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Syrian Army Denounces Reports On “Russian-Iranian Clashes” In Deir Ezzor & Aleppo

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Syrian Army Denounces Reports On “Russian-Iranian Clashes” In Deir Ezzor & Aleppo

Coat of arms of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) denied on April 20 all the reports, which claimed that clashes between Russian and Iranian forces are taking place in the governorates of Aleppo and Deir Ezzor.

“The General Command of the army and armed forces categorically refutes those reports circulated on the websites and newspapers and it asserts that the news are baseless and untrue,” a military source told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The source also called on all media outlets to seek accuracy, be responsible for broadcasting news and not to adopt any field military news unless it is issued by a military source.

Earlier this year, reports of clashes between Russia and Iranian forces emerged on Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of Syrian opposition supporters. These claims, which were not supported by any evidence what so ever, were quickly adopted by the opposition media. Later, they found their way to some Western news outlets.

These baseless claims were even backed by some Kurdish news outlets. A day earlier, the Hawar News Agency (ANHA), which is linked to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), claimed that “Russian-Iranian clashes have renewed in the vicinity of Aleppo’s airport.” As usual, no evidence was presented.

These claims appear to be a part of a well-coordinated military psychological operation that’s aimed to undermine the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance. These attempts, which have been nothing but a complete failure so far, reflect that Syria’s enemies understand that they lost the open phase of the conflict.

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I will believe it happened because its assad saying (who tends to speak out of his ass) and not directly Russia or Iran.

A guy who can talk about the specs in ones eyes, with a huge beam in his own eye (never ever talking about anything hes done wrong despite claiming to be a leader).

Concrete Mike

Id rather have him in charge than any of the other carpet.baggers, you included.


Im just saying that administrational leadership and moral leadership are different.

The best administrational leaders are western both political and corporate because they are highly motivated.

Whereas moral administration relies on Religious sources, fears our Creator(swt), and is generally the opposite of the blue pilling of this world.

But Im not going to waste anymore time here on this forum.

Its clearly people who dont have Religious morals in anyway (they vote and celebrate christmas and birthdays).


Just in case you decide to stay on this forum, I have blocked you anyway :)

Have you considered posting on one of the zionist outlets? They produce a lot of bullshit, so you would fit in well there.



Hi kike


Have you read any denials from Iran or Russia?

Promitheas Apollonious

you must confuse Assad, with the rainbow queen your father dream of becoming slug.


Ive met with the sons of diplomats from Syria in Iran more than 10 years ago. How about you? Have you been to the ME?


So would you have preferred Ayman al-Zawahiri or Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi to be speaking for the Syrian people, which would have been the result if the USA had their way? What other leader is there ready to take power in Syria? It’s either Assad or another wild west show like Somalia ….. at least Assad offers some stability for the Syrian people while elections are being held ….. it would if the USA would get the the fuck out out and quit supporting the fantasy of a landlocked Kurdistan that would never be able to support itself without a constant and unending US airlift.


I prefer Joulani over Zawahiri, and would never consider baghdadi.

And I feel you on nato, but there are thousands of people like you, and I waste my time even trying sometimes.

Sure, you stick with assad until you better understand whats going on, unless you dont care.


What you do is keep the country whole, look after the peoples basic needs and re-start the economy, reestablish government institutions, re-patriate the refugees THEN have elections ….. elections that include all religions and ethnicities not just Sunnis.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is simply Al Queda rebranded. Do you really believe that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham led by Abu Mohammad al-Julani would accept Christians, jews, Druze, Shia or the Kurds vote and have rights in Syrian Sunnistan? The only player in Syria that has multi confessional support is Assad.


I dont trust a westerner even if they said they Believe in God(swt) because westerners are all murderers.

So western concepts like voting or bo man left behind, are all hollow words spoken by a true psychopath.

westerners are so messed in the head, they dont realize they are the terrorist, the criminal the snake.

AlQaeda and HayatTahrir Sham are mostly Salafi, but Id entrust my life to them over any fake ass ded prez hollywood actor or world politician.

And assadists are lower than the lowest of fsghey. In fact western assadists are more cucked than mcain.


Thanks for that …. it’s nice to know where you stand on the issue.

Just out of curiosity what’s you’re opinion on the US and Israel using Salafist militias to achieve their objectives in the ME? I can understand joining a militia to earn a living however what’s going to happen when Assad is gone and the USA decides that having well armed Salafis militias are a risk to the USA and Israel and they decide that they’re now the enemy to be bombed, hunted and sent to dark holes where no one knows they’re alive.

The USA used to send Al Queda prisoners to Syrian black sites. Then one day Assad was no longer of value to them …. if it can happen to him it can happen to anyone. The USA doesn’t have allies, they have interests.


The us and zios trying to use Salafists or any people in Asia, is always annoying and disturbing and we daily see sellouts like Malala or Eastern Politicians and fsgheyists who think running to nato is a good idea.

Ive never endorsed the end of Assad or Alawis, because I consider myself more Alawi than Assad is. And I dont even disagree that his overthrow would make things worse.

But that doesnt mean I can overlook that Assad did run to Russia and he did direct Russia to drop bombs on Us. Its not such a light matter that can be brushed aside, regardless of how sharp he looks in his suits (about as drained of beauty as the eyes set on his wife).

And I and Rebels are more anti nato zio than Assadists are and we still fight nato daily.

Xoli Xoli

Defending while dying.Tell us their shoot down all Israel missiles while Israel cause serious damage.


When the Zionists are so shamelessly making up such outlandish lies it only shows their level of desperation. I have been following Zionist fake media in the West for decades and I have never seen them as desperate as they currently are in regards to foreign affairs especially Syria. They literally make up fake news out of thin air (which hardly anybody believes) and then spend years interpreting those fake events and congratulating themselves and their supporters for achieving such fake feats. I sometimes have a hard time knowing if they are still acting or if they have actually started to believe their own lies out of desperation.


Yes, lets believe what you keep saying repeatedly, like thats going to make things better.

Youve already gotten 11 upvotes so you are well on your way (because disqus is a kike run forum).


I wonder if the kids in MI5/6 had a hand in this nonsense. They were responsible for the completely puerile ‘Scripal fantasy’ afterall :)

Desperation has many manifestations , and as you say, doubling down on fake propaganda is just one of them.

Gregory Casey

All they need to do is provide a story-line granting ‘cover’ to NeoCons in Washington, London & Paris so they can proceed with their nefarious activities in the Middle East. That is the purpose.

Raptar Driver

There must be something to this judging by the response, perhaps the Persians have figured out that the Russians are protecting Israel and playing a double game?


No, the Russians and Iranians have both common and different goals in Syria. The common goal was to save Assad, and in that they were successful. Iran also has Syria as a forward operating base against Israel in mind and cementing the Shia Crescent from Iran to Lebanon. This however is not a Russian goal Russia just wanted to keep Assad in power, defeat the headchoppers and stabilize Syria. Having Iran use Syria as a FOB against Israel runs counter to that. So in that sense Russia refuses to help Iran in this, nor extend its protection against Israeli airstrikes. This is why I said before that Iran should develop its own air defense network in Syria and deploy its own air defense systems, otherwise everything they will build up will get blown up by the IDF.


Its a known fact that Hurras and HTS are infighting also, yet inner circles will not want to say publicly (Because both groups are firstly antizio, secondly anti nato, and thirdly anti Regime).

So when I say Assad is talking out his ass, Im saying he doesnt want it publicly known because it weakens the Axis, (Because both groups are firstly antizio, secondly anti nato, and thirdly anti Fundamentalist).

But I come from the view that Assad needs to be more honest with Fundamentalists. Fundamentalists just need to stick to their Fundamentals.

disqus is a kike infested forum (full of western zoomers who neither have experience abroad nor any clue about the East), except for jkpop anime and noodles.

Zoomers are most susceptible to 1. zios, 2. nato 3. (Socialist Nationalist) Regimes. Any Zoomers who understand Islam, are susceptible to joining isis, more than the OldSchool Groups (That lived during and know well the Middle East Wars.)


Also the regime is getting bashed by Rebels and isis, yet assad still hasnt lifted a finger agains zios nato or nato backed Kurds.

So assad can talk out his ass, as I was pointing out, and say that he will address North Syria and Golan after addressing isis and Idlib (and the fuel crisis and internal protests and rubble ridden streets, no flour for bakeries, Imam Khomeini(rh)s lettrr to Hafez to not start a war with Ikhwani etc), you know assad has his head up his own ass.

Im just saying Assad should be a real ShiAtuAli(as), because Rebels are closer to ShiAtuAli(as) than he is.

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