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Syrian Army Continues Its Advance In Al-Safa And Ambushes ISIS Fighters (Video)

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On September 27, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advanced deep in Qabr al-Sheikh Hassan in the heavily fortified ISIS-held area of al-Safa capturiing several positions, hideouts and caves from the terrorist group, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

“The new advance achieved by units of the army on the western, southwestern and northwestern axes of the al-Safa hills led to tightening the siege and blocked the supply routes of ISIS terrorists,” the SANA’s reporter in al-Suwayda said.

Meanwhile, the Syria-based al-Suwayda 24 blog reported that the SAA ambushed a group of terrorists who were trying to smuggle supplies into the ISIS-held pocket in al-Safa. As a result of the ambush, three terrorists were killed and a truck was destroyed.

Syrian Army Continues Its Advance In Al-Safa And Ambushes ISIS Fighters (Video)

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The last four days witnessed heavy clashes between the SAA and ISIS members who launched several hit and run attacks north of al-Suwayda. Local sources said that more than 15 Syrian soldiers were killed. However, ISIS failed to break the SAA’s siege.

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Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Sorry to read the Syrian army continues to suffer loses.

Jens Holm

True, rhey should make babiews in stead. They are 500.000 objects behind that 500.000.

Tudor Miron

Jens, do you realise that you personally (by being complicit with your rulers) are responsible for those who died in that western intervention in Syria? Same goes for Libia – I understand that you like how this once prosperous country changed when your kind dropped some democracy on their heads?

Bill Wilson

If Syria was prosperous then this civil war wouldn’t of happened.

Tudor Miron

There’s no civil war in Syria. It is a foreign intervention by US/UK/Israel using their rregular armed forces (daesh, al queda etc).
Bill Wilson, may I ask you a question? How do you feel about that fact that your government is supporting same scum that according to that same government official version killed thousands of your compatriots in that 9/11 event?

Jens Holm

I locally has written and told we should not go anywhere with any of our forces since Russia invaded Afghanistan.

That includes Libya.

If I decided apart from my free speech, I can assure You, that You would have a hard time too. For a start, I would put Sharia upside down, so the men could tryh vomens lack of right till all understood.

But I see no need in investing in You apart from You need food and we need oil.

I also work hard for more windmills and solar cells, so we dont need You anymore or at least less.

If We came less in Your countries, You probatly also would come less and few here – only the ones we ask for.


But I would send a lot of sober information information about us to You. You are so infected by Your governess. You have no idea about how we work and are and only get our bad sides.

You are constant lied for.Latest one is some missilles is some miracle to avoid Israel, USA and for that matter us in the Coalition. Thats propaganda crap.

Zo Fu

Al-Safa is nearly 800 km far away from Idlib. Fights there are maybe the last one in eastern part of Syria, but what is much more important is IDLIB, which remains one big unsolved hellhole.
Meanwhile Putin and Assad were cleaning pockets from ISIS, Turkey collected all ISIS scums there to fight against Assad and Putin. And Russia is reluctant to disarm IDLIB terrorist by force because Turkey wants them armed.
And they are reinforcing positions, collecting supplies and making troubles.
Good luck Russia with this approach. If Putin wasn’t weak and didn’t let them escape from encirclement, they would be all dead and IDLIB problem wouldn’t exist.


Al Safa is a key ISIS supply position between Al Tanf and Palmyra / Homs, it must be cleared.
Idlib will be solved at the appropriate time.
First, Turkey has until Oct 15 to pull its forces back the 12 miles agreed upon with Russia.
Then joint Turkish – Russian patrols will enforce the demilitarized zone.
Your suggestion that Putin and Russia are weak does not make it so.
Idlib is a small problem for Turkey, the US trying to create a Kurdish state south of its border is the larger threat. The eastern third of Turkey is populated by Kurds, keeping Turkey’s territorial integrity is much more important than chipping off half of Idlib from Syria.

Tudor Miron

Another “Putin is weak” propagandist?


this is fact, not propaganda

al quaida

Ronald is correct. So many trolls here desperate to label Putin as weak. The green bus option saved many a battle to the last, reduced civilian casualties, and filtered out the less hardcore militants, placing the worst of the worst in one place where they turn on each other. They will be dealt with in time.


Exactly, let them fight among themselves and create chaos.
It’s what the FUKUS nations have been doing for a long time.


Military action is not the only solution to war. Russian has been making deals with militants & Turkey, and given how many territory that has been regained back, I’d say Russian is clearly mastering the art of negotiation.

You can imagine a backroom deal between Russia and Turkey that can change the situation dramatically. Lets imagine:

Russia promised a nice gas pipeline deal from Iran via Syria to Turkey.

Turkey in response mobilise those terrorist under their control in Idlib against YPG in Syria eastern province.

YPG in turn making deals with Syria and Turkey.

And new gas pipeline gets build
All side get their cut from it.

Its my creative and wild imagination but I believe Russian is already in the process of negotiating a deal with Turkey about Idlib


Exactly, all wars are about money.
The US is offering Turkey crumbs, and Russia and Iran are offering a whole slice of cake.
The US is trying to gain a monopoly on energy supplies to Europe. The US could make a lot of money, and control Europe economically. They could also stop the Asian European integration, and keep America a global power.

Of course Russia and Iran are not happy about being forced out of the energy business.
That’s why Russia and Iran went to Syria’s aid, it’s not love and kisses, it’s money and power.


Even back then, the Sauds and Britain were just as barbaric as they are today, and lusted for Damascus, but it will never be theirs.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

very nice work men :)))

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