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JUNE 2020

Syrian Army Captures Checkpoints from ISIS in New Push East of Palmyra


Syrian Army Captures Checkpoints from ISIS in New Push East of Palmyra

AlMasdarNews reports: After months of stalemate in eastern Homs, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) restarted its operations against Islamic State militants on the outskirts of Palmyra.

Heavily supported by Russian Mi-24 and Mi-28 attack helicopters, units of the SAA’s “Cheetah Forces” (Tiger Forces branch) – supported by the Military Security Shield (Syrian paramilitary faction) – attacked ISIS positions northeast of Palmyra on Monday evening.

An Al-Masdar News field correspondent in the Latakia governorate with military sources in Palmyra said Syrian government forces had advanced several kilometers and seized at least two ISIS checkpoints in the oil-rich region.

Strategically, the SAA offensive looks to capture the town of Arak and eventually break the ISIS-imposed siege of Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria.



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  • MeMadMax

    They need to get to deir ez zor quickly, there are thousands of isis guys bearing down on them from mosul…

    • Lord Humongous

      They will be easy to recognise though, they were wearing burqas when the left Mosul.

  • Aquartertoseven

    Idiots. They’re idiots! They’ve tried this so many times and failed because they have ISIS not just to their east, but to their southwest and northwest, this is moronic. Yet again.