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Syrian Army Captures Saraqib’s Eastern Entrance


On February 5, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advanced east and north of Saraqib city, effectively placing any remaining militants inside under siege.

According to pro-government sources, the army imposed control of the Saraqib’s eastern entrance. The troops are now advancing towards its northern entrance. The only road left under militants control is blocked by the army’s fire.

Syrian Army Captures Saraqib’s Eastern Entrance

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

The army launched a ground assault on Saraqib in the late hours of the evening after reaching the city’s southern entrance earlier.

Opposition sources are claiming that the city is now witnessing heavy clashes between the SAA and al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). Some even claimed that the Turkish military posts in the city’s vicinity had targeted by army troops. These claims are yet to be verified.

The battle of Saraqib will not likely last for long. Most of the city is already besieged by the SAA, with reports of Syrian troops entering the southern and southeastern districts.

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  • Doctor Attitude’s Wrestling

    Keep going Assad! Stomp a mudhole in Erdogan like its the Attitude Era again 😎👍


  • Lupus

    Erdocunt is crying

    • Gary Sellars

      Like the little bitch that he is :-)

  • John

    Go SAA and Co.!!!

  • Jaime

    What great news indeed!

  • ColinNZ

    Despite Turkey’s threats Saraqib is now completed liberated after the remaining terrorists fled before they became completely encircled a short time ago. From the SAA FB folks “This megalomaniac [Erdoghan] is like a drum, loud and often annoying but empty inside.

    • Tim Williams
    • ColinNZ

      Caution: I’m hearing that the jihadists falsely annouced SAA had captured all of Saraqib in order that they could (also falsely) claim they retook it. A few more hours may reveal the true situation on the ground.

      • Mikael

        Of course ! This
        is a terrorist web site !
        Only terrorists tell this is a CIVIL WAR !

  • Joe Doe

    SAA shall isolate the Turkeys posts and prevent any resupply for those posts. Those posts can be security threat to SAA. Prevent resupply may force Erdogan to pull the Turkey unit out, if not let them starve,will be on Erdogan to starve own soldiers. Putin also should allow SDF fight Turkey and supply Syria with S-400 and SU-30 and MIG 29

    • Kananda

      The Turkish checkpoint North of Sarakib opened fire on units of the Syrian army

      • Toni Liu

        Seems its more terrorist who hide inside opened fire to SAA, like the used to before by shooting mortar next to their post

    • Tim Williams

      I’d go further … I’d supply the PKK with 100,000 AK 47’S with enough ammo for all of them

      • Toni Liu

        Nah they are a wild card that can turn on you everytime unless SAA able to kick american out and lock the border, then it might be work

        • Tim Williams

          I meant the Kurds in Turkey

          • Toni Liu

            It might be good but when syria kurd one still on US grip, its still dangerous idea because it will be give them power to make their kurdistan reality that include large chunk syria and iraq, so its still a wild card to give them such power like that

  • Tim Williams
  • Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

    Kill as many jihadis, Turks, and especially CIA as possible. No quarter for CIA.

  • Azriel Herskowitz

    BREAKING: Israeli airstrikes target IRGC-SAA weapons/ammunition storage facility near Damascus! IAF always has targets locked! :-]

    • PZIVJ

      You have been gone for a while Jacob. We are grateful for that, but where hoping you got captured in Idlib supporting your Jihadist friends. Who must be very busy running away from the SAA. :D

    • Tim Williams


    • The Man

      Fuck off, Jacob, you hook-nosed Yid!

    • LR captain

      is that really anything new, and no IRGC ammo are that t-4 air base. Honestly these are pathetic attempts by bibi to stay relevant. AS these do not glorify them. As they are pathetic compared to what Israel could do, if they were really willing to risk their pilots to a cause real damage.

    • Doom Sternz

      IDF bombing of civilians in Syria has not actually achieved anything strategic on the ground. They are breaches of international law and war crimes. In time Syria will confront Israel, but right now the SAA is fighting the NATO terrorists, and winning.

      If i was Israel i would be more concerned about the eventual invasion of the Golan Heights by battle hardened ground troops who will be a hot knife going thru butter.

    • Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

      It doesn’t matter jew. Your complete ass fucking in Idlib continues and the WHOLE WORLD SEES YOUR IMPOTENCE.

    • Toni Liu

      Hah your fake semite ass always boiling when SAA kill your minions, what the way a coward life

    • goingbrokes

      Lol! No no no, it was a civilian facility with school children in it. Don’t celebrate civilian casualties so openly. Just do it behind closed doors, so no one can see!

    • Liberal guy


    • cechas vodobenikov

      fake news Israel—all intercepted by Russian defenses

  • FlorianGeyer

    The speed of this encirclement will certainly ensure that the dirty secrets of NATO will have been abandoned in the terrorist panic to leave.

    I would think that Erdo is more concerned about being fully exposed for his heinous crimes as much as losing ground that he intended to steal.

  • J Roderet

    Another great day for the SAA! The Neocons will be crying themselves to sleep again tonight. Their head-chopping al-Queda minions are toast.

  • MeMad Max

    It is clear: the turkish army is useless against the mighty SAA…

    GO SAA!

  • antoun
  • cechas vodobenikov

    imperialist bullies r historically weak—those that possess conviction and defend their own sovereignty r more persistent, committed…this is observed by the impotence displayed by amerikans, turks, Israelis in the M E….were the ISIS/amerikan fighters not paid mercenaries—Uighers, Chechens, Libyans, Turkmen, etc, likely they would be more effective