. MB went off script by not ‘agreeing’ with the Saudis, thus a threat to the al Saud psychopath’s imagined control of the Arab world.

The Saudis had MB branded as international terrorists a few years ago. They also threw tons of money at Egypt after Morsi’s overthrow to encourage ‘purging’ any and all MB influence. A huge factor in that was Morsi/MB’s desire to normalize relations with Iran. That, of course, drove the al Sauds insane – Morsi had to be taken out.

The mutual hatred has softened somewhat today. The Saudis can accept a weak, powerless MB that doesn’t interfere with their (and Israel’s) eternal psychotic plan to somehow get the U.S. to destroy Iran.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

why saudis hate iran so much? And how to get saudis and israel to turn on each other? :)))

Prince Teutonic

Rats™ vs. Rats™… We cheers for the both this time…

Empire's Frontiers

Send them first, don’t let them turn around.

Bubba Junior

What a knee slapper, have an IDEA about who goes first!

yudha bdg

I hope they will defect and regroup with their true comrades

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