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Syrian Army Carried Out Large Security Operation Near Lebanon’s Border, Eliminated Several Suspects


On January 15, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) carried out a large security operation in the town of Rankos in the Eastern Qalamun region.

According to local sources, several special forces units backed by battle tanks and armored vehicles stormed the town in the early hours of the morning, before raiding a house with several suspects.

Syrian Army Carried Out Large Security Operation Near Lebanon’s Border, Eliminated Several Suspects

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

Nine suspects, all locals, were killed during the raid. Local sources acknowledged that at least one of them was wanted for terrorism related charges.

Eight of the slain suspects, allegedly all under the age of 22, were identified as:

  • Bashar Marwan Odeh;
  • Hani Ghassan Abu Bakr;
  • Muhammad Ghassan Abu Bakr;
  • Diaa Khaled;
  • Ahmed Bakr al-Khatib;
  • Hamza al-Khatib;
  • Mohamed Ibn Bou Akrama al-Khatib;
  • Ahmed Abdul Rahim al-Khatib.

Located on the border of Lebanon, Rankos became one of the al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front main stronghold near the Syrian capital, Damascus, during the early years of the conflict. In 2014, the town was cleared in a joint large-scale operation by the SAA and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Pro-government sources revealed the security operation in the town targeted individuals responsible for a recent attack on an army checkpoint in the Eastern Qalamun region. The attack, which took place last month, killed or injured several service members.

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  • FlorianGeyer

    Good work. There will doubtless be a treasure trove of documents and data in the premises as well.

    If some of that links to Israel it will be a bonus. :)

    • Liberal guy


  • Liberal guy

    Karma great the coward scums are dead

  • Davki

    It’s not good taking the US war mongers as an example. Now we kill suspects that are barely adults?
    It’s deeply worrying how people here decry crimes on the one side, but are quite happy even cheerful if the other side commits them. Rotten to the core, all of you. Disgusting. Nothing good will come from this. And please don’t use the ‘k’ word you don’t even begin to understand. If anything, you just ruined yours.

  • Liberal guy

    Sleeper cells active sleeper cells death the last option of the cowards after they lost all around damuscus

  • Liberal guy

    Fools thought few years back that they could turn damuscus and homs into wahhabi Riyadh such insane cowards hahahaha ha