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Syrian Army Conducts Large-Scale Coming Operation In Eastern Homs (Photos)

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On April 17, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed by the National Defense Forces (NDF), launched a large-scale combing operation in the eastern Homs countryside.

The operation targeted a vast region laying between al-Sukhnah Mountains and the gas fields of Shaer and Jazal, near the historical city of Palmyra.

“All ISIS cells’ targets, which were uncovered [in the course of the operation], were targeted with rocket launchers and artillery,” the NDF’s media center said in a short statement.

According to the NDF’s statement, the combing operation in eastern Homs will continue until the mission is completed.

Earlier this month, ISIS launched a large-scale offensive in eastern Homs. The group captured several military positons between al-Sukhnah and Wadi al-Waer, threatening gas and oil fields.

The SAA repelled the offensive after three days of intense clashes with support from the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Syrian Army Conducts Large-Scale Coming Operation In Eastern Homs (Photos)

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

The new combing operation will likely allow to reduce the ISIS threat in eastern Homs for the time being. However, more efforts will be needed to put an end to the terrorist group’s presence in Syria’s central region.


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Pave Way IV

ISIS or a few scruffy US-trained MaT terrorists dressed like ISIS… Word is out at the Rukban Death Camp: extra $100/month hazard pay and a Toyota from CENTCOM for MaT death camp guards willing to go on ‘external’ missions in disguise to ensure the Syrians never see any of their gas or oil. Hazardous because any real ISIS will kill them on sight. The US Treasury’s (((Office of Foreign Asset Control))) owns all Syria’s oil and gas… because that’s how oil thieves roll. And we are willing to sacrifice as many US soldiers, mercs and moderate rebels/fake ISIS as necessary to keep that oil and gas away from its former Syrian owners.

Icarus Tanović

Exterminate every single Wahhabi in sight. For the sake of mankind.

Pave Way IV

The US can’t. The secret (illegal) petrodollar deal between the US and Saudi Arabia was that the Saudis only sell their oil for USD and, in return, the US would support and defend the al Saud mafia clan from all enemies foreign and domestic. Of course that agreement doesn’t have anything to do with the interests of the American people – it was made for the benefit of US oil companies and banks at the expense of US citizens.

Internally, and independently of any US deals, the al Saud clan also has a long-standing deal with Wahhabi clerics to keep each other in power. The Wahhabi guarantee 1) recognition of the al Saud clan as the legitimate authority / guardians of the holy cities and 2) indoctrinate their followers to hate Shia (because the al Sauds do) and seek the destruction of iran (very un-Islamic). In return, the al Sauds guarantee support for the Wahhabis to dominate KSA and spread their death cult anywhere on earth they can find groups of disenfranchised, miserable, poor Sunnis.

The US response to indirectly supporting the greatest terrorists on earth – the Wahhabis – has been silence. Sure Wahhabi fanatics like al Qaeda and ISIS slaughter hundreds of thousands of Muslims, but they hate Iran. That’s somehow good in the eyes of the neocon psychopaths in Washington DC, because anyone who hates Iran is on ‘our team’ = US, Israel and an increasingly reluctant NATO (before it dissolves). End result: nobody is allowed to slaughter the Wahhabis. I guess Houthis didn’t get the memo.

Icarus Tanović

Thanks for this, but nations and peoples all over the world are awakening, after this American masquerade is finnaly over in Syria and Yemen. Everyone’s sees who is behind all of this horror, terror and massacres all over the world.
It is Satanic faith and their days are numbered. Just check situation in Yemen, how brave they are. They have attacked poverty people, without any arms, now Yemenis are turning the war to theirs advantage.
And that is the MAIN reason why Iran shall have nuclear bomb. They will have one in no time. It is just question of time.
They have bring death, desperation, misery to many, many people all over the entire World. That is why that evil Satanic faith must be exterminated.
Hope you agree.

Pave Way IV

Why is this the world’s problem to solve? I’m American – this US psychopathic-led shithole is MY responsibility to fix. The Wahhabi death cult export and expansion are a direct result of some treasonous-assed US politicians pledging US allegiance to the al Saud clan. That is the cause and that needs to be fixed first.

Feeding Wahhabis into a wood-chipper slowly – feet first – may feel good, but it doesn’t really fix a God damn thing does it? If the US doesn’t first take responsibility (or be made to admit responsibility) for enabling the Wahhabi death cult and their al Saud financiers, then what’s the point?

FFS, for years the US knowingly let the Wahhabis/al Sauds convert Afghani and Paki Pashtun into our mortal enemy, the Taliban. Then we enter the longest war in our history to defeat them… and lost. Where’s the US outrage at the Saudis and Wahhabis? Where’s the world’s outrage? Not only do we seem to have an extra chromosome and mommy issues here, but the US is so busy gargling on MbS’s schlong that we’re oblivious to how bad the Saudis/Wahhabis have been screwing us from behind at the same time. It’s embarrassing. We’re too stupid to be accountable for the consequences of our own actions. No wonder the world is trying to drown the US in opioids. Sedating a well-armed, dangerous and mean-assed retard is about all the world has left.

Icarus Tanović

Because it is deadly threat to entire World. Only fools and hypocrites hates normal average American, but normal guys doesn’t. America must get rid of that and repaire damage that they caused, as well as other very evil I should say things in America that needs to be addressed, such are pornografi, prostitution, drugs. That all together leads to the decay of some nation, society, once great America too. Whose man Wacobar was?
CIA guy to keep Colombia at bay.
But it won’t work in Venezuela.
But seem that American politics would sold every American for the sake of Wahhabi and theirs God damned oil.
Cheers brother in arms.
World is awakening.

Pave Way IV

Thanks, Icarus. I think the world is awakening, too. It’s just taking a really long time. Until then, I think we’re going to need more opioids here to protect the rest of mankind from the U.S.

Icarus Tanović

You’re welcome brother, thank you too for detailed explanation.
I was referring to Escobar, considering Colombia.
Yes, the world is awakening, only psychopathic brute power can save Saudis, Wahhabis and their oli.
Not going to last.


I suspect the Afghan war was in order to protect the heroin trade which was under threat because of Mullah Omar’s fatwah

Liberal guy

Death deash in the saa attack mission accomplished at least temporary

Assad must stay

Yes very good keep doing the combing, i hope the daeshbags enjoyed the bullet and rocket party hahahaha

Icarus Tanović

Me too.


I think you meant “combing” operation.

Blas de Lezo

The SAA should take some Sunni-Wahhabi terrorist prisoners inaculathum with coronas and set them free in Zoodiblistan.

Icarus Tanović

They aren’t any Sunni or Muslims. They are Hemphers product. They are Satanic faith.


We will get to see inside one of their lairs, hopefully the central bug hive. Definitely a situation that calls for gas if there ever was one, industrial strength bug spray.

Raptar Driver

The Syrians are 1 of the few decent Freedom loving, tough people left in the world. May God bless them!

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