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Syrian Army Captures Most Of ISIS-held Pocket In Northeast Hama

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Syrian Army Captures Most Of ISIS-held Pocket In Northeast Hama

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On February 8, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces captured 32 villages in the northeastern Hama countryside pocket from ISIS according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

The SAA reportedly secured the following village:

Hawais al-Shamali, Ib al-Khaznah, Hawais Ibn Hadib, Tell Hawais Ibn Hadib, Jabal al-Hawais, al-Dabah, Tell Abuiyah, Rasm al-hamam, Abu Khanadiq al-Shamaliah, Rasm al-Ahmar, Jabal Mduar, Anbaz, Muyliah Ibn Hadib, Muyliah al-Swarnah, Tell Muyliah al-Swarnah, Tell Ziba’ak, Qasr Ibn Wardan, Tolol al-Humr, Rasm al-Aniz, Trut al-Shamliyah, Trut al-Janubiyah, al-Shumtaniyah, Sheha al-Hamrah, Rasm Madhy, Musytbah, Jib al-Hib, Rjm Jara, Mukhalif Shamali, Ayn al-Zarqa, Abu Mayal and al-Mintar.

Syrian Army Captures Most Of ISIS-held Pocket In Northeast Hama

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The SAA secured over 80% of ISIS pocket in the northeastern Hama countryside accurding to Syrian pro-government sources. Moreover, Hezbollah media wing confirmed that the SAA fully cleared the southeastern Idlib countryside and southwestern Aleppo countryside from ISIS fighters.

From tis side, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq reported that ISIS fighters destroyed a tank and a BMP-1 vehicle of the SAA with ATGMs northwest of al-Sa’an town in the northeastern Hama countryside.

Observers believe that the remaining ISIS fighters in the northeastern Hama countryside will likely collapse in the upcoming hours, even if they tried to step up their defensive operations against the SAA.

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Mehdi Ali

nice job SAA GOD bless SAA good luck


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very nice job!!! SAA VICTORY this pochet isis east idlieb is will finished tomorow hooouuurrraaahhh!!!

Cheryl Brandon

Imperialism of Destruction for OIL.=USA/JEWISH International Terrorism against ARABS. The Barbaric Murder of 100 Syrian Soldiers who have been defending Syria against TERRORISM since 2012, is a juncture in this Proxy War! I think all Syrian Allies need to re think an all out WAR as, murdering 100 Syrian soldiers on their own soil should have immediate retaliation attack. THIS IS ILLEGAL/BEASTLY AND UNFAIR AND UNJUST. RIP Heroes/warriors/LIBERATORS. DIE USA RATS DIE. 100 sons/brothers/husbands/nephews and fellow Syrians from all ethnic groups. ALL ARABS+Persians MUST UNITE OR PERISH UNDER the violent boots of USA+JEWS..Keep fightIng the RATS. RIP 100 Murdered soldiers from DEir Ezzor.


Act in haste and repent at leisure.

The US has done this cowardly attack in order to provoke a military response so that the US can justify a deeper conflict in Deir Ezzor and attempt to retake the crossing into Iraq in my opinion. It would also deflect SAA resources from Idlib where the US terror gangs are under great pressure and in retreat.

Israel is attempting the same outcome on her border with Syria with illegal attacks within Syria.

There is a limit as to how far the US and Israel can go without international condemnation and they are goading Syria to Act in Haste.


Wrong, there is not limit for USA-Israel going whatever they plan. They do not care international opinion or condemnation…”WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”


There is no limit but there are constraints in my opinion Gustavo. If there were none, Israel would have used her nuclear weapons years ago to destroy Hamas and Iran.


no killed 25 milicia iranians and 50 wounded!!


Wait I thought the blue area was ISIS controlled? Is it already captured? This map isn’t updated, the SAA captured 98% of the pocket according to military sources.


no 80%

You can call me Al

The blue blob used to be the HTS but they are interchangeable. I think the ISIS vermin (black blob) changed uniforms and ran to the blue blob, like rats from a sinking ship and became HTS vermin -> blue blob who will be next.

But I do think the map is outdated and much smaller than is indicated.

If you go back to this map from the 5th (3 days ago) and just assume the NE section is the same – this shows it better……


Art Best


You’re a zionist traitor.

You’re allowing the americans and the jews to attack and kill Russians. The Saudis give MANPADs to the moslem terrorists, Putin sells S-400s to the Saudis.

The Turks and their jihadi allies shoot down Russian jets and kill their pilots, Putin sells S-400s to them.

The Israelis and the Americans bomb and kill Putin’s allies, the Syrians, Putin allows them to murder with impunity the people he ostensibly came to help.

Putin is a liar and a zionist traitor.



no kurds are zionist traitors

You can call me Al

Do you need some mental help ?, you really do sound retarded.


Before the Russian intervention started Assad controlled a tiny part of his country, with ISIS in control of most of it, then followed by Green Daesh. Nowadays Assad controls most of Syria, ISIS is almost a bad memory and Green Daesh has lost vast sways of Syria.

Oh yeah, Putin is a Zionist traitor alright! Maybe you should stop taking birth control pills, it’s making you more emotional then a Japanese teenage girl.

John Whitehot

I’ve never seen jews busy themselves so much into affirming that someone who is actually not one of them, in fact is one of them.

I suspect that they are acknowledging that their plans of world domination have been busted, so their plan b is to tell that “Putin acts on behalf of the jews” so to save appearance or something.

Or something like, “even if we lost, since God is a jew we win anyway”.


There is a noticeable influx of these ‘Putin is a complicit zionist blah blah’ comments. My take on it – it’s just an oblique form anti-Russian trolling. As it all essentially boils down to in end is more anti-Putin slander and anti-Putin ranting.


Pre- election propaganda. Nothing else.

nadeera witharanage

but not see captured isis rats


soldiers syrian are executed prisonniers hts and daesh donc!!! silence shuuuttt!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

No release they become prisoners and they are running scared and HTS is next in the pocket.


Excellent, fast, without mercy, without deals, bravery that is the way to act.

leon mc pilibin

Where is dutchnational?This news must break his zionist satanic spirit,lol

Petrus Levelleri

Do we miss the NATOTROLL?? Really??


the old changing uniform trick

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