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Syrian Army Captures Al-Muhaded Hills On Tanf Road (Videos)

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Syrian Army Captures Al-Muhaded Hills On Tanf Road (Videos)

A screenshot from the video

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured Al-Muhaded hills during its advance on the Al-Tanaf road. With this advance, the SAA deployed in 100 kilometers away from the strategic area of Al-Tanaf on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

On Friday, the SAA deployed a short-range Strela-10 air defense system and a Shilka self-propelled, radar guided anti-aircraft weapon system in the area between Al-Tanaf road and the Al-Seine airport in order to counter possible attacks by enemy warplanes. This step shows that the SAA is very serious in its goal to capture the Al-Tanaf border area.

More elite pro-government fighters arrived the Al-Seine airport in order to participate in the ongoing SAA advance.

It should be noted that so far no evidence confirming the participation of Hizbollah in this attack has appeared online. Hoever, the Syrian opposition argues that Hezbollah plays an important role in the operation. Some pro-opposition media outlets could attempt to use Hezbollah’s presence in the area as a justification of a possible attack by US-led coalition warplanes on SAA forces moving on the road to Al-Tanaf.

Menanwhile, photos appeared showing the deployment of the US Special Operations Forces in the Al-Tanaf area, where US troops were engaged in clashes against ISIS alongside with the “Martyrs of the two villages Brigade” – one of the US-backed Free Syrian Army groups.

A commander of the “Martyrs of the two villages Brigade” said that the SAA and Hezbollah are only in 70 kilometers away from Al-Tanaf area and that they would attack government forces if they would advance on militant positions.

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Go, go, go …….

Jonathan Cohen

Please fight ISIS instead of each other, at least for now.


In a way it’s like WWII at the start of the last year, 1945. While the Third Reich still existed and fought, it was finished and everybody knew that. And the focus shifted from purely fighting the Germans to jockeying for position to be at the best positions once the fighting was over. The British wanted to take Berlin and reach the Baltic to keep the Russians out of Denmark. Stalin wanted Berlin too and push as far West as possible. In Italy the British raced towards Trieste and had secured Greece.

We are now in a similar situation in Syria. ISIS is finished, everybody knows it and while it still fights the focus is now on who manages to grab which territory before the last ISIS headchopper bites the dust. The Americans obviously want their FSA headchoppers to link up with the Kurds in the North, securing all of Eastern Syria and cutting the Shia Crescent in two. The SAA is not in a position to advance as quickly to the East as the FSA, but it is in a position to cut the FSA off at Al-Tanaf. Which now seems to be their main goal. If they do the FSA headchoppers would then be isolated between the SAA, the Iraqi army and ISIS.

But don’t worry, ISIS will still be finished off regardless. It might take a few more months. Then again I doubt that the FSA’s participation would speed things up much. So far they seem to have advanced mostly in empty desert terrain which matters little to nothing to ISIS. If they were to move up north and push more into ISIS heartland chances are the fighting would become a lot harder.


You seem to have the right of it.

I wonder though how important, or rather how strong, the FSA is in the empty eastern Syrian desert. A few hundred man can occupy a large area rapidly if unopposed.

What will happen if IS, SAA or SDF decides to take them on? A replay of the NSA fiasco?

Jonathan Cohen

Sure they raced for territory in ’45, but they didn’t fight each other. they saved all their bullets for the Nazis, as they should now for ISIS.


The analogy is not complete as the Western allies and the USSR were officially allies and on speaking terms. And they had agreed to divide Germany at Yalta. But no agreements were made for the rest of Europe, which is why the British found it prudent to take Lubeck on the Baltic and cut off Denmark to the Red Army. And why some American generals wanted to liberate Prague. Where the armies would end, the new sphere of influence would begin.

And that applies here as well. Whatever any army can take from ISIS will end up as part of its territory. As long as they can hold it. And if the SAA does not cut off the FSA at that border crossing the FSA will be able to take and hold a lot more territory.

In a way you’re making the same mistake as Eisenhower and the Americans did in 1945. They were only interested in defeating the Nazi’s ASAP so they could shift troops to the Pacific. The post-War division of Europe they did not care about. The post ISIS situation of Syria matters infinitely more then defeating ISIS right now. Because it is already defeated. Does it matter if it takes a few months longer if it means a more favorable post-ISIS situation in Syria?

Jonathan Cohen

Yes it matters. the faster ISIS is crushed the less they can terrorize the world. The allies raced in Germany but they didn’t fight and so should it be in Syria.

paolo duchateau

Situation since Astana is reversed now, SAA and allies play with the white: attack


It seems to me that the SAA has realized the importance of a road connection with Iraq. Outside the Kurdish held area – where the US is in control – there are only two options: Bukamal and Tanf. As Bukamal is not likely to fall anytime soon to the government – and may well be taken by the FSA – Tanf has become the target


Latest reports are joint US/BR company sized battlegroup has crossed
into Syria from the Iraqi side border crossing at Al Walid and seized
Tanf Airstrip on the Syrian side, ostensibly in support of another
re-badged “moderate”rebels offensive, objective unknown but heading
directly north to interdict main highway running from Tadmur (Palmyra)
SE to Iraqi border at Qusaymah. If confirmed this is a seriously bad
development, but the source :( Al Masdar News/SMART news) – have been
wrong before and the video proves nothing, could be anywhere.

George Fotiadis

In a Greek website there are reports that US made airstrikes on Syrian forces in At Tanf area, south front can you confirm it?


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