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Syrian Army Captures Three Towns Along M5 Highway From HTS


On February 9, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured three towns located along the M5 highway from al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies.

Army units stormed the towns, Barqum, al-Zarbah and al-Salehiyah, in the early morning. The towns were fully secured within a few hours.

Syrian Army Captures Three Towns Along M5 Highway From HTS

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The SAA began advancing along the M5 highway a day earlier after liberating the town of al-Eis. The army captured many towns north and south of the highway in a matter of hours.

HTS and its Turkish-backed allies are reportedly withdrawing their militants from the remaining part of the M5. This reflects the terrorist groups desperation.

The army is now 14 km away from securing the entire highway, which links the capital, Damascus, with the northern city of Aleppo.

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  • Lupus

    Remember the time only the Khanasser road to Aleppo was open and Aleppo itself was half in hands of the terrorists who were shooting gascilinders on residents each day. Man, what progress have been made since!

    • Gary Sellars

      ..and there is more to come ;-D

    • antoun

      yes september 2015!!

    • Assad must stay

      US and its terror gangs were not expecting at all for SAA to become ferocious hahahaha

    • jorge


      • Lupus


    • Barba_Papa

      Indeed. And the hysterics still continue to froth at the mouth for every time Russia announces a ceasefire or talks to that piece of shit Erdogan (no insults to shit intended). Have a little less hysterics at the events of the day and a little more faith in the big picture and the long run. Thanks to Russia those dire days are long gone and Syria will be restored. Either by the sword or by clever diplomatics.

      • jorge

        Very well said, Barba. Cheers!

    • FlorianGeyer

      Its a fair chance that rival US Coalition of Terror Jihadi gangs will again start to kill each other again because their source of protection rackets and direct theft from civilians is getting smaller every day.

      The more they murder each other, the better for everyone else.

  • Joe Doe

    SAA better create 15 or 20 km buffer zone to have M5 secure and save travel. Otherwise M5 will be constant target from artillery, or any military hardware.

    • Toni Liu

      Nah better secure all area under m4, then it will fully secure M5

  • nyomarek

    The best part of this operation is that you can already see the Turkish border on this map! :D :D

  • Bill Wilson

    This winter offensive is paying off, especially when they attack at night in the freezing cold.

    • Xoli Xoli

      Rats hiding in caves at night.Rats are scared of Syrian Tiger forces and Bats are scared of Chinese.

  • Tim Williams

    battle map as off 6 hours ago


    Extremely heavy shelling and bombing runs north of ALLEPO CITY on multiple targets, been going on for hours now

  • khalkha

    It’s a flight forward from coward assad’s gang not gains they look themselves in a political and economic deadlock, continuing the war thinking they will stay longer . But just disillusions sure

    • The Man

      WTF are you waffling on about???!!!

  • Ricky Miller

    There is also a dangerous reason that the jihadi street gangs might be surrendering territory easily and that would be that they have been told to withdraw beyond the M5 and regroup. That would mean that they’d rather risk their lives in a coming Turkish led counter offensive where losses mean something in a winning cause than to trade them now in a difficult defense. That would mean that the jihadi grapevine is certain of a Turkish military operation and if they are acting that way the SAA should be certain about it too.

    • FlorianGeyer

      That’s a possibility, I agree.

      I would think that an appropriate response for such a tactic has already been formulated as a strategy.

      There is NO way that Russia will accept continual drone attacks on long lease Russian Bases in Syria by poorly disciplined Turkish proxies, and its my opinion that Russia will use the force required to prevent that.

      Russia is well aware that such a training and breeding ground for Wahabi’s in Idlib would provide Turkish and NATO trained jihadis to threaten the Southern borders of Russia.

  • The Man

    Southfront… when you say “captured”, do you actually mean “liberated”? A minor point but crucial! 👍🏻

    • Alejandro Bonifacio


  • antoun
  • Tim Williams

    SAA stopped for 3 hours after capturing AZ ZARBAH refueling, resupply, brought up fresh troops, troop rotation.

    Damage so far to SAA on this blitz 16 KIA, 75 wounded, one T 72 damaged after hitting mine, tread blown off, being repaired. RATS eliminated 1500 +.

    Pushing north again now 3 km south of WADI ABU SHAYLAM … weather is good, skies are scattered clouds

    • FlorianGeyer

      Are you able to provide sources, Tim?
      It helps if you can.

      • Tim Williams

        multiple verified sources, sometimes live, most of it 6 hour so after the events have happened … I trust these people

  • Tim Williams
  • Tim Williams
  • Tim Williams
    • goingbrokes

      “Democracy is the path to retardation.”

      Lol. They are not completely wrong!

  • Tim Williams
  • Tim Williams
  • Assad must stay

    Truly awesome