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Syrian Army Continues Its Advance In Eastern Al-Suwayda. ISIS Retaliates


Syrian Army Continues Its Advance In Eastern Al-Suwayda. ISIS Retaliates


On June 10, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured the valley of Ar’ar and the village of Rasm Hatite in the eastern al-Suwayda countryside following heavy clashes with the remaining fighters of ISIS there, according to Syrian pro-government sources.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq reported that ISIS fighters had launched a limited counter attack on a position of the SAA at M’ar’ar Hill, which was liberated a day earlier. According to the news agency, ISIS fighters killed 12 soldiers and officers of the SAA during the clashes there.

ISIS fighters also destroyed two battle tanks of the SAA in the eastern al-Suwayda countryside with an ATGM and a rocket-propelled grenade, according to Amaq.

The Syrian al-Suwayda 24 blog said that the SAA had killed five fighters of ISIS during the clashes in M’ar’ar Hill. The blog also confirmed that the terrorist group had failed to recapture the strategic hill.

The SAA launched its military operation against the remaining cells of ISIS in the eastern al-Suwayda countryside on June 2. So far the SAA has recaptured several areas including M’ar’ar Hill, the village of Ashrfya and the area of Beir Aura.



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  • Syrian Arab Army? Call them Syrian coward civilian killer “army”. I participated in many of the protests and later the regime started to shoot at us with real bullets and many people were arrested and killed. There is a saying by the Messenger of Allah(Peace be upon him): “Arm yourself with even an inch of iron” so we started to carry weapons and we fought the regime. My brother wanted to fight in the battles for Islamic state of Iraq al-Sham known as (lSlS) and he did. He took a shariah training course in Syria. In the training, they taught him about religion, prayers and jihad. They wanted him and all the Muslims to be courageous and to love our religion and our people. He participated in battles to defend our people and our religion. He had ben with them for about a year and half until he was martyred during an attack on an airport. I miss him so much 😭

    • Omar al-Khattab

      Hey girl! Where is your hijab?

      • Please stop with the salafi non-sense. Being a good Muslim in a heart is better than wearing some piece of cloth. Muslim women are not required to wear a headdress at all. This is something that has crept into Islam by man made ideology. which contributes to the darkening of the name Islam. My understanding of the Qur’an is that we are encourage to wear similar things in the countries where we reside.

        There are no words in all the Quran where God commands the woman to cover all her body. We must accept that the Quran has all the details (6:114), and that God does not forget. If God wanted the woman to cover all her body from the neck to the feet God would have said that clearly. Those who make such un-Quranic claims cannot find words in the Quran with such extreme commands, so they manipulate Quranic words, mainly in 24:31 and 33:59, to comply with their false claims.

        The command to “lengthen the garment” (33:59) also proves that women are not commanded to be all covered from head to feet. For if that is the case, and the woman is covered down to the ground, there would be no meaning to “lengthen the garment”. How can the woman lengthen a garment that is already down to her toes?

        • Icarus Tanović

          Shut the fuck up bitch, you just bugging. My big nuts should be hunging. Take a hike, wahhabi hypocrite.

          • Im not wahabi don’t insult me im not insulting anyone.

          • Icarus Tanović

            Get of the dick.

      • Going to an extreme means to leave the Sunnah of the Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) and define piety for oneself. Once a group of three men came to the house of the Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) and comparing their worship to that done by the Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) thought that they should do more. So one of them said, “I will offer the prayer throughout the night forever.” The other said, “I will fast throughout the year and will not break my fast.” The third said, “I will keep away from women and will not marry ever.” Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said to them, “By Allah, I am more submissive to Allah and more afraid of Him than you; yet I fast and break my fast, I do sleep and I also marry women. So he who does not follow my tradition in religion, is not from me (not one of my followers).” [Sahih Bukhari]

    • Γιάννης Καράς

      Shame on your family…

      • Why? They are the best people in the world and they raised a hero.

        • Pacificnorthwest

          or a traitor

          • Icarus Tanović

            You see that several are logged people on this one account?
            This well may be Mossad agents.
            Don’t talk to whores.

          • Pacificnorthwest

            I do so, only to demoralize them, to inspire dread hopelessness and seed dark depression at the inevitability of their total defeat, in their rotted brain washed minds.

          • Yes they are defeated and nobody will return my brother back but they were never wrong. Hopefully i will meet him one day in paradise. As the famous lSlS song says: The path of fighting is the path of life. And the harder your life is the more close you are to the God.

          • Pacificnorthwest

            The only paradise you are destined to the go to is the very same one as Netanyahu is also destined to go to… you’ll meetyour brother there as well, banging his bloody head against a wall for eternity, for having been such a complete fucking idiot.

          • No he was one of the people, fighting for what he believed is a best and most valued thing in this world, he is a hero at least for us and he deserves respect.

          • Pacificnorthwest

            who died fighting for realizing the Oded Yinon Plan

    • neil barron

      Good riddance to another head chopper and you, you sand scarab may the sands of time bury your kind. EVIL SATANIC apologist.

      • We are not bad people, i mean Muslims who only defend their land from evil invaders. And the traitors and their puppets are even worse than our enemies.They are slaves of their masters who plot to destroy us. And they plan to create colony of our countries like they did before. History teached us enough: https://cdn.static-economist.com/sites/default/files/images/2016/05/blogs/graphic-detail/20160521_wom203_2.png

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          and you just shows us, what total brainwashing and 1 second thinking span, cause to single cells as your self.

          • So what we are doing wrong? Why there is propaganda in the whole world against us? Same lies repeated thousands of times and are referencing other lies as facts and build on them another lies. Do you know how does it feel to be bashed by the liars? The evil murderer Bashar who started killing his own people on protests and jailed and tortured thousands of them is now smiling because he is outside of the focus now and his past crimes are sweeped under rug.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            I am not a spoke man for Assad, or care much about politics and religions that drive fanatics, as you obviously are, beside been an obvious paid mouth piece, of the moronic west.

            I dont know who are you calling liars, unless while you doing this, you are watching your self from different angles in the mirror and you see double. But humoring you, as I am in a real good mood, watching your demise, tell me one thing, any of you doing right.

          • “as you obviously are, beside been an obvious paid mouth piece, of the moronic west” A terrible way to disarm your opponent when you don’t have arguments, common here. People who defend themselves from “western culuture” and their invasion are paid by the west?

            Of course you know that you are the liar or the side which you defend(the invaders). Stay away from our countries and better care about your own, some of your people are pathetic imbeciles. Live your own healthy western lifestyle full of drugs, homosexuality and other haram things but do not force it upon us. And take your “democracy” and ideology where it belongs do not force it upon us. Your kind is the most genocidal and most evil creation on this planet. You ignore your past history and now pretend to be the “good one who respect human rights when it is profitable for us”. And yes there are honest people on the west but it is a small minority of the higher intelligence spectrum. And the rest – The stupid sheeps, you deserve what you wish for others – endless chaos in your countries and conflicts.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            you are not people , just a thing. And your questions as well the basis for them is like you been living in another planet or conveniently you using very selective memory thus not worth of too much waste of time or attention.

            You dont know who my people are and not that I disagree with you that most of west with very minor exceptions are defective DNA in bad need for recycling, but then again better than your people who seem to defend here.

            Also you did not answer my question instead of asking what you did wrong tell one thing you did right. Because I understand it you do defend the ones who started this problem not only in middle east but also in europe, with their arrival here and have make themselves not onyl unwelcome but soon they become fertilizer and soap..

          • We were people like you and we are still people, who want to live differently than your secular atheists or shiites who deviated from islam. What “we” did right? You mean the lSlS people or all rebels? We fight for what is considered as a greatest deed in Islam: The establishment of the Islamic state. So this means peace, equality, prosperity, laws inspired by God, helping the poor by giving zakat and living beautiful lives in clean enviroment, removing harmful elements(thieves, rapists, murderers, disbelievers…) from our society. No one ever intended to ruin this country, it was Assad who started all of this by dropping barrel bombs on civilians, by attacking the rebels instead of peace talks thinking he can win against the muslims, countless airstrikes again against civilians and shelling of civilian targets (terror tactcis so the people rebel against their islamic government). But nothing of that worked and people still believe what they believe.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            Are you on drugs or just a moron? What do I give a shit about your religion and your atrocities in Syria you have committed calling them will of some weird god you follow?

            There are no rebels just tools of UK/Usrael no matter how you like to call them. So go sell your BS about Assad and what he did to someone who is more moron than you are and may believe your jerking off at the mouth.

            To me you sound like a jew failed implant or worst a fanatic idiot. And you are on the wrong place trying to sell what you selling none here beside the trolls buy. But then you are competition to them so they may also not buy.

            Now dont bother me again.

          • Neither but ok. Everybody has his own “truth” and i dont take it away from you. All i say are facts while the accusation of the mujahideen saying they are backed UK/Usrael is filthy conspiracy, you would know that. Funny how stupid people are calling others stupid without even knowing them, judging only by their religion or whatever.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            I dont judge you by your religion hasbara, I judge you, by what you posting here and the bullshits, you trying to pass.

    • Pacificnorthwest

      The SAA is liberating every last inch of Syrian territorry from the Saudi/Qatari/Turkish/Israeli funded, armed and led foreign mercenary armies you are a supporter of.

      You lost! Game over, green bus time for you… off to Idlib, the Salafist Sharia, “paradise on earth”… with you. Soon the Tigers will be coming for you there as well.

      Then where will you run to? Turkey probably, is my guess.

      The genocidal medieval minded brutality that your methamphetamine addicted wahabi sex jihad inflicted upon Syria will not soon be forgotten. You have been defeated and should go live in Saudi Arabia were woman enjoy such freedom.

      • ريتاج السلفية

        The Islamic project for Syria advances after yesterday funding from Qatar, thanks new manuals comming soon:

      • Yes i have friends in Turkey but why should i leave my country where i was born? You want to drive out all sunni muslims from the land using terror tactics on the sunni majority bombing our towns right? There is no other explaination watch this: https://youtu.be/wnd3IYH7x1o

        • Iraqi man

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufqCCPA1jAs&t=253s I wonder if those celebrations at the end of the video would be possible with jihadi FSA controlling the area also the suicide bombings they did to the civilians of aleppo.

          • It is called cherry picking, the one who celebrated were seculars, shiites or non muslims or the top500 and the families and friends of the regime elites.

          • Pacificnorthwest

            no it is called mass celebration at the liberation of E. Aleppo from you Al Qaeda rats. Everybody was filled with joy as your head choppers were defeated and driven out. Just as E. Ghouta celebrated its liberation from you tools of Zionism and the CIA

            You are a cancer… and the surgeon is on his way… Tiger Forces are coming soon to Idlib… after they clear out Israel’s favorite pet ISIS & al Qaeda rats from Daraa….. better run.

        • Pacificnorthwest

          Most of the Syrian national army that is driving you wahabeasts out of Syria is made up of Sunni Syrians, and this also includes most of the officer core of the SAA.

          Your Al Qaeda/ISIS prpaganda about this being a war on sunni people is just a big fucking cheap lie.

          The Sunni majority Syrian army is coming to hunt every last one of you terrorrists down. There will be no more green buses for you rats…. only death in some dusty muddy trench.

          So you had better hook up with your salafist (or is that muslim brotherhood?) friends in Turkey, cause the Tiger Forces are coming to drive you out.

          • Im not wahabi don’t you see? And im not with lSlS or Al Qaeda i only support them because they are right and the only true opposition(including all sunni rebel groups who fight Assad). And what do you have against Turkey? It is a sunni muslim country unlike your Iranian shiites.

          • Sunni islam is closer to truth than the salafist ideology and shia islam or secular atheists are furthest from the truth (They are misguided, they are kuffar, they are pegans and are so wrong, simply they deviated from what is considered a best way to fulfill their purpose on this Earth. For example it is like when you get cancer, the mechanisms in cell deviated from the way how it is supposed to work, and now because they dont fullfill their purpose as part of something greather they will damage or kill whole organism. In the analogy that is the same with atheist and kuffar as they united together with pegans so they can damage or kill the good, healthy organism – Sunni Islam and bring chaos and what we see in Europe, America or other countries – decadency). May this open your eyes up or guide you to the right path.

        • Chris P

          The Sunnis terrorist are responsible for almost every terrorist attack in Europe and North America, Not one Shiite attack. You support terrorism and will not get any moral support here. We saw what the Freedom fighters/Al- Quada did to Syria. Much worse than Assad. Sunnis is religion not freedom. Sunnis fighting with everyone too.

    • M9 LEAFY

      terrorist Sunni scum, you brainwashed because 1. i was in Syria while the protests were happening and there was no shooting Syrian government and the rebels 2. Family and You are terrorists because you join and supported ISIS 3. if not already leave Syria, never return as the once great issam zahreddine said, “for anyone that have left Syria to take about Syria in bloody way, we ask you never return because if the government forgives we won’t”. and if you are living in Syria with bashar al Assad why live with the government, live with the rebels or better yet leave the country. 4. Syrian Army is 90% Sunni so don’t bring up that we are targeting Sunnis no. We are going to destroy all you terrorist just like you’re brother, we are going to do much worst to what happened to your brother.

      • So then tell me in haw many protests did you participated and where? Thats big lie you know it. It happened even before but i did witness it with my own eyes and saw people screaming and running away while some of them were killed by bullets. Syrian Army is 90% Sunni… proof? Of course not… not even 50% when the war started a lot sunnis defected to FSA or lSlS or other rebel groups. It is known fact that 100% of all pilots who bombed civilian targets were not sunnis. Sunnis rejected their orders after seeing injustice and the damage done to their people there are various articles about that.

        • M9 LEAFY

          i was at and saw tartous, lataki and hama protest and i saw anti government protest, i am from sofita tartous on holiday to see my family. i am originally from australia. look up the vice president she’s sunni, prime minister of syria are mostly sunni, even the defence minister is sunni what are you even talking about, if the sunni population was against assad wouldn’t he be out of power, think about it 75% of syria is sunni that is 12.5 million sunnis, if the sunni were against the syrian president he wouldn’t be in power. the syrian president in walks around without security and drives his own car without security. there is videos of Rebels hiding in bushes and houses and shooting protests, rebels were committing sabotage around the country, how you think they built tunnels so quick, they didn’t they built tunnels years before the war. second they beheaded and did bombing around the country before ISIS. al buti a sunni cleric was killed for supporting the syrian government. mohammd rafi an actor was killed for supporting. syrian army captures weapon that originated from israel. all these fight for israel plan to rule the mid east, enjoy being paid and dominated by saudi arabia and qatar because they are brainwashing you.

          • Now i don’t know what to believe but still i think that the truth is at best somewhere in middle of that.

            You cannot deny rights of people in their struggle for Islamic government: Do you hear what they shout in second video? They asked for the Islamic state and its righteous rule.

            And what the devil Assad said? “President Assad characterized the opposition as armed terrorist groups with Islamist “takfiri” extremist motives, portraying himself as the last guarantee for a secular form of government.”

    • Chris P

      War is sad and so is religious oppression. Many people believe Assad is the better of TWO EVILS, Isis or Assad. The Free Syrian Army was never about Syrians but rather Turkey or Jordan and Religion. Free should not be in name.
      You are fighting for the Israelis or American or Turks, learn to recognize the Game of Power. You are being used as a tool for these countries. This revolution was never a real revolution but rather a war create by outside States such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey and USA.
      And if you win, what freedom would there be, would you behead everyone that disagrees with you, like in Turkey. Would you kill all the Christians? Hows the war going for you now, and why?

    • ل هذا تركوه
      • jako

        You want to scare somebody with children pictures?
        You ISIS pigs you are lousy U.S. and Israeli servants!
        You scare nobody . You are the biggest filth in Islam.
        As Christian I have respect for Taliban who fight U.S. and NATO invaders of Afghanistan.
        While you are the worst of the worst among the Muslims because you are CIA and Israeli and Saudi mercenaries !

        • Faulty logic. Ironically Taliban was heavily supported by the CIA and US in its beginning until they turned against them. At least i see your mindset how wrong you are with your bullshit conspiracy propaganda that lSlS is zionist or CIA creation.

          • jako

            You cheap ISIS slut are most probably some CIA agent doing his-hers every day work.

            ISIS is just Jihad for Jews !
            Not single bullet was fired at Israel and you were even in their hospitals for receiving medical care!
            Your Caliphate joke is CIA creation and your stories interest nobody!
            If not CIA you would be arrested long time ago for posting that CRAP !

            No go away you CIA bitch!

          • I don’t care about jews until they ruin my country and i don’t even care about west or east, north or south until they invade and mess with our land or people. Go away and live your miserable lives but don’t ruin our religion of islam.

          • Zombified by various drugs, poisons so they can better control the stupid masses, deviations sucha homosexuality are propagated as “normal” in the society, open sexual harassment and treating women without respect. We don’t want anything of that here.

          • jivkobivko

            Or just use religion ;)

            You are not very smart white helmet…

            Which side is the clitoris? Under left or right armpit?

    • Pacificnorthwest

      Assad is the elected president of Syria… and the leader who has defeated the wahabistan project so dear to your twisted mind

      • Im not wahabi ok? I was born into sunni family(the only islam which can be considered true and original beautiful islam) and my heart is bleeding when i see how the Sunnis suffer nowdays. Elected president? He “inherited the country” after when his father died who vioently took over it. Funny how people outside of Syria or people who never lived there are devil advocates of the butcher Assad. Im not even with lSlS and i don’t agree with all what they say or do. But they are far less evil than anything else (ignoring the propagandist lie buble to show them in worst possible light ignoring their achievements in establishing the religion, security, state building and helping the poor and opressed people). They are the only force which fights for the rights of sunni muslims in Syria today.

        • Pacificnorthwest

          You see beauty in the liver eating cannibals and head chopping genocidal wahabi butchers that were unleashed like a biblical plague upon Syria by outdide powers, including most prominently the Zionist Apartheid state. I see only vile worthless methamphetamine addicted murderous malcontents & derelicts and the safistic dregs of humanity.

          You do realize that your precious jihadis are employees of the Mossad, whether ir not they personally are aware of whom they work for.

          How does it make you feel personally to discover that you have been fighting for the Oded Yinon Plan?

          • Yes lSlS violently killed its enemies and beheaded enemy soldiers but they treated own people (sunni muslims) and even some other non combatants well and with respect and thats what i like on the most. They provided free food and gas to the poor, collected and distributed zakat, they cleaned up streets and established order. They teached the people about the religion and how to fast. All of that under heavy pressure from the traitors everywhere, later under careless airstrikes aimed on the civilians so they would rebel against them but they refused.

            Not even top level commanders know that they are paid by CIA? And the thousands of soldiers or other state personnel. Everybody is silent about that? Then does it actually matter if they work in the people’s interest instead of the international capital interest?

          • Pacificnorthwest

            So then.. you are admitting and re-confirming that you are an apologist for genocidal terrorrists…. because they were on occasion kind to the sunni people who were not on their genocidal target list.

            May all of these salafist war criminals go to hell!

          • I never said that, you blame all of them only because some parts or independant groups came with the idea to scare their enemies by brutality? After all they targeted mostly military targets so it is justifiable in times of war.

            “After the announcement of the first Islamic government, the Islamic State has been subjected to painful stabs from every side, but has endured over the wounds, has taken heart over the pains and has recovered, and has arisen on the leg of earnestness for jihad in the path of God and defending the religion of God.”

            “With the ISIS takeover of the city, the local council appears to have been subject to co-optation and reformation at the hands of ISIS. They also established Islamic Services Committees to oversee electricity supply, health spending, education, street cleaning, and food provision. Again, reflecting a certain concern for good governance, ISIS opened an office for this committee in April 2014 to which residents in Raqqa could address complaints. In a similar vein, in its Aleppo province stronghold of Jarabulus, ISIS set up a public services administration building in May 2014.”

          • Pacificnorthwest

            So, according to you throwing homosexuals to their deaths from tall buildings … or stoning woman, accused of infedelity to death, to make an example of them, is scaring your ememy? How exactly?

            Putting Alawi woman in cages and using them as human shields is honorable? How exactly?

            Sex slave trafficking of Yazdi woman is Islamic? How exactly?

            ISIS… and anyone who supports them, are the absolute dregs of humanity.

            Besides being despicable inhuman souless monsters, the people you support are also, in fact, working for the Mossad.

            What does that make you?

            A Mossad social media troll perhaps… way to go

          • There is no known cure for homosexuality as far i know and in the end they won’t reproduce anyway so from islamic or evolutionary standpoint it is the same result. They only thrown open homosexuals from tall buildings after showing their abnormality in public. But as i said i don’t agree with all of that this is extreme and i don’t like extremes (im not the only one as far i know there were internal debates about banning such practices later or allowing them to leave instead of punishing them).

            And the rest are myths not worth commenting there are various websites explaining it with details even with arguments or counter arguments from opposite side. Mossad troll? Not very funny to accuse me like that.

          • Pacificnorthwest

            Oh so I see, was just making sure and you clarified that murdering those whom you disagree with and whom your wahabi cult leaders tell you is Sharia Law in action… all good and just.

            Your cult leaders read the mind of G-d? They certainly act as if they could read the ineffable unameable Creator’s intent. They are pompous fat evil heretics to be so presumptious as they are…. and claim that they speak the Will of the Creator.

            What a bunch of compkete and utter bullshit that is eh?

            You are a murderous medieval minded excuse of a human being… damaged by your belief and adherence to an evil Zionist operated devil worshipping sex-jihadi speed freak demon cult.

          • No i do not support murdering even if i agree on several punishments but what can one person do to stop it? After all their goal is far lesser evil that what is happening now (You probably know about the genocide of muslims right? So you support far bigger killings in the name of fighting “terror”).

          • Pacificnorthwest

            You do not even have the foggy beginnings of an idea of how much I oppose the wars on Muslims fought for Zionism. But then the people you work for, are working for the Mossad… so who are you to speak.

            You work for them.

          • I don’t. And there is no proof of that. Hos zionist is a movement of muslims who want to establish islamic government of the people for the people?

          • Icarus Tanović

            Buddy, you see that this one he or she is exactly a wahhabi, and don’t waste your time arguing with her/him.

          • Pacificnorthwest

            to increase their despair

          • Icarus Tanović

            No, don’t talk misstatements and falsehood. They ultimately torturing everything in their path, is it a “suni” or “shia”. I’m from Bosnia and I know that for sure. They’re incarnated monstrosities on the face of the Earth. You found wrong guy for that.
            And be so kind don’t lie, and if you do don’t lie that much.

          • Chris P

            Dont respond to a person seeking attention a troll. This is a waste of your time. Remove your message and be warned that you let a fool get under your skin. You know what that makes you. I removed my responses. ;)

          • Pacificnorthwest

            trolls sometimes need help from someone like myself to feed them back. For they require a re-confirmation of the hopelessness of their cause… to be fed depression inducing stripping away of their delusional brainwashed mental architecture… as a con game played on them by the fucking Mossad!

            Hahaha…. yeah it’s mind blowing for these salafist foot soldiers when it dawns on their stupified indoctrinated minds that they are employees of sub-contractors of the fucking Mossad.

            How twisted is that? I do my best to help these deluded fools understand, it is a personal hobby of mine.

            You have hobbies, correct? I do as well… several in dact, one of which is to incubate a suffocating, crushing despair in salafist sex-jihad trolls.

          • Are you calling us trolls? I call you morons in the greatest sense. You think that you know the truth, that what you read is true? You are eating the propaganda without even knowing it. And no, i never joined lSlS i only declared support to them (pledged alliance) thats all. My brother joined them not me.

          • Pacificnorthwest

            Yes, brilliant of you to reach that conclusion troll.

            You… you are just a brainwashed tool, maybe in Idlib (for a bit longer…. rat cleaning is coming to that province just as soon as the southern Israeli pet ISIS and Al Qaeda rats are dealt with by the Tigers) Your days are numbered, if I were you I would start running now…. and never stop. You are hunted!

            Perhaps your Zionist masters will afford you a position cleaning their toilets…. as they spit on you with ethno-supremacist abandon. It would be a fitting end for you.

            Enjoy the bed you made for yourself… it is utterly hopeless and lice infested… suicide in the dead end, no escape situation you are in almost seems like a release, consider your options… you don’t have any.

            Or maybe you think you do… go ask one of the fat bellied Saudi “spiritual” leaders (or fucking greedy piggish souless gluttons maybe) who you idiots follow… and who is “fat” on the Mossad take.

            You have thrown away your life for nothing…. for absolutely fucking nothing.

          • You are so wrong and i dont like you and your lies. Im not tool, im not zionist, im not wahabi, we are not bad people. Accept this or go kill yourself in your rage.

            For what? All we did was trying to help others. We muslims are not scared of death like you, you know? May God accept us and allow us and all our families eternal greatness, this life is only a temporary one we all have to meet our lord.

          • Pacificnorthwest

            I am sure that you don’t think you are a tool…. but you are though. You may not know it… do you think the low level cannon fodder is ever told?

            Even if this comes as a shock to you…. you are a tool for helping the Zionists to realize the Oded Yinon Plan. Thankfully Syrian patriots, including hundreds of thousands of Sunni Syrian patriots, have defeated you deluded tools of Zionism.

            I know…. the truth bites…. damn that must hurt. To think who your brother died for… please, close your eyes and imagine the face of Netanyahu…. cause that is who he died for.

            What a waste of a death…. and you will find him in the same dark sulphuric “paradise” which is also reserved for Netanyahu when he passes over.

          • No i don’t believe that, they have been fighting for benefits of the people so they can smile and live happy lives. And for the islamic government instead of secular guy which is obessed with power and cares about top 500 only. We didn’t even start the violence.

  • Ono&Dsz

    The enemies of Syria will never ever understand the secret of Syria:
    So Poor and so Rich.
    So Weak and so Strong.
    Destroyed but Determined.
    Bleeding but Battling.
    Cornered but Conquering.

    • John Whitehot

      if we were in the middle ages, i’d resume it more or less like “Syria hasn’t sold its soul to the devil”.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    Make the cost for daeshbags unbearably high, make them run away, scared shitless of SAA!!