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Syrian Army Conducts Special Operations In Daraa Countryside (Video)


The Special Forces of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah have carried out a series of special operations against militants in the Daraa countryside.

Pro-government forces targeted 3 vehicles for Jaish Al-Islam and other Free Syrian Army groups with IEDs  on the road between Al-Masifra and Al-Karak, on the road between the city of Basra al-Harir and the town of Naheta and on the road of the village of Umm al-Mayazn west of the city of Daraa. Dozens of Jaish al-Islam militants were killed as a result of the operation.

The SAA also targeted gatherings of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) militants with artillery strikes in Daraa al-Balad and Egrez and in the villages of Kom al-Rumman and Jenin.

Syrian attack helicopters bombed positions of HTS in the town of Nassib and the Nassib border crossing with Jordan.

HTS targeted SAA positions in Daraa al-Mahatta and the Thakanat al-Mahjora with rockets and a heavy artillery. Howver, the group has not resumed its offensive in the Al-Manshiyya district of Daraa so far. The reason of this is likely the SAA’s large reinforcements deployed to the area.

Opposition sources reported that the SAA had opened a crossing for the passage of civilians and goods. This may be linked to a Russian initiative that calls for a ceasefire and the opening of crossings in several areas of Syria (so-called safe zones), including Daraa .



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  • Bill Wilson

    I wouldn’t be surprised if HTS stopped that offensive after their request for men and supplies from other militant groups in the region were ignored.

    • paolo duchateau

      Yes, Israelo/English bastards are also on site, behind or not.