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Syrian Army Captures Two Villages Near Jirah Military Airbase – Reports

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On Tuesday, the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) captured two small villages near the recently liberated Jirah Military Airbase in the province of Aleppo, according to pro-government sources.

The army and the NDF took control of Bayloneh and Jarrah Sagir located west of the airbase at the road heading to the SDF-held town of Tabqah.

Government forces liberated the Jirah Military Base from ISIS last weekend. Since then, government troops have been prepearing for further advances against ISIS terrorists in the province.

Syrian Army Captures Two Villages Near Jirah Military Airbase - Reports

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Expo Marker

The collapse of Daesh is near. Now the Syrian Army can protect the Ithriya-Aleppo Highway and border SDF fighters near Raqqa.


Yes! Is that highway on the map up there?


Well not yet, but that is what they’re heading for.

Bill Wilson

I don’t believe those small fields are operational since the SDF didn’t bother to take them from ISIS. Hopefully ISIS has been withdrawing most of their remaining fighters in that area which will enable the SAA to rapidly advance across a broad front to wink out the rearguards and stragglers without suffering much in losses.

El Diablo

Only the higway? South of Tabqa is full of oil fields. I think SAA will try to seize them


Awesome job SAA!!!


Well done SAA, do not stop, continue, and speed up, your country and the future of your people is decided in this war. Make and Effort and be brave.

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