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Syrian Army Captures Another Hilltop In Southeast Idlib

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Late on January 30, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advanced further in the southeastern Idlib countryside, securing yet another hilltop.

According to Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the army captured al-Suater Hill from al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies. By capturing the hill, the SAA has secured its positions in the nearby towns of Abu Jurif and Tell Khatrah.

Syrian Army Captures Another Hilltop In Southeast Idlib

Click to see full-size map.

Earlier today, the SAA reached the vicinity of Saraqib city, its next main target, after imposing control of several nearby towns.

Saraqib outskirt is now witnessing heavy clashes, with opposition activists claiming that a unit of the Turkish military has blocked the entrances of the city. These claims remain unconfirmed as for now.

A heavy rain storm is now affecting southeast Idlib, which could ground Syrian and Russian warplanes and slow down the SAA advance in the region. The weather is expected to improve within 48 hours only.

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Avraham Goodman ✡✡✡✡✡✡

not a matter of when but matter of IF when US army destroy syria to save idlib’s people and freedom fihghter rebels. US will never allow syrian revolution to die. our intelligense has intel that chemical warfare will be used agaisnt idlib’s civilians by their own government! tomahawk missile and b-2 stealth bomber will crush all butcher assad giaraffe government and flatten the russian base in hmeimime! you guy think I joke I;m serious never joke about this! IDF will also join usa/nato partners in flattening syria government russian butchers!

Gary Sellars

Fuck off you stupid lying Yid cunt. Oven-dodging child-murdering filth.


Perfectly put, Gary.


It would help to understand your Jewish style rant if you had more intelligence and learned to spell.

Are you a bum buddy of Jens Holm as he is illiterate as well, Avraham.


i noticed something, Jens holm: And I never lie. Fake accounts: you guy think I joke I;m serious never joke about this. hmmmmm


The Hasbara have to have a similar narrative to promote ‘unity’ of opinions and a false propaganda concensus. CNN, ABC,CSNBC,BBC,Sky, Al Jazerra et al, all parrot the same scripts.

The problem is of course, that Parrots can and do make a noise that can be irritating but that is all.

I find that putting BLOCKING the noise is effective when being bombarded with HasbaraRat noise.

Toni Liu

Dang many wohl buddy came lately seems SAA already go in the right direction, no wonder like a cockroach that running under light, they come out and spreading all nonsense in here


Yes, it’s always been the same hasbara pattern for years now.

The HasbaraRats keepers believe that their kind of cyber warfare here is going to change events on the ground in Syria. It will NOT.

The SAA and allies are winning against the US Coalition of Terror and only a massive Turkish Army invasion with TURKISH boots on the ground could change the dynamics.

IF that were to happen it would likely trigger WW3.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Wow. Absolutely hilarious, you Nazi fuck. Your butchers and religious nuts are being crushed. Take the loss and go kiss that shitty “wailing wall”. The world hates your guts. Israel isn’t worth one American life.


The wailing wall needs crushing into dust.


Lol… Old members of Hasbara have felt unsuccessful in trolling this site. They were desperate and one by one began to disappear. Then they assigned a new member of Hasbara and this is what we got … A creature that looked like he had just escaped from the gas chamber! And without being given time to clean up the remnants of the smell of gas on his body, he was immediately forced to troll on this site without being given a new script by his mentors. Poor Zionist … * BigFacePalm


Thats because the Goyims know xD

Wolfgang Wolf

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Len Zegelink


Ricky Miller


John Wallace

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Toni Liu

Fake semite that butcher real semite come again, hah your pathetic army cant do anything and yet saa, russian and iranian carve your terrorist in idlib everyday even last time they got tomahawk they only suffer minimal casualties. Oh what ever why I too harsh to fake semite who got spanked in the ass by hizbollah with his army friend who suddenly had mass headche in iraq after got fireworks, what a bollock

Avraham Goodman ✡✡✡✡✡✡

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Toni Liu

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Islam Devleti Bu Allah


John Wallace

Hey they used to have some great uplifting music to their videos and you put this CRAP on. Get some good stuff so I can sing and dance to their passing.

Islam Devleti Bu Allah



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John Wallace

State of total disaray.


Islamic ‘Stateless’!!

You can call me Al

Ram -a – ram – a dam a ling long – Boom !!!. Resistance is futile – !, dead man walking.

John Wallace

Hey great video as at the end in the more video’s it has Fallujah Second Battle , ISIS Great Defeat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z654vcFf6w&feature=emb_rel_pause&bpctr=1580438069 @ around 5.00 it has several Americans with the Iraqis as they back off from an empty building they are trying to demolish with rifle fire.

Islam Devleti Bu Allah

lSlS OFFICIAL CHANNEL https://www.mynet.com/tv/embed/4233803#t=1434

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

They’re gangbanging your wives in Aleppo.


Fake Hasbara troll, just report and block him.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Yeah. He’s about as much ISIS as the Pope.


Thanks. I could do with a laugh!! Say, hows your Caliphate doing? Oh right sorry. What Caliphate!!!

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

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You can call me Al

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You can call me Al

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John Wallace

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SAA is making us happy with these gains. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c9c5a5bcf054abc2b1092ecff374ef5d623e20347303246889197bfe4a89b16d.jpg


Not good.. Using Apple? This is like sending his data to NSA. I hope his IT guys installed Linux on it..

Jens Holm

Soutfront dont think those figthings are like rabbits fighting for hilltops and going into other gardens and eat food grown by the farmers.

Thats exactly what it is about.

The real Syrians and homies are the ones, which dont fight for thefts of mind, food and property as well as ignoring the majority of populatiom are vomen and children and killing them too, which are not even asked.

John Wallace

WTF is that horseshit about. FO Jens until you get a brain. Borrow someone else’s but get a brain.

Jens Holm

The whole comment site about written about was delayed. I admit mine was not nice, but it was – according to my own oppinion – as much relevant as the things seveal other wrote.

John Wallace

I wish you could read English then you would know what a load of horseshit it is.

Jens Holm

You just think in Turkish, Arabic or Farsi and then translate. Thats very limited English and in use just above Pidgin for things, which are not even in Your mind.

Thats what You dont understand so much and write about horsehit and I am the one, which understand.

I can read English just as Yours. I dont. I learned that from I was 15 to 19 years. After that I learned more and added that to the “childrens english” I learned before.

John Wallace

Well done Jens , the most sensible thing you have ever written.. not that I read , or tried to read it but it took up some time that saved us from something else.


Jens, your Danish school system may be as bad as our German, but PLEASE go to a community college or load an App and LEARN ENGLISH if you want to troll here. God damn it. For years you post here, and still are not able to write even one intelligable sentence. And still you feel more educated than every one else. Find the error.

Jens Holm

I hardly ever get that kind of comments at english sites. They only ask for better spelling and dont pretend to be authistic teachers.

The main problem is Your are not raised to be good learners and mainly are raised to be copying parrots non thinkers.

I do thing we must be something right and You something totally wrong when Germany is nr 16 in GDP and Denmark is number 19 (in 2018).

You certainly confirm why so many muslims dont fit in at all as well as reach advanced jobs.

You are less educated then we. I left You kind of primitive english when I was 19 years old. Your languge is perfect but totally incompletete.

If You have línks for better education systems by country or name, it will be nice You gave it to here, so it could spread out.

Xoli Xoli

Jens be atlease realistic.Because you dont pay contributions to southfront. Stop criticizing them.You just air your nonsense as much as you can without being paying a cent or get block.

Xoli Xoli

If the wither condition becomes bad let the caliber cruise missiles to the talking.

Xoli Xoli

Keep on using tow anti tank missiles and RPG against Turkey tanks and terrorists transporting Turkey trunks and BMP.


What I don’t understand is why bad weather grounds fighter-jets. Aren’t modern fighter-jets suppose to be ‘all-weather’ aircraft?


Down drafts can actually smack a plane down to the ground. Good pilots and planes are far too valuable to risk. They’ll be back at them at the right time.


Close Air support doesn’t work so well in poor visibility and low cloud. Fluid front line presents a further challenge, they don’t want any friendly fire.

Assad must stay

yes i wondered this too, i heard that its just a cover for drawing the rats out into the open and killing as many as possible


The Russian jets partly, yes. But the Syrian ones are sadly acient. Even for soviet standards. Plus for close air support, weather is important.


I’m a little surprised that the Russians and Chinese haven’t rearmed the Syrian Air Force.


Well, no one has anything to give to anyone in the world for free, and Russia after all has to deal with a severely fragile national economy.

Russia and China are also competitors in the Middle East, in my opinion, Russia only leaves little room in Syria for other states to influence.

Returning to your question, Russia has already invested billions in Syria. These achievements are further extended by years of diplomatic negotiations and maneuvers, which LAvrov and President Putin cannot charge for.

John Wallace

Shame on those that thought Trumps Best Deal since Jesus was a Boy was just a political ploy too assist himself and Bendie Netabooboo. The survey showed that a majority of Israelis (67%) support the Trump administration’s Middle East peace proposal, agreeing “it’s the best plan that the State of Israel can receive.” But does FA for the Palistinians.

Netanyahu’s Likud overtakes Gantz’s party following Trump deal reveal https://worldisraelnews.com/netanyahus-likud-overtakes-gantzs-party-following-trump-deal-reveal/

Hassadnah Abraham

Lies, damn lies and statistics

Turns out that Trump and the Pentagon were lying. Again. This time about the true impact of the Iranian counter-strike on US forces in Syria. First they claimed that there were no injured U.S. personnel, only to eventually have to fess up that 34 soldiers had suffered traumatic brain injury (which Trump “re-classified” as a “headache”). Then they had to admit that it was not really 34, but actually 50!

According to some sources, not all U.S. personnel were hiding in bunkers and some were deployed to defend the base perimeter. Whatever may be the case, this adds yet another indication that the Iranian counter-strike was much more robust than originally reported by the Empire. In fact, Iranian sources indicate that following the strike, a number of wounded casualties were flown to Israel, Kuwait and Germany. Again, we will probably never find out the full truth about what happened that night, but two things are now certain:

The Iranian attack was extremely effective and it is undeniable that all the US/NATO/Israeli forces in the region are now exposed like sitting ducks waiting for the next Iranian strike. Uncle Shmuel has had to dramatically under-report the real extent and nature of the Iranian counter-strike.

Now, let’s be clear about the quality of the warning the U.S. personnel had. We now know at the very least the following warnings were received:

Warning through the Iraqi government (whom the Iranians did brief about their intentions).

Warning through the Swiss authorities (who represent U.S. interests in Iran and whom the Iranian did brief about their intentions). Warning through the US reconnaissance/intelligence capabilities on the ground, air and space.

And yet, in spite of these almost ideal conditions (from the point of view of defense), we now see that not a single Iranian missile was intercepted, that the missiles all landed with very high accuracy, that the U.S. base itself suffered extensive damage (including destroyed helicopters and drones) and that there were scores of injured personnel (see this article for a detailed discussion of the post-attack imagery).

If we look at this strike as primarily a “proof of concept” operation, then it becomes pretty clear that on the Iranian side what was proven was a superb degree of accuracy and robust ballistic missile capability, whereas on the U.S. side the only thing this strike did was to prove that the U.S. forces in the region are all extremely vulnerable to Iranian missile attack. Just imagine if the Iranians had wanted to maximize U.S. casualties and if they had given no warning of any kind – what would the tally be then?! What if the Iranians had targeted, say, fuel and ammo dumps, buildings where U.S. personnel lived, industrial facilities (including CENTCOM’s key logistic nodes), ports or even airfields? Can you imagine the kind of hell the Iranians would have unleashed against basically unprotected facilities?!

Still dubious?

Then ask yourself why Trump & Co. had to lie and minimize the real scope of the Iranian attack. It is pretty obvious that the White House decided to lie and to present the strike as almost without impact because if it had admitted the magnitude of the strike, then it would also have had to admit to the total powerlessness to stop or even to meaningfully degrade it. Not only that, but an outraged U.S. public (most Americans still believe the traditional propaganda line about “The Greatest Military Force in the History of the Galaxy”!) would have demanded a retaliatory counter-counter-strike against Iran, which would have triggered an immediate Iranian attack on Israelwhich, in turn, would have plunged the entire region into a massive war which the U.S. had no stomach for.

Contrast that with the Iranian claims which, if anything, possibly exaggerated the impact of the strike and claimed that 80 servicemen were injured (I would add here that, at least so far, the Iranian government has been far more candid and less inclined to resort to crude lies than the U.S. has). Clearly the Iranians were ready for exactly the kind of further escalation that the U.S. wanted to avoid at almost any cost.

So what really took place?

There are two basic ways to defend against an attack: denial and punishment. Denial is what the Syrians have been doing against the U.S. and Israel every time they shoot down incoming missiles. Denial is ideal because it minimizes your own casualties while not necessarily going up the “escalation scale”. In contrast, punishment is when you don’t prevent an attack, but when you inflict retaliatory counter-strike on the attacking side, but only after being attacked yourself. That is what the US could do against Iran, at pretty much at any time (yes, contrary to some wholly unrealistic claims, Iranian air defenses cannot prevent the US armed forces from inflicting immense damage upon Iran, its population and infrastructure).

The problem with punishing Iran is you are dealing with an enemy who is actually willing to absorb immense losses as long as these losses eventually lead to victory. How do you deter somebody who is willing to die for his country, people or faith?

There is no doubt in my mind that the Iranians, who are superb analysts, are fully aware of the damage that the U.S. can inflict. The key factor here is that they also realize that once the U.S. unleashes its missiles and bombers and once they destroy many (if not all) of their targets, they will have nothing else left to try to contain Iran with.

Here is how you can think of the Iranian strategy:

If the U.S. does nothing or only engages in symbolic strikes (say, like Israel’s strikes in Syria), the Iranians can simply ignore these attacks because while they are very effective in giving the Americans (or the Israelis) an illusion of power, they really fail to achieve anything militarily significant. If the U.S. finally decides to strike Iran hard, it will exhaust its “punishment card” in that counter-attack, and will have no further options to deter Iran.

If the U.S. (or Israel) decides to use nuclear weapons, then such an attack will simply give a “political joker card” to Iran saying in essence “now you are justified in whatever retaliation you can think of”. And you can be darn sure that the Iranian will come up with all sorts of most painful forms of retaliation!

You can think of the current US posture as “binary”: it is either “all off” or “all on”. Not by choice, of course, but these conditions are the result of the geostrategic realities of the Middle-East and from the many asymmetries between the two sides:IDIOT TRUMP GAVE THE ORFER FOR JENERAL SOLEMANI MURDER, AS VICTIM, IRAN HAS ALL TYHE RIGHT UNDER CRIMINAL AND INTERNATIONAL LAW + MORAL AND RELEGIOUS DUTY TO TAKE TRUMP THE DRONE OPERATORS LIFE

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

“Turns out that Trump and the Pentagon were lying. Again. This time about the true impact of the Iranian counter-strike on US forces in Syria.”

I believe you meant US forces in Iraq?


Schadenfreude, the best drink of the day. ;O)


Well watching the weather reports, clouds over Idlib for the next 12h, sunshine right to lunch, staying clear and sunny until Sunday evening, monday to Friday rainy shi**y weather.

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