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Syrian Army Cuts Off Rebel Supply Route In Eastern Ghouta


Syrian Army Cuts Off Rebel Supply Route In Eastern Ghouta

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AlMasdarNews reports: Significant gains have been made today by the Syrian government forces as Army troops succeeded in blocking a key supply route for rebels in Eastern Ghouta region.

According a military source, the Syrian Army cut off the supply route between Al-Shifuniyah and Autaya by controlling the part of the route located near Hawsh ad-Dawahirah after a swift military operation.

Meanwhile, the government forces recaptured most of the farms that made up Hawsh Ash-Shalaq town in a counteroffensive against Islamist fighters.

The Syrian Army launched a full-scale military operation against the Saudi-backed Jaysh al-Islam militia in the rebel heartland of eastern Ghouta, retaking several towns and villages.

Russian Air Force will reportedly help Syrian government troops expel Islamist militants from Eastern Ghouta region through conducting selective airstrikes and cruise missile attack.



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