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Syrian Army Counter-Attacks In Quneitra. Militants Claim 109 Syrian Soldiers Killed

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has launched a counterattack against Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the vicinity of Al-Baath City and Al-Hamidiya in the Quneitra province.

According to a source from the SAA, government troops have retaken three positions in the vicinity of Al-Baath city so far.

From its side, the Operations Room Jaish Muhammad, which includes FSA and HTS, claimed that it managed to kill 109 Syrian soldiers and destroy 3 tanks and 3 vehicles of the SAA during the attack on Al-Baath.

Syrian Army Counter-Attacks In Quneitra. Militants Claim 109 Syrian Soldiers Killed

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In Daraa, the commander of the ISIS-linked Jaish Khalid was killed along with a group of field commanders in an air strike carried out by unidentified warplanes. The airstrike hit the headquarters of Jaish Khalid in Jalin village in the western Daraa countryside.

According to opposition sources, the air strike was carried out by the US-led coalition. However, the US-led coalition hasn’t officially claimed responsibility for the air strike so far.

The situation remains semi-calm in Daraa city, as it’s Believed that both sides may be preparing for new attacks in the city, especially after the failed Jaish Mohamd attack in Quneitra.

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Trustin Judeau

The casualty number is fake . No doubt about it . The problem here is that every time clashes happen , Israel attacks SAA . Israel have attacked the goverment 4 times in one week . But the rebels after one week havent been able to made and sustain gains


If the SAA react too harshly and too quickly to the Israeli attacks the zionists will have achieved their goal of having a pretext to send Israeli troops into Syria claiming ‘Self Defence’ as the Americans do.
Israel was impatient in the last Lebanon conflict and Lost.
The US is always impatient and the disastrous results for the US national debt is all too apparent.
16 years in Afghanistan and General Mattis only a few weeks ago stated that the US is losing.
Losing to a lightly armed militia as well :)

Trustin Judeau

Israel there is supporting the rebels and even the MSM acknowledges it . WJS posted article about it few weeks ago . I think the first step here should be cut off the rebels from Quneitra with the ones in Daraa area . Here is how the situation looks likecomment image .


Where have you been mate. Hope all is well on your end.


The Western MSM acknowledge it I agree and its because the Western MSM supports Israel attacking the SAA. If Israel were politically able to invade Syria they would . Especially now that valuable SAA forces would be forced to defend Damascus and to leave the campaign in Deir Ezzor to lift the siege on the town.

There is nothing more that would please the US and Israel than a two pronged attack on Damascus by their national armies from the Golan area and the Jordanian border. To do this the US Coalition needs a pretext, that could be a False flag Chemical attack or serious SAA attacks on Israeli or US Military forces.

The Syrian conflict is in the End Game now as far as US and Israeli goals are concerned. Events have not gone as they wished and now the US Axis of Terror has a stark choice. Double down on failure and risk a global conflict or leave. To succeed on the world stage with starting a global conflict the US needs the Moral High Ground to counter the accusations of destroying the world.

We live in dangerous times where a petulant US coalition is confronted by an Adult Russia ,China and Iran.


No national armies. They will not enter a meat-grinder. If they could walk over a defeated enemy then yes, but otherwise the shithadists will have to do. They’ll get support, but that’s all.


Would it even mean much to cut off these moderates from Daraa when the Golan is still a friendly hinterland to them? Even when the SAA manages to encircle a pocket, like the “green” ones left over near Sweida after Apr-May advances, they seem to have great difficulty to polish off the trapped rascals.


You just described Turkey acting towards Afrin.

As for Afghanistan, a guerilla fight is asymmetric and very costly., both in lives and in expenses and damage.


But mortar range is not more than 500meters. So how Morter travel 2,500meters to reach Syrian Golan Heights.


There are lots of Miracles in Israel :)


It’s almost as if the Israelis are lying!


Shame on you :)


Mortar ranges can be very much larger then .5 kms. Some mortars, like 120mm, have a reach of up to 10 kms.


That is called rocket. The uses of morter is different than rocket. Google it please.


The TOS-1 range is 5KM – 10KM but that is Russian Multiple Lunch Rocket System.

Check the definition of morter then argue.


I have confirmed from the US current military officer.
Morters are effective in the range of 500metters to deter enemies in the other side of a building or a hill. This is morter uses. Google it.

John Whitehot

lolwhat? wtf are you talking about?

the US M252 81mm mortar can reach about 6000 meters, and it’s among the shortest ranged ones.


The uses of morters is different than rockets. Google it.

Morters used for 500 meters ranges because of due to its accuracy. Second morters are used to frighten enemies at the other side of building or hill.

John Whitehot

maybe “morters” are used up to 500 meters, but mortars are used up to several kilometers, at least on planet earth.


Of course it is a lie and the media makes this lie becomes true. That is the way Israel work ! So, any news coming from USA-Israel, just trow it to the waste basket.

Bruno Bardorosso

Fron what I understand, there are heavy mortars that can reach 10 km, even more. 500 m seems too little for me.


Right, you would think if they didnt know who fired the errant shells, they would hit both SAA and the jihadis, just to be sure, but no, only SAA gets it!


Must be sweet. Lob a few shells into the jewish occupation and they pay out your enemy in the Assad regime. Makes you want to not waste ammo on Syrians, for the Israelis will send 5 times more their way, better.


SYRIAN SOLDIERS? the SAA troops are foreign as fuck.. Who are you kidding son

Daniel Castro

Khazar jewscum are the only true foreign people in the middle east.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Just as they are foreign to Europe as well.
The Old Khazarian Empire was in TURKEY!
That is where all of these Ashkenazi-Jew-Khazars are really from, there homelands are TURKEY!

Solomon Krupacek


only the beginning saw.

huns were not turkish nation

in times of khazaria they were onloy history

there was no turkey, but byzantium. and there were no turkish nation in that tim in anatolia.

stupidities, stupidities, falsified history!!!


The Khazar empire was in the steppes north of the Caucasus (Pontic steppes).

The Khazars spoke a turkic language. About the huns, I am not sure, but it is likely they also spoke a sort of turkic (altaic) language. At the time of the Khazars, Huns as a nation disappeared though there might have been some obscure villages here and there in Hungary where they still spoke hunnish at that time.

Solomon Krupacek

turks and turkic nations are different things. and turky existed from 1920. there were osmans.
hungary and hungarians have nothing common with huns. nothing genetically, nothing anthropologically, nothing linguistically. for western nations unknown eastern nations were hub, scyths and later tatars.


Hungarian is a kind of Altaic language. Like Finnish. Turkish and Japanese and Korean are similar – agglutinative languages. Mongolian is the same. About 1% of Hungarians have Hunnish blood. Hungarians identify themselves as descendants of Magyars, a Hunnish people. Of course, a lot of dilution of Hunnish blood over the years. There were also the Mongol invasions of Eastern Europe.

Solomon Krupacek

About 1% of Hungarians have Hunnish blood.

nobody has hunnish samples

hungarian is far not altaic, but uralic. different
comment image


It’s called Ural-Altaic languages because this is considered one large language family. If you read the history of Hungary, you will see the Magyars figure prominently in the history of that nation. The Magyars were a Hunnish group. Even Hungarians will tell you this. They know their history better than other people. Also, the Hungarian language fits with this theory as well.

And linguistics is not an exact science. Linguists can be wrong. For many years, linguists thought that Japanese and Korean were not related. Many Japanese and Koreans always believed their languages were because it was so easy to learn each others’ languages but linguists have funny rules about what determines relatedness or not.


Now, new research shows that these people are right. Japanese is related to Koguryeo language. Koguryeo was an ancient kingdom in North Korea. It became extinct and so the Korean connection to the Japanese language became lost. But after people studied Korean languages further, they found the connection.

It’s obvious: the grammar is virtually IDENTICAL.

888mladen .

Hungarians are descendant of Huns and even the name of their country is telling you that. Hungarian language belongs to the same group with Finnish and Mongolian. You take any Hungarian telephone directory book and count how many first names Atila you have found . And you should remember that famous name of Atila Hun who terrified Romans though I doubt it would be known to you judging by what you have written.

Solomon Krupacek

ungarians are descendant of Huns and even the name of their country is telling you that

sure not

Hungarian language belongs to the same group with Finnish and Mongolian.

not finnish, finno-ugoric, the ugoric branch. ungarn is from ugoric, not huns. withmongolian language nothing common.


Mongolians find it easy to learn Korean because they have very similar grammar. Some say Korean is the hardest language to learn in the world. Finnish and Hungarians would find it easier to learn Korean too because of the similar grammar structure. These languages are nothing like Latin languages in their grammar.

Japanese and Korean are almost the same except vocabulary are different. That’s because linguists now say Japanese and Korean come from the same family. They didn’t think so but they do now. They think Japanese came from a Koreanic language which became extinct in Korea when the kingdom got conquered by another Korean kingdom. The two kingdoms had languages that were identical in grammar but very different in vocabulary, so that’s why for a long time, linguists thought Japanese and Korean came from different language families.


Turkish, Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian and Sami languages are all agglutinative. So are Japanese and Korean and Manchurian and I think Mongolian. This probably reflects similar racial origin at one time or another in the histories of these peoples. Of course, some of these people have moved very far from what they originally were through admixtures with other races and ethnic groups. Turks mixed with Greeks and Arabs to become modern-day Turkish. Hunnish Hungarians mixed with western Europeans, and became indistinguishable from most Europeans. Finnish and Estonians mixed with Germans/Scandinavians. So probably the Hunnish component genetically is very small now in these people.


If you have B in your blood group, either Blood Group B or AB, it is highly likely there was a Hunnish/Mongol ancestor in your bloodline. Blood Group B is one of the last blood groups to evolve (AB is a combination of A and B, and comes about through Blood A people having babies with Blood B people), and is highest among the Mongol population. It is highest in the Asian area and decreases the more you go west. It is also high in India for some reason. Not sure why this is. Mongols and Tamerlane conquered India but I don’t think this is the reason for the high prevalence of B group in India, especially northern India.

People in extreme western region of Europe have the least B out of Europeans.


Judaio-Christian BS. Is there such a thing as a Jewish missionary, ’cause if there was, the whole Middle East would be Jewish and there would have been no need for Mohammad, ’cause the Middle East would’ve been converted at the time of Moses.
To me, the answer is very simple: Christian or Muslim, and they chose to be Jews, which says a lot.


Khazar Khanate was a somewhat mixed early Medieval state centred in northern Kaukus with trade relations with Byzantium but not long lasting.


That sounds about right. Ashkenazis have no right to claim Israel is their homeland on an ethnic basis. They are not semitic people, and Ashkenazim make up the majority of the Jewish people in Israel (genetic studies show that Ashkenazis are closest to the Kurdish people). So their claim they are semites is a lie (only Mizrahi Jews can claim this), and their claim that Jews were “holocausted” (6 million gassed in shower rooms in Nazi camps) is also a lie.


(Even if there was some semitic blood in these Khazars through mixture with semitic Jews, they would still be majority “white”. They cannot claim Israel is their home on that basis. It would be like modern-day Hungarians claiming they can colonize Mongolia because some of them have 1% “Hunnish” blood).


So, basically Jews are white (the majority of Jews in America and Israel are Ashkenazi) and can’t claim they are semitic, and they can’t claim they were treated atrociously under Hitler (they were not abused more than any other people were during WWII, and Jews victimized other people during the war too – Solzhenitsyn says the USSR government murdered 66 million Russians – through famine, purges, forced labor under harsh conditions, forced migrations, wars started by them. The majority of the leadership of the USSR were Jewish up until the 1950s). Most of the KGB (known as the NKVD in the old days) commissars were Jewish in ethnicity.


There have been jewish tribes and peoples all over the Middle East, including Ethiopia, Jemen. As the jewish faith was a private faith, missionary activity, while not unknown, was not prevalent.

With the rise of chistianity and islam there was pressure on jews to convert. Even Mohamed ordered the slaughter of the three jewish (arab) tribes of his city.


There were also many people who converted to Judaism. They don’t have a drop of semitic blood in them. This is well-covered in the history of Khazaria. Arthur Koestler wrote an informative book about this. He is Jewish himself (Ashkenazi). Why would he lie?


Genetics show Ashkenazis are closest genetically to the Kurdish people, which supports the theory they came from Khazaria (now an area that includes Georgia). I would say they were mostly white with a little bit of Turkic blood, but not much.


Antisemitic twat.

Daniel Castro

Khazars aren’t semite.

And I’m not even anti-khazar, I am against fake jews landgrabers.


Anti-gentile not to tell the truth. Jews hate gentiles. Not all Jews. But many if not most. It’s in their upbringing to hate Gentiles. They fear them and at the same time hate them. Also, they are encouraged to feel supremacist, see the goy as cattle, as herd animals to be hunted, manipulated, tricked, herded this way and that, fleeced, used for their wool (resources) and meat (as soldiers in Jewish wars).

Of course, not ALL Jews, but many many Jews, enough for the generalization to become an accurate characterization of this ethnic group.

A fiercely nationalistic group that had to resort to this mythology of them as the master race and evolve a religion which involves them worshipping themselves, and at the same time creating a myth that everyone else is after them and wants to murder and persecute them. Keeps the people sticking together, not breaking ranks, and supporting each other in lies, crimes and cover ups … because if you don’t, Holocaust (6 million died) could happen, or the massacre at Bar Kochkba where 40 million Jews died or the Russian pogroms where 6 million were persecuted and pushed to the brink of starvation … many stories in their mythology where millions and millions of Jews were killed by gentiles …


The atrocity propaganda that they carry close to their hearts enables the more aggressive of the Zios to gather recruits who are willing to commit crimes for the Zionist cause: 9/11 attacks, USS Liberty, assassinations of Iranian scientists, assassinations of Hezbollah officials etc …


The biggest of all atrocity propagandas: Holohoax.

Of course, not ALL Jews, but many … more than you think, when you count all the cryptos and those with partial Jewish ancestry … probably 30% of the US population.

Jews are admirable in the way they have conquered Gentiles over the years. Gentiles can’t seem to learn from history (Luther was warning about Jews as far back as the 1500s but Germany didn’t listen and let them in the late 1800s; many expulsions of Jews in Germany by the way).


Gentiles in contrast are to be scorned in the way they betray each other so easily to the Jews, in the way they fall repeatedly for the reserve banking schemes of the Jews, and on the whole act sheep-like – dumb, easily manipulated, easily fleeced, running en mass over the cliff if the head sheep does it. Gentiles are not to be admired at all in the way they allow themselves to be divided and conquered – see the Middle East: Shia vs Sunni.

Of course, not all Jews have this predatory view of their fellow humans who are gentile, but many many do.

There are the sweet Jews like the true Torah Jews (yeah, I know their bible has a lot of bloodthirsty and supremacist stuff) but these Jews are often abused by everyone. The Zio Jews can’t stand them, and it’s these Torah Jews who often have to pay the price when the Gentile wakes up and realizes the Zios have done a number on him.

So when Jews say “antisemite”, realize that not ALL Jews are on board with what many Jews are on board with. And that committing crimes against Gentiles is what makes people antisemitic, which means those Zios are the most antisemitic people of all.


Telling the truth is actually prosemitic. It warns the sweet gentle Torah Jews what the Zios are doing in their names, and prepares them for the backlash from the gentiles.

It also protects the gentiles from the Zios and so is pro-gentile.

However, the gentiles rarely take notice of warnings. They like to be deceived and like to live in fantasy rather than face reality.


Southfront deserves better than a sad bastard like you. Go away.


Can’t stand the glare of truth shining down and exposing your lies? This is why Jews love censorship. They have to continually block out the truth. They have no defense for it.


150,000 Jews were in Hitler’s army. Many of them were officers.

Doesn’t seem like Hitler was a rabid irrational Jew-hater.

A total of 280,000 people died in Nazi camps. This is confirmed by the Soviet Union who in 1989 released the death books from the camps which they stole when they liberated the camps.

Don’t be bitter if I am telling the truth about your people.

Jews were the aggressors of WW2. While Hitler treated civilians humanely as possible, including in the camps, Jews, who occupied most of the high positions in the government, and the upper echelons of the KGB, were murdering Russians (gentiles) and others, like Latvians. They murdered 66 million according to Solzhenitsyn.

In Latvia, in just the span of 1 year, they killed 1,355 people.


Warning: horrifying pictures of torture done by Jewish commissars on the Latvian Gentiles. (Polish proverb: “Jews cry in pain while they strike you.” Seems the Polish knew the Jews well; this proverb describes their behavior perfectly.)

About how the KGB worked.


You go away. This is for gentiles and honest Jews, not for crazy f’ed up in the head Zios like you.

Justin Ryan

Daniel said “Khazar jewscum are the only true foreign people in the middle east.”

You said “Antisemitic twat.”
YOU said on another post “Just out of interest, has anyone heard of a zionist condemning the US state for collaborating with Ukrainian fascists, nazis and antisemites?”

And u have supported both the SAA in ur comments and the USA and SDF!
This is the sign of a JEW RAT! They will support both sides of a war!

You CANNOT support the USA without supporting JEW’s! They are both holding hands in this war! u know the Jews control the USA!

So dont come on this site and PRETEND to be pro USA yet also pro SAA! Youre a piece of shit!

Fuckin Porashenko is a Jew! So is Kolomoisky!
These are both Right wing Supporters of the Ukraine NAZI’s and u fuckin know it!

So ure comment about US supporting pro nazi’s in Ukraine is a a few feet short of WHO IS REALLY SUPPORTING THEM!

Fuckin jewish scum!

Kissnger is a JEW and so was Brezinski (polish jew)(re: the grand chess board part 1)

Even George Soros is a jew who betrayed jews with the Nazi’s! (thats what jew scum like u do, u support both sides like u do with USA and SAA. Just so it benefits u)

Ure a piece of shit!

Ive got u, u fuckin jew rat! i got u!

Rüdiger Preiss

Who are YOU kidding? If anything is foreign than it surely is the FSA and HTS!

Concrete Mike

You opposition pricks dont fight fair, whats wrong with saa having some hired goons too. Oh its because its Iranians supporting them. Read the book the twilight war and educate yourself. Written by David Christ.

The whole Iran deal is so stupid and pointless. And its your own morronic fault Khomeini got to power. You just had to overthrow Mossadegh didnt you.

Get rekt noob!!!


The SAA soldiers are from space you know but government have invited them to fuck Z Israel and their buddies.


C’mon Mountains. Besides, you are a newcomer to this. Things you say, don’t add up. So, what’s your angle man?


I suspect his angle is to disrupt the overwhelming consensus here that is pro Syria due to most of us looking at what the US and her vassals have done to the Middle East and the overt US support of despotic regimes that fly in the face of the proclaimed ‘ American Democratic Values ‘ that the US has killed millions to enforce since WW2.

On the plus side, Mountains ( Porky) is not very good ah his job. He is more ‘Blacksmith than Wordsmith ‘ :)


He’s Zio vermin.


I like the plus side Florian. :)

I know I probably wasted my typing but, I am giving Mountains a chance to no baloney, say their piece. All that can be at times is to try. I wish you well. :)


Porky is an israeli asset.


comment image

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Somebody piss in the Kool-Aid you drank , who are trying to kid stay away from the next glass of Kool-Aid, it could be a doozy .

Gary Sellars

what a dumb fuck… this is what happens when one procreates within their own family group over multiple generations….


Lool. Don’t cry on me now. I’m calm. I’m Calm about what I said. I said it with wisdom. Nothing for random out here. I’m gonna tell you what. SAA is foreign as fuck. Global army raised by Hezbullah and Iran from allover the world. This is a fact


We have been watching this circus for quite a while. The ‘foreign’ started with the CIA planning all this stuff in the mid 1980’s, utilizing the Muslim Brotherhood. That is publicly released, declassified info, that hit the news over the last year. This is exactly what I heard reported by others, particularly on Almasdarnews, about 2 years before that, when they were describing how it went down in 2011 and 2012 during the initial trouble in Syria..

If you have your take on things, fine. People can think what they want. But, do not equate that to the rest of the world being stupid or dangerously uninformed. I wish well to you Mountains.

Jacek Wolski

Name calling? Leave that to the professionals fuckwit!


Correct, it’s never wise to feed a troll with what he wants.
Ronald’s reply above is a +

Jacek Wolski

I’ll agree with you on that, but if people spew forth imprecations, I shall nevertheless be obliged to dish out the same behaviour. Shits me to tears reading vulgar obscenities, it puts a stained mark on this site.


SAA is , 20 % Shia , 20 % Christian , 60 % Sunni , all Syrians , together fighting 99 % Wahhabi jihadists (Al Qaeda and ISIS) . That is the SAA , it also has Russian , and PMU back up . Your lack of education makes you sound rather young yourself , son .


Shiite are more than %20 and some old communist groups too


And where are the Alawites? Shia in Syria is max 2% of the population.


@ dutchnational , The Alawities are considered to be a branch of Shia .
@ Anton , Those numbers are not exact , and there are some Druze and others as well . That post was in response to Mountain , who thought SAA were foreign troops .


SAA allies are in coalition and the fucking American gangsters have entered in Syria as thieves like Israel.


One must be honest. There have been syrian soldiers sighted within SAA units. It is correct to state that a large part of the fighting has been done by Iranians, Afghans, Hezbollah and Iraqi’s


MOUNTAINS is very out of date. Does he not know that long ago all the SAA
soldiers where replaced by Russian robots? It is well know with
certainty by all those even with an IQ as low as MOUNTAINS that
President Putin personally controls these robots from the Kremlin
using four dimension chess. I hope every one is clear now.

John Whitehot

Yeah, imagine the Israeli invading Syria and seeing robots like Mazinger Z (only with the appearance of Putin, Lavrov, Shoigu and so on) rising up behind a hill and starting to pound them with lasers and death rays.

John Whitehot

yeah, sure. And the FSA has a frontline with ISIS in Attanf Lmao.


The US wouldn’t admit to anything in case it turns out to be friendly forces – like the jihadi jail near Deir EzZor..

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