Syrian Army Captured Major Militant Warehouse with US Weapons in Bani Zeyd, Aleppo City (Video, Photos)


The Syrian Army has seized a major militant warehouse in the recently liberated Aleppo neighborhood of Bani Zeyd. Most of captured weapons are from the US and Turkey and include such things as advanced US anti-tank missiles and launchers (BGM-71 TOW).




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  • John Whitehot

    why the second half of the vid is all black?

    • VGA

      They thought most people wouldn’twatch that far.

      To be fair, this isn’t a big stockpile at all.

  • Divesh Kumar

    Uncle SAM yet again caught nude………… Well done SAA

  • Keithon de Bique

    i want assad take some into parliment and call out barac.

  • cheetah88

    i used to read hezbollah’s site sometimes and they have videos like this pop up regularly of stashes that are found in iraq, all captured from isis. it happens way too often to be from mistakes in airdrops. america has been arming the terrorists for a very long time. funny- it is never mentioned on the american news though..

  • nafta

    Prečo im to nevrátia cez okno na veľvyslanectvo. Nepatrí sa prisvojovať si veci, o ktorých viete komu patria.

  • All of these weapons should be donated to the Golan resistance of the Syrian army, to defend Syrian from their arch nemesis Zio-Israel.

    • John Leigh