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Syrian Army Captures Three New Villages Northwest Of Khan Shaykhun


In the afternoon of August 16, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advanced northwest of the key town of Khan Shaykhun and captured three new villages.

Sources close to the elite Tiger Forces confirmed that the army secured the villages of Khirbat Abidin, Hursh al-Tawilah and Mughr Hunta. SAA soldiers reportedly killed and injured many militants during the clashes in the three villages.

Syrian Army Captures Three New Villages Northwest Of Khan Shaykhun

Click to see full-size map, By Google Earth.

As usual, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies didn’t comment on the army’s advance and declined to reveal their losses, which will likely surface in the upcoming few hours.

Earlier, army units imposed control of the town of Madayah and al-Arjahi hilltop, to the east of the three newly-captured villages.

The SAA is apparently working to secure its rear, instead of storming Khan Shaykhun whose western entrance is under its fire control. This move took the militants by surprise.

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  • Tudor Miron

    Cauldron is closing.

  • Mike

    Nice, keep it up.

  • jack hakken

    Jacob Wohl
    A pathological liar and conspiracy theory-touting assbag who is really fucking terrible at both.
    Namens Jack hakken.

    • Mike

      Jacob is part of the Israeli legion of trolls, paid ruing or mess up forums and comment sections with Israeli sewage propaganda. Thus I have noticed in the last couple of weeks these trolls are getting more active, in light of things not going Israel’s way.

      Such as the loss of the terrorist buddies in Syria, ineffective Israeli pinprick air strikes, the re-commitment of Russia in helping Syria and Iran, Iran making the U.S. and U.K. backing down in the Gulf, the continued quagmire of their Saudi friends in Yemen, the withdraw of their UAE friends in Yemen, and the fallout and infighting among Saudi and UAE supported militants Yemen especially around Aden. Not a good last month for Israel and their neocon, and Wahhabi buddies, hence trolls like Jacob are on overdrive with delusional posting.

      • jack hakken

        I just hoped he would react.

  • Rob
    • Alberto Garza

      they do that almost once a week hardly any news .

  • Anthony Paul Mapes

    It’s slightly perplexing that they make gains in the west but not in the east (reported)!
    Could SF update us on weather or not militant defences are more braced in that sector?

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    The SAAF and SAA are in full attack mode, check out this map.
    The SAAF and the SAA are bombarding the rebels continuously now, it’s mostly their aircraft and choppers dominating the skies over Hama and Idlib, and the SAA aren’t worried about their artillery shell supplies running out either, they’re pumping those babies out like spit balls so they must have heaps of them.
    I whined the other day about the Russians taking a break for a couple of days, curiously one of them on the same day a Syrian aircraft was shot down, but I see today they’re back in the skies again, not in big numbers like the SAAF is, but in strategic locations they’re actually best suited to be in, bombing the rebels right near the Turkish OB post located near Murak, the very best spot the Russians could be bombing.
    So I’ll forgive them for having a couple of days off, but only if Putin didn’t do any stupid secret deals with Erdogan on those 2 days off.
    Shock and awe means no sleep for the wicked, so I wonder just how alert they’ll be when they need to be, not very alert at all I suspect, LOL.