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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army Cuts Off ISIS Supply Line To ISIS Stronghold Of Uqayrabat (Maps)

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Syrian Army Cuts Off ISIS Supply Line To ISIS Stronghold Of Uqayrabat (Maps)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the National Defense Forces (NDF) and other pro-government factions have reportedly retaken control of the Fasidah Mount, Sawwanat al-Qusayr and reached Bir al-Fasidah from ISIS in the province of Homs.

Thus government forces dramatically reduced the distance to SAA units at the Shaer Mount and cut off the ISIS supply line to the terrorist group stronghold of Uqayrabat in the eastern Hama countryside.

This is a significant development that could become a first step in the liberation of the entire Hama countryside from ISIS terorirsts.

Syrian Army Cuts Off ISIS Supply Line To ISIS Stronghold Of Uqayrabat (Maps)

Click to see thefull-size map

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Hopefully they can hold on to their gains, Assad needs to get on the phone to Vlad 100 attack helicopters please.

For SOUTHFRONT The only way forward is to start contacting other non-mainstream media bodies, and start a platform, in the meantime have you started a channel on Minds.com yet? (this would suit as alternative maybe)

Joe Doe

SAA needs a lot better training from top to bottom (From Generals to Soldiers). Assad should also buy better military hardware, including Airplanes and attack and transport helicopters. SAA is very poor equip


That must explain why they’re thrashing the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers.

martin aguilar

joe american cunt, yanks brits zio and saudis defeated …once again !

Red Tick Alert

Yes and No. I did answer his before and then low and behold the computer froze !!.

Anyway what UK input do you think we have given ?


I think you are wrong linking us to this campaign whatever you think. All European nations are effing sick and tired of the Yank war-mongering scum. Don’t believe all you read.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The fact no one knows what spec op forces are doing since most of their operations are classified , notice there is always a lot of activity by various groups in the region from the US/Coalition.


Methinks the training part is what the Russians have been doing these past two years. As for better hardware, Assad is broke and the Russians do not have the bloated defense budget to hand out large numbers of free military hardware. Both Assad and Putin are fighting this war on a shoestring budget as it were.


I feel you can get around that by guaranteeing Russian Firms they lionshare of the re building contracts, it is Irans interests for syria to become strong again, they can supply weapons and help pay for some cool russian stuff like the ka 52.

In return the Russians could start letting Spetnaz train Hezbollah just a thought

Ranaimuye Nkya

Shoestring budget coupled with creativity is a silver bullet – far superior to a bloated budget -minus creativity – but then Russians are grand masters of chess which is more than a game.


First of all SAA needs more heavy UR-77 mince clearing vehicles for urban warfare such as Ayn Tarma. In addition, a lot more helicopters are needed. They should not be that expensive like airplanes and still highly effective to crush terrorists. On the other hand, I am not quite sure how the BMPT- terminator is supposed to work for the SAA in the field. It´s such an expensive peace of equipment…..it´s like going fishing with a golden fishhook, always worrying that the hook doesn´t accidentaly disappear with the fish. As far as SAA “elite forces” are supposed, I would suggest to start with random helmets for all SAA soldiers. No money nore training required, and could save the lifes of many soldiers. There are concrete reasons why you are not supposed to go to war wearing a t-shirt and baseball cap and being equipped with a kalashnikov a smart phone….

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Russians are testing the terminator to see what needs to be done and if it would be effective in this type of fight. The equipping of army properly would be good idea and the training is the right start but the right type of training is what is really needed. the ones with the T shirts and cell phones are militia and need better training which can be agreed upon. The military equipment is debatable since this is a fast hit and run style of warfare from ISIS to create better Tactics and counter tactics for these militias would be important.


Indeed, helmets!!! The SAA should take an example from hezbollah, they all wear helmets.

Brad Isherwood

Thermal detection and Russian Communications intercept.
The Rats need instructions after they relocate.
These groups can be identified by the above signature.
You can arty them,airstrike,…or drop special forces near them and Zapp them in ambush.
Rats cannot take everything with them in each contact cycle.
I’d hit them and make them move…watch for where they store ATGMs/missiles.
Look for the panic moment where they 11:59 seek instruction what to do.
Cut the communication head of the chicken.
How are they getting power to their cell phones?….everyone can’t have 20 batteries
There’s probably no power out there in the mountains.
Making them move means they have to leave shit behind….run in panic.
SAA has to stop rolling up to pre-set fronts where ISUS has ATGMs waiting.
I’d go with special forces insertion and the night thermal recon and get locates on the Rats.
Then hit them….make them move.


“How are they getting power to their cell phones?….everyone can’t have 20 batteries ”

Ummmm, Small Solar Chargers ? :)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yes supplied by the US and UK regular flight airdrops, you need to decapitate these types of Communications and eliminate the intel being provided from Special oops forces for ISIS.


I cant see anything and will not say anything about what SAA is doing, this is open land, dont forget that, you can bunker down for eons, and to smoke em out will take time, a long time, as long as the present tempo is maintained, with its, hehe, suprices, I cant see anything to make an fuss about.

I the native wars against the invading forces, you never take on the strong hold, you chop of the supply ruts, attack in small columns, max firepower, min crews, fast in, fast out, and make em follow you, (this is where local knowledge is at its best, to read an map is one thing, to know it is something else) if you can in the heat of the battle, an old trick witch works even to day.

All hails to the boys out there, nobody can be sure about what we are, we dont know that before we stand there when the shit, bullets to body parts, flaps around our ears, until then, even I dont drool anything other than take care, and its allowed to use the head, I presume, and to them back home.
You have all my respect, unconditionally.



Congratulations , go on Syrian Army!


Is it just me or are attack helicopters much more efficient than fighter jets?


Come on guys! Before moving safely to Deir Ez Zoir, Central Syria should be the priority and I’m glad it became. The only thing is it must be relatively a fast operation and as we can see indeed the ops are going on really fast. I see there was a good strategy and planning and as good it was way the way it was carried away on the field. The points captured by SAA are volatile, they’re on the offensive and they’re going to expand them. SAA will not await like sitting ducks in this narrow stretches of territory for ISIS to be attacked, SAA is the one who will continue attacking and moving forwards letting no time for the remaining ISIS to reorganize.

This is such a celebratory news and I do not find room for critics or pessimism. CHEERS !!!

Wahid Algiers

For sure, you are right, but the fucken yankees are mobilizing some 3.000 puppets to get their part of Deir Ezzor. The SAA has to take an eye on that. At the present they halt near Maadan at the Euphrates and waiting for reinforcements of Central Syria (the two new pockets now) for marching together to Deir Ezzor City. As you said, they have to purge the pockets now very soon and then to clear the routes from three directions to the whole Euphrate (Deir Ezzor, Mayadin and al Bukamal).


So the gate slams shut! And it is shut even if the advancing troops haven’t shaken hands or had a powwow – the gap has become insignificant. There is no rescue party now for the E-Hama pocket. They are on their own now. The N-E Homs pocket will shut soon enough, quite a few gas/oil fields there.

Good going SAA! Godspeed, and may peace reign after all the insurgents have been dealt with!

Ice Icegold

Great news!!!!

Cheryl Brandon

SAA and Russia actually work well together; They seem to have a very good strategy for fencing terrorist in. What will be great is if, Iraqi PMU’s can help them on the most easterly part of Syria!

Justin Ryan

Great news to wake up too!

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