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Syrian Army Denies the Use Of Chemical Weapons In East Ghouta

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On Sunday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) issued an official statement denying Faylaq Al-Rahman’s accusations of using toxic gases in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus. The militant group had accused the SAA of using chlorine gas during the battle at the Ayn Tarma front after being unable to advance in the area.

Faylaq Al-Rahman claimed that 30 of its fighters were intoxicated before claiming once again that the SAA used chlorine for the “third time” on Zamalka front to the north of Ayn Tarma. The Islamist group also published pictures and a video showing its “injured” fighters.

From its side, the SAA published a statement denying those claims and confirming that it had not used any chemical weapons previously and that it will not use them in the future because they’re no longer in its possession. The statement went on to say that those lies and stories are now compromised and that those factions make them up to justify their continued losses on all fronts.

It is important to note that those chemical attack accusations follwed the White House’s threat against the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Faylaq Al-Rahman claimed the Syrian Army used chemical weapons against their fighters on 4 separate occasions without providing any piece of empirical evidence.

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Neo Anderson

More like amateurs trying to use chemicals found in the kitchen and they had an accident, looks like Allah doesn’t favor you guys after all! Go back home to your goat! I’m sure he/she misses you! Zionist media are careful not to use just any chemical incident for propaganda purposes unless the lies be picked apart!


Very easy to make chlorine gas if you have HCl and limestone, well within terrorists capabilities.


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At some point the Russians/Iranians are going to have a draw a line in the sand, this is right on cue after the terrorists got the green light a few days ago.

Does anyone believe this alleged attack was carried out by pro government forces?

Expo Marker

Unfortunately, someone will.

Virgil Cane

Look at those little man boys, something is fishy, these aren’t gun carrying men. Wth belts that could hold no equipment, pockets that aren’t made to hold a thing, bleached white skinny jeans fit for anywhere but a battlefield….there’s more to this story.


This is what is called Atrocity Propaganda. It is propaganda that is designed to demonize a nation, person or group. Jews have been doing this for a long time.
The so-called Holocaust is an example of Atrocity Propaganda.
If you look at this site, you will see Jews were floating the “six million” number long before the war started and Jews were interned in camps.
Atrocity Propaganda is WAR propaganda. This propaganda can be used an excuse to commit REAL atrocities.
Faked Holocaust photos.
False flags can be done to create atrocity propaganda.

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