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Syrian Army Continues Its Combing Operation In Eastern Hama (Video)

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Syrian Army Continues Its Combing Operation In Eastern Hama (Video)

ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE: Sputnik/Mikhail Alaeddin

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units are still combing the eastern countryside of Hama, where ISIS cells carried out several attacks recently.

On March 13, the RT Arabic TV shared footage showing army troops combing the region. The troops are now working to remove mines and other explosive devices which were recently planted by ISIS cells.

The combing operation, which was not officially announced, was launched sometime earlier this month. SAA units are working to secure the Ithriyah highway, which links Hama with Aleppo and Raqqa. The army deployed reinforcements along the highway a few days ago.

ISIS cells stepped up their operations in the eastern countryside of Hama and other parts of the Hama-Aleppo-Raqqa triangle in the last few months.

The army’s ongoing operation in eastern Hama is being backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces. Russian warplanes carried out hundreds of airstrikes on ISIS terrorists earlier this week. According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, over 40 terrorists were killed.

The recent operations in central Syria inflicted some heavy losses on ISIS cells. Nevertheless, the terrorists continue to operate from their main stronghold, the Homs desert. Sooner or later, the SAA and its allies will have to push deep into the rough desert region.


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johnny rotten

When the war against the Syrian people is over, then the reconstructions of the events will shed light on the true nature of the self-styled Isis and Al-Qaeda and the like, as drug addicted mercenaries who owe their, increasingly diminished, destructive effectiveness to the leadership in the field and to support Israeli intelligence and NATO. In reality, the diversified acronyms only serve to confuse, but the protagonists are always the same ones who divided the Muslim world along colonial lines, and who over time have integrated into a global operation with the old Gladio which, like NATO, was not dissolved afterwards the Soviet fall, but redirected towards the objectives dictated by the delirium on the great isisrahell. From the British of the Foreign Office to the Islamist militias in Brzenziski’s anti-Soviet function, together with the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabism, together with the neo-Nazi or fascist Ukrainian or Turkic movements, such as the gray wolves, all together in a unifying fusion in the service of the Zionism. But this could be the end of the imperial dreams of this coalition of terror, in Syria thanks to Assad and the Syrian People, and thanks to its allies from Iran to Hetzbollah and Iran, up to Russia and more covertly to Chinese support, they have come at their utter failure, their defeat marks the point of no return, which will definitively materialize with the extinction of the neo-colonial Zionist dream of the squatters of Palestine.

Jens Holm

Assads and the Baathist are not the SYRIAN PEOPLE at all. They are just like the communist party running Moscow by elected nepotisme supported by KGB, fear and propaganda.

If Syria is a Syrian state, why dont You divide into smaller states, which can be runned by the primitive structures made by Islam and older traditions in tribesessions.

comment image

This map from 1856 actualy says how it could be. It look as the warlines of today as well. Aleppo Province is one. The Raqqa province is one, even half is by the Turks by Lausanne in 1923.


I think you mean “ran Moscow”. The communist party is not in control of Russia today. It’s the nationalist/conservative party “United Russia”. Also, https://orb-international.com/2018/03/15/syria-public-opinion-snapshot-2018/

Before the war, more than 67% backed Assad, during the war, 55%. In 2020, that number went to 40%. It wasn’t due to war, it was because of the economical mismanagement. Syrians do support assad, although maybe not a majority at the moment. But they certainly do not support breaking up Syria, nor do they support “older traditions tribesessions”. Syria is not Afghanistan, tribes did not run Syria. As a matter of fact, tribes were minimal at best before the war. It’s usually around the desert area (deir ezzor and raqqa) that we see tribes emerge but surely not enough to even be considered a running governance.

Jens Holm

Yes, it was the USSR until 1991. Its more mixted now. Several states in the Arab world was inspired by having a strong ceter system. Most people remember Gamel Abdal Nasser too.

My proposals here – AGAIN – is not breaking up Syria. In the other hand Assads has shown no ability to make any needed changes, which can be copied from other countries, which is sharing the power with local parlaments doing local needs much better and deciding which locals should do it how and when.

We have that. 50% of all tax only reach the local parlaments, which are elected only by the locals in periods of 4 year. So we can see who the bad guys and girls are and dont reelect. We can see the public imployed being bad to do their jobs well. We keep corruption down because the we know in and out because the box with them is very visible.

It also better that if we get problems its only in one smaller part of the country and the rest do as usual with no collapsing.

The Governes for the whole Denmark by that is much easyer fx pension to all, hospitals, motorways, internet, defence, diplomacy, contact to the world fx by EU, UN, Nato and many others.

And its same thing. We seldom see any Pandora boxes and money is not there as they should.

Its vey much people by that trust because they have influense, so they trust the state – and both ways. We do have advanced control, BUT its driven by many active local and goverment controllers.

But the main thing is locals cannot be ignored, forgotten or treated bad by the state.


So what I have seen in decades in Syria is the Baathists will not allow local influence. The would not give a single milimater to YPGs in Afrin even the Kurds there had kept all Turks, Turkmen and Jihadists away and had made a much better system for them as well as for many 10.000 of refugees.

The Baathist not even supported YPGs trying to take back Al Bab as well rom ISIS. The You are low. Many many kurds lived there and it was 100% support for stubberness by ISIS. By that Assads opend up for Turkey invading and sold that part away. After that Assads not YET taken back Al Bab. They cant.

So why wont they be helped by their own citicens. Well easy: Those only do it for own purpose and to make something better then Assads, which is easy. PYD even has a simple program for it, which is kind of semilar to ours even ours in not in a marxistic contrtext. Devellopment is structure for it and education. The Kurd program is leving old days in ancient farming and infected school systems of the worst didiving people more then making any kind of unity.

So if thats a no go people should no wait until Assads change their stubbern minds for own purpose b´driven by free ownership for own oil, no devellopments and no reflexions from poor in farms and among the urbanized.

I see Assads has not created a single job for decades. Its very normal, that if people being poor has to leave the farmland You are able to make mopre then a small cooton factory in Raqqa :( :(

You dont get the point, where I also dont believe those numbers of Yours.

The vital is, that one of 3 Syrians are not even in the country – AND THE DONT SUPPORT ASSADS – if they supoported, the Assads would have a big strong armed force and have won years ago.

And the rest: Well thats for good reasons an ARMED TO TEATH OPPOSITION beacuse normal communication is like talking to You TV. They have no choise.

We see it every day. People has become extremists because of that lack of any communication not driven by fear, bajonets and propaganda.

And even Kurds, which has not uprised against Assads cant be given any kind of vitals for any kind of try showing they locally can start anything. They cant even be allowed to try. So Kurds – according to Assads – are able to be under the Assads as vasals – and the Jihadists are not even that.

Thats no country but private ownership , which not even makes the corrupt as rich as they should be if they invested in production.


You are wrong about the tribe things too. You can only remove or reduce tribes by giving them something better, which is equal or more equal rights to all no matter which kind of tribe or religion You have. By that You can erode those contrast away.

I allow me to add the laws and traditions even driven by the Micky Mouse parlament also treat cars better the vomen. I follow that well. PMs has proposed things from there, which here would give jail for years right away.

How many years should people wait outside the country. And why are Kurds(with SDF) not accepted as influencer with rights because those 2 millions didnt accpet ISIS as well as the other Jihadists. I allow me to guess Assads wasnt there if the Kurds – by USA – wasnt there. Whats wrong in defending Your own home, when Your goverment cant or not even care about the oil they need and had stolen it until ISIS stole it from them.

So my entrence is very clear. Assads has no structures and intensions to run the whole Syria for all Syrians.

By that it could make a lot of sense to have Jihadists as well as Kurds their own autonomes. Those 20 millions by that could choose which kind of semistate, Emirate, Sultanat they wantd to live in.


First of all, I am by no means making any excuses for Assads corruption. However, as a son of Syrian/Turkish migrants, I went to Syria several times and have seen with my very own eyes how Syria functioned. Here’s a little recap:
1. Western funded media organisations says Assads support is around those figures I wrote on my initial comment, those numbers are NOT from me.
2. Syria was the only secular nation in the middle East, had a well established governance in the region and absolutely one of the best performing economies up until late 2010-2011 just as the “protests began”.
3. As I mentioned, Syria did not consist of tribes like Iraq or Afghanistan. What you are talking about is a “republic style” governance whereas mayors and locals run the regions/cities. This is a good idea except the Baathist party is too corrupt and embroiled in the political sphere in order for this to happen.

4. YPG and PYD and other kurdish groups have no claim to any land whatsoever. They do not even consist of 20% of Syrian population. Turkey would’ve never accepted it and would constantly bombard it. This is not a solution.
5. The kurds occupied northern Syria (70-80% of all energy assets are in northern Syria) and Assad was prepared to ally himself with YPG branch (Not SDF) but they refused to turn over northern Syria assets. If you google about the offer Russia put forward to the kurds, you will see more in dept of how much the kurds wanted (like 50% of all revenue).
6. SDF is US backed, much similar to how the “moderate rebels” where. Syria will never “lay in bed” with someone they consider to be the cause of the war, no matter how “noble” the west consider them to be.
7. Syria and basically the entire middle east IS NOT like western Europe. This demented idea to turn Middle East into a western Style democracy run by corporations and oligarchs rather than tyrants is incredible misguided. When exactly has the west had any luck of doing that? Middle easterners are not like Europeans. Their cultural identities go back centuries and they hold dear of them.

The same principle applies in countries like Russia. You cannot employ a western style democracy with a leader that is a crook to corporations to run the country (similar to yeltsin). Some nations need “strong men” to control the population. Saddam, Assad, Ghaddafi thought us that. No matter how disgusting they were, 99% of modern problems today did not exist when they were in charge.

Regarding Assads support in reference to his army, Assad fought not only western armies, but NATO/CIA backed jihadis from ALL OVER the world. ISIS had a force of 80k troops at its peak. Western funded “Modern rebel jihadis” were over 50k while receiving more advanced weaponry by the west. So no, Assad does not have a small army. He had a vast enemy.

Yes, Syria was corrupt but life was decent there. You made a decent living and the state rarely bothers you. You didn’t have to pay taxes if you owned a small private company and much of the goods were very cheap there (homegrown).

Remember how Assad was hailed in the west? I do. In 2002, he went to the UK, met with the queen and in 2006, articles were written about him and his wife “A new hope for the middle east”. Oh how twisted things get.

And giving jihadis territory is absolute bs. How would you feel if Denmark gave up Köpenhamn (economic power house) to jihadis. ridiculous to even suggest such a thing. What people need to understand is that the jihadis in Idlib at this very moment are mercenaries from abroad, not Syrians! They will get nothing but russian missiles stuck up somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine.


Best post I’ve seen in a long time, well spoken !

Jens Holm

We have not given up copenhagen. It has its own local Governes for local matters as the rest of us.

The numbers of YPG Kurds are about 2 millions of about 20 millions. Thats 10% and certainly not 3% – lets say 8 to 10%.

And You dont get what local rule is. In each parlament every elected group has right to speak and listen and by that debate and find the best solutions for local matters.

We hardly has any divisons in tribes and religion its about making some kind of common sense based on the facts we have or might have.

You say the Kurds should no decide that much. But their way is not Kurdish at all. Its normal for many parts of the world and the same here in Denmark in Our version. The best would be it was all over the whole Country as we have it.

They say: If Assads dont want it, a minimum should be to give it a positive try for the poorest in the whole country.

And Yes, the Baathist are blocking any changes. Thats no excuse for no changes. Thats why Im for changes.

I dont believe so many support Assads unless they systematicly are kept in the dark by Assads and others. NO WAY. They are learned by birth there are the Baathists = GOOOD, Jihadist all are bad = Sharia and SDF kurds are far out.
The rest of the world is not even allowed to exist. We are ENEMIES whatever we say and do. In its best tomatoes and potatoes are same thing.

Kurds are no cause to war. They were se´cond choise to ISIS and before that there was FSA and Qaida. You fiorget them.

Kurds didnt participate in the uprise. They have reduced ISIS in the part of the country, where their homes are. They are no passive sitting in Turkey waiting for Assads comming back. Acccording to the last numbers more then 15,000 of their soldiers has died for themself and Syria.

I take it again. Copenhagen certainly is no state. It has local rule for local matters. I can only read it as You dont know hów so many states mainly in west has divided the ruling into two and it works very well.

Assads has done the deroute fx spending billions for uselees wars at Israel as well. Some new relative poor countries should do the opposite and make peace and progres.

Syrians are not even able to copy effective farming in Israel even they can see it on TV , listen to it by radio and has it written with know how at the Internet.

So this is very much a lack of investments in not only culture but most things. When I look at maps ans see dry oilfields fx south of DEZ, they are dry because the ones having them are incompetent in modern drilling. I know whats below. Many of those dry fields can give 3 to 5 times more but You have to give allowence for it to forreigners, You dont like. Btý that Syria in those empty drilling can get up estimated wice as much as they already has but still with a high income, but the d´foreigners do it will take the paid well. But You ahve to compare with NOTHING.

And Yes this son wasnt as the Baathists expected and cut his fingernails and toes and a little more to it. So he is in line with them but should be it less.

Jens Holm

Syria is a landskape and has not been any state since abput 1258 when they were a part of the Bagdad Khalifat.

All for centuries has been Osmans and Syria is not the Aleppo and Raqqa areas. Syria had no coastline and not even in south at Aqaba.

By that the northe and noth west zone never was syria and those people has not emmigrated to Syria. IT WAS NOT SYRIA. Those million of people were never asked. The border to Turkey even is defined by a railroad line. Its also strange for other reasons. Why do so many support neocolonialistic borders mainly made by France????

Why is Syria defined as an arabic country even 30% is (were) not arabs at all. Is integration like all places and names should be arabic, because Osman and Kurd names are not good enough even used for centuries or 1000 of years.

Jens Holm

Its tempting to refer to this 1856 map and compare to the war borders now


Oh look, there is no Israel… and wtf you dumb danish homo knows about Syrian people or anything else?

cechas vodobenikov

jens boyfriend tried to comb lice from jens hair with 2nd hand lube….jens must post CIA map to receive more lube for dildo

Jens Holm

The Russian vaccines was not tested before it was given to people. So this time Russians was lucky. Thats not Our tradtion. We follow safe procedures and by that also gets delay.

And Yes. Oúr women are doing just as well as men having equal rights for it. Our Premiere Minister is a Female too.

Vestager is another one trying to handle big companies not paying tax by being a commisionary in EU.

And yes. We do a good job including all. It pays off and is very visible in all statistics.

Your kind are too focused too much below Your belts and whats down there. You would improve if You all were dwarfs wirth shorter arms.

Simon Ndiritu

Go divide your tiny country too, such that each group can be ruled by tribal leaders too.

Jens Holm

We actually has. Greenland and Faroe Islands are autonomes.

And we have a very effective dividing by counties getting in and spending 50% of the tax for local matters. Thats very effective. By that locals becomes responsible and decide much better then the Goverment far away in Copenhagen.

You seemes worse then blindfolded. Our sekular system replace the tribe mode, because its equal rights for all locally as well in country level.

We also has equal rights among genders and raising the men, so all can go free in the streets, all goes to school, all educate and find their skills, all are rewarded by doing hard work.

So You can be above women as emplyed, You can be parallel and You can be below. Women has their own bankaccount and dont has to be paid at a divorse, because they ahve their own job and own money.

Assads has had decades to show what they can and cant. They are not able to run a country for very egoistic reasons, so why should they have it. One ways could be to split up and let other try on their own. Assads by that also would have less peopleto handle. You can see the disagreemenets are not solved by the top of today by the Russian Oblast.

The only other way is going to a well used system, which works in many other countries. You deny them that and totally ignore that 1 of 3 socalled Syrians are not even in the socalled country.

Simon Ndiritu

You are hypocrite and I can see through it, what you are referring to in your country is ‘DEVOLUTION’. you have devolved power and resources to local units, But your country remains one unit, one nation. But you are prescribing fragmentation of Syria which was a functional secular state before your western terrorist puppeteers headed by US/UK started their regime change nonsense.

1. SYRIA must remain one

2. Who rules them is up to them,
3. Their preferred system of government must be left to them

that’s what democracy is!

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