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Syrian Army Captured 1,500 Km2 In Western Deir Ezzor From ISIS (Video, Map)


On May 9, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Liwa al-Quds backed by the Russian Aerospace Force continued their advance in the ISIS-held pocket between Homs and Deir Ezzor governorates reaching the al-Tamah area, 60km southwest of the city of Deir Ezzor, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

SAA soldiers killed several fighters of ISIS during their advance.

The SANA said that the SAA and its allies had liberated more than 15,00 km2 in the western and southwestern Deir Ezzor countryside from ISIS since the begining of their military operation there on May 8.

Syrian Army Captured 1,500 Km2 In Western Deir Ezzor From ISIS (Video, Map)

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From its side, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq has not released any report about the ongoing clashes between ISIS and the SAA in western Deir Ezzor. However, the source said that ISIS fighters had shelled several positions of the SAA around the city of al-Bukamal in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside with recoilless rifles.

Syrian pro-government activists believe that the SAA will continue its rapid advance in the the desert between Homs and Deir Ezzor governorates, as it is hard for ISIS to build defense lines there.



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  • JEinCA

    May the Lord Almighty grant victory to the brave Syrian Army and their allies after so much blood has been shed and so many lives sacrificed for the sacred soil that is Syria.


      ISRAEL wants the SYRIAN LAND

      • Lemon1987

        hopefuly they will not gain it just sucker punch from Syria

      • potcracker2588

        the jews want a 1 world government with jerusalem as its capital.
        1. make ISRAEL bigger………
        2. make the WORLD smaller
        take a wild quess which one it is?

        LET THE GOIJM KILL EACH OTHER OF………….so to speak…..
        make sure that west against east goes nuclear….
        make sure the northern hemisphere gets utterly destroyed


  • That Guy

    Holy Shit! That’s really fast!

  • Rob

    Syria and their allies should avoid the use of helicopters due to low altitude and slow speed. Only use fighter jets.

    • Dr. Pro Liv

      All Russian choppers have EW protection and can’t be hit by man-pads any more….

  • Rob

    Netanyahu is despicable. Mr. Putin hate him due to land steeling, small kids kidnapping and butchering and due to regular attacks on Russian allies Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, etc.

  • gustavo

    This is what Syria-Russia.Hezbolah-Iran must do right now. Congratulation and keep going with fair, brave, without mercy to terrorists, none deals, none buses to go Afganistan.

  • Smaug

    This is a string of towns in the desert they’re fight over, so unlike in Damascus a large area can be taken but there can still be some odds and ends pockets that they haven’t found yet. Nonetheless, this is still a significant stroke against ISIS in the area.

  • Dr. Pro Liv

    ISIS will draw line in the sand to mark the new “Caliphate” borders….

    I just worry because they are too far away from Israhell and separated from U.S. so there is nobody to help their Jihad any more…..soooo sad….. no heads for chopping no prisoners for burning alive no children in the cages to protect them from “infidel” bombs….just desert and SAA.
    72 year old virgin is waiting for them impatiently in paradise….

    • Java Ape Timelord

      Do they know that the 72 year old virgin is male?

      • Dr. Pro Liv

        NASTY but I love it !!!
        Nice touche my friend!

    • purplelibraryguy

      Well, it’s a desert. Quite literally, they can run, but they can’t hide.