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Syrian Army Cuts Off M5 Highway North Of Saraqib


Syrian Army Cuts Off M5 Highway North Of Saraqib

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Early on February 6, pro-government forces seized the area of Duwayr, cutting off the M5 highway north of Saraqib. Thus, the road through Saramin remained the only way to flee for militants remaining in the town. However, it is under the fire control by the Syrian Army.

Earlier, the army’s Tiger Forces captured the eastern entrance to Saraqib. According to local sources, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other al-Qaeda freedom fighters started fleeing the town.

The Turkish Army sticked several observation post right in the area, but they apparently did not help.

Some sources report that Saraqib is already empty and the Syrian Army is right now taking control of the town. Nonetheless, these reports remain unconfirmed.

Syrian Army Cuts Off M5 Highway North Of Saraqib

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  • IggyBundy

    choke em and bury em..

    • klove and light

      spot on

  • Caesar

    The map from @petolucem seems to be the product of someone’s wishfull thinking.
    In my opinion it should be ignored.
    A negative point for SF.

    • ruca

      In defense of Southfront, they did write “Some sources report”.

  • quackery

    Ages and Saliyeh are under SAA control. Saraqib is completely surrounded by SAA. There better be many roasted jihadi bodies littering the ground.

  • Aaron Driver

    The Turkish Army sticked several observation post… The correct word is stuck… but hey they still are F#*ed

    • ruca

      Also postS.

  • James Kira

    Rebels block roads sometimes saying stay tf away from us.

    But asshead goes in and blocks the road waiting by the wayside (like an asshead).

    An asshead wouldnt understand the difference, and even after they do, its purely of environmental conditioning, and nothing of their own thinking (because theyre assheads).

  • Cheryl Brandon
  • Cheryl Brandon

    Erdogan is a thief.. He stole labs, wheat and oil.. and today he steals the earth
    all areas in
    bear the same importance, but what rules the priorities is the military situation on the ground

    Idlib was for them an advanced forward, and the advanced position is
    usually in the front line, but in this case the battle in the east and
    the advanced post in the west to distract the Syrian Arab army forces..
    we were and continue to say that the battle of idlib is the basis for solving chaos and terrorism in all areas of Syria

    when we are attacked or stolen, we must stand with each other and
    coordinate among ourselves, but some of the syrians did not do it
    especially in the first years of war.. We told them not to be on the
    outside but on the army And the people and the homeland.. But there is
    no life for those who are calling.. and currently their bet goes to the

    after all the ạlʿntryạt we have heard over years of some, that they
    will fight and defend.. but what we have seen lately is that the Turkish
    occupy large areas that were supposed to be under their control within
    days as the American planned

    the first action we did at the start of aggression in the north.. is to
    communicate with various political and military forces on the ground..
    and we said we are ready to support any group that resist.. which is not
    a political decision but a constitutional and National Duty.. And if we
    don’t do it we don’t deserve home

  • Assad must stay

    hahahaha all those torki OPs getting surrounded was too funny

  • antoun

    good news!!