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MAY 2021

Syrian Army Captures Two More Villages In Northern Hama (Map)

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Syrian Army Captures Two More Villages In Northern Hama (Map)

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On Saturday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) captured the village of Harran located north of Arafa and the village of Hardana located west of Arafa in the northern Hama countryside, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

The Hezbollah media wing also announced that the SAA repelled an attack of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) on its positions in the village of Murayjeb Al-Jumalan northeast of al-Shakusiyah. SAA soldiers killed several HTS fighters and destroyed an armored vehicle of HTS while they were repelling the attack.

Syrian opposition sources revealed that the SAA destroyed a US made-TOW Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) launcher of the Free Idlib Army in the northern Hama countryside. According to the sources, the operator of the TOW launcher, Khaled Khaluf, was killed and the co-operator, Ahmad Abu Zain, was badly injured.

The HTS-linked news agency Iba’a, announced on Friday, that HTS fighters attacked a position of the SAA in the village of Abu Myal in the northeastern Hama countryside. Iba’a claimed that HTS fighters killed 18 soldiers of the SAA. However, HTS didn’t capture Abu Myal.

The recent SAA advance in the northern and northeastern Hama countrysides proves that the SAA can now advance on more than one front at the same time.

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  1. Barba_Papa says:

    My heart bleeds for those poor TOW missile launcher crew.


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