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Syrian Army Captured The Chair Of Armchair General Al-Julani In Western Aleppo (Video)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured a key headquarters of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) during its recent operations in western Aleppo, a video released by the Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA) on February 18 revealed.

The video, which documents the army’s defensive and offensive operations in western Aleppo, provides a details look at the headquarters, from which HTS launched a large-scale attack on Aleppo’s city center earlier this month.

HTS leader Abu Mohammad al-Julani personally led the attack from the seized headquarters. The room in which he preached his suicide attackers and even the very special armchair he sat on can be seen in ANNA’s video.

The attack, that targeted the district of al-Zahraa in northwestern Aleppo, saw the use of several suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIEDs) by HTS. However, it was repelled by the Syrian military within a few hours.

Al-Julani had apparently counted on the failed attack to penetrate Aleppo city defenses and dragged the SAA into a urban battle there.

Al- al-Zahraa attack was one of several failed attack carried out by HTS and its allies under the leadership of al-Julani, who was known as “the Conqueror” in opposition circles. A nickname that became more of a joke in the last few years with HTS losing every single battle against government forces.

ANNA’s video documents two of these failed attacks. The attacks, which were supported by the Turkey, targeted the towns of Mizanaz and Kafr Halaf in western Aleppo. HTS and its allies suffered catastrophic losses in the attacks.

For now, Al-Julani’s very special armchair is in the hands of the SAA. The man himself, who is one of the most wanted terrorists world-wide, is next.

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It should be given to the commander of the Tiger Forces, he’d love the symbolism of now sitting in the seat of the guy he has defeated. Unless it’s got Jihadi cooties or something. In which case burn it with fire.


I wonder did stalin take hitlers chair?


Or did Bush Jr. take Hussein’s chair ?y bad, he took his vault.


If it was left standing by the time that the Red Army entered the Fuhrer bunker I wouldn’t be surprised if it was shipped off to Moscow. The Red Army shipped off everything from East Germany that wasn’t nailed shut. Just like the Wehrmacht had done 4 years previously.


Russians took everything from Führerbunker and all other residences in their reach. And Stalin DID take Hitlers remains to Moscow (Good thing he did it, as they could now be identified with 100% certainty by dental records). But clever stalin personally hid this fact from US, and planted the conspiracy theory that Hitler escaped with US help for propaganda against NATO. ;)


Another downvoter who does not like facts.

Okay. Say what you want about stalin, but that move was brilliant..

Pave Way IV

CIA opium traffickers earn close to a half-billion USD every year peddling Afghan heroin to European kids. The Taliban used to earn about as much, but we droned the competition.

Now with all that black budget money, you figure the f’king CIA could have at least bought a nice throne for their al Qaeda leader’s Rat Palace HQ in Syria. WTF is THAT? Isn’t that from the Martha Stewart collection at Wal*Mart? Cheap CIA bastards! Nice throne room white board, too. FFS, even the CIA contractors… er, head-choppers… in the room are too ashamed to look at it.



Have you been to the Middle East? These people love kitsch and tacky stuff. It was so in Egypt, it was so in Iran, so I imagine its not very different in between.


See the chair and know the man :)


Google a video called Bad Furniture on Joutube


Will do.


Great line. LMFAO.


This bears repeating. In 2000 Mullah Omar declared a fatwah banning opium production in Afghanistan. Production dropped to nearly zero, you know how tolerant the taliban can be of non-compliance. In 2001, by some strange coincidence, Operation Enduring Freedom (irony, anyone?) kicked off. All so the kids in downtown Oslo can get the best sh$t imaginable. So you’re absolutely on the money, no pun intended.

Pave Way IV

The Taliban will never make that mistake again. The entire opium production and export chain makes up over 15% of Afghanistan’s GDP today. Its has been the main funding source for the Taliban payrolls over the last decade. The U.S. lost in Afghanistan for that exact reason. Saudi/UAE and Pakistan funding was $100 million/year tops to build up the Taliban, but Taliban opium revenue easily surpassed that by 2008. Half a billion a year is enough to arm and pay more than enough Pashtun and bribe anyone else that matters.

The Taliban make their opium money the old fashioned (government) way: through taxes and extortion, not through production and distribution. They control about two-thirds of the country’s richest poppy-growing areas today.

It looks like Afghan heroin distribution is about even today between the biggest clients: U.S., Europe and Russia.


I have often wondered what the USAF does with all their drones. Hopefully they aren’t used to haul heroin.


But of course they are. After all they are just drones – no complicated departure and arrival clearances as with people! I think you just hit the jackpot with that comment!

The Man

So, where the hell is Jolani? Probably BACK in Turkey, escorted out by the Turkish turds when they retreated like goyim dogs!


He also could be in Israel, protected by Bibi.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Should sit a pig on it, take a photo then share

The Man

Or a little turd on it, a Turkish Turd to be exact… someone that looks like erDOGan preferably!

Simplekindof Man

13:00 video WHATALA TF WAS THAT? I’d shoot the commander who gave the order to fire tank over my troops for heaven’s sake idiocy max level.

Simplekindof Man

13:00 video WHATALA TF WAS THAT? I’d shoot the commander who gave the order to fire tank over my head for heaven’s sake idiocy max level.


I think they were taking fire and the tank round was in response. The body language suggests they were being shot at

Simplekindof Man

Possibly that was the case but to me they were more eager to get out of there AFTER the tank fired. Wanna bet they are all still disoriented? Of course it beats being killed…


Maybe it just happened that way and they weren’t expecting opposition and got caught short? Can’t be much fun lying in the road while that overpressure wave rolls over you

Simplekindof Man

It isn’t fun as very close supporting infantry from the sides ,nevermind overhead.

good american

When they found the chair the brown spot on the seat cushion was still warm.

Liberal guy

So the throne of their emir is in kFir hands soooooooo sadddddddd hahahaha ha

Josiah Isaboke

Sends stupid brainwashed jihadis to commit suicide yet he himself can’t do it…How can people be so daft really?

Assad must stay

hahahahahahha fuck u and ur chair al julani!!!!

Liberal guy


Daniel Vogel

I was reading Al-Julian. I first thought it was a reference to Jihadi Julian from Das Bild.


scrape dna off the chair so that we can later identify his charred remains

Xoli Xoli

Turkey terrorists are in big shit.No more mercy fire to fire.


Need to know two things:

(1) Where are these rat tunnels? At the end of the clip, we focus in on the NW Aleppo region that HTS until recently controlled, with the Great Prophet Mosque visible. So I’m assuming the rats’ nest is somewhere nearby?

(2) Are the air attacks from drones, helicopters, or jets?

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