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Syrian Army Broke ISIS Defenses In Eastern Aleppo, Liberated Dozen of Villages

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Syrian Army Broke ISIS Defenses In Eastern Aleppo, Liberated Dozen of Villages

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On Saturday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces liberated 11 villages in west and southwest of the strategic ISIS-held town of Maskana and reached Sabkha al-Jabul.

The Tiger Forces liberated Mawalih Kabir and Saghir, Mastariya, Batish, Ramadan, Tasat, Khirbet al-Deeb, Khirbet al-Hasan and Sahiha west of Maskana, as well as Al-Bandouka and Al-Qura villages southwest of Maskana.

From its side, ISIS managed to down a Russian Orlan-10 UAV over the village of Ta’os in the eastern countryside of Aleppo. The organization also claimed that its fighters managed to damage an SAA tank.

Syrian Army Broke ISIS Defenses In Eastern Aleppo, Liberated Dozen of Villages

According to pro-government sources, ISIS began withdrawing its fighters from the villages located on the western bank of Euphrates in Aleppo province and withdrew some of its fighters from Maskana itself.

The SAA is in 1.5 kilometers away from the ISIS stronghold. Some reports indicate that government troops have even deployed closer and captured the Maskana train station.

Warplanes of the Syrian and Russian air forces have stepped up their airstrikes on ISIS positions inside Maskana. According to local sources, ISIS has cut off communications from the entire eastern Aleppo countryside fearing that civilians are providing ISIS units locations to government forces.

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Tom kauser

Going to be just like Afghanistan when the northern alliance (Kurds) got ambushed by the opium farmers (southern alliance) and Bush had to send in the marines to protect his investments in pharma companies? Opioid the new “lucky strikes”?

Tom kauser

It was a simple time! A dozen years or so ago?

Miguel Redondo

SAA is now 32 km away from linking up with SDF at the shores of lake Assad. From that moment ISIS will have a problem with water supply.


Interesting. Where would IS have this water shortage and what is the role of SAA in this?

The dams are controlled only by the SDF.

Miguel Redondo

The dams are not waterpumping stations. SAA is in property on both Waterpumping stations north of Maskanah. The Tabqa-Dam can provide water irrigation to the area down the Euphrates , but never uphill. So ISIS needs the shore of lake Assad to provide water supply by traditional transportation means like trucks for the area in Aleppo it holds.


1> Iranians are not aggressors. 2> Iranians have given full support to Syrian nation. 3> Iranians have sacrificed their lives for the dignity and safety of children of Syria. 4> Iran is a great nation in entire Middle East by discipline, talent, education, industrial infrastructure, science and technology.

5>Iran is not 100℅ dependent on Russia or America etc. for weapons. Iran produces more than 50% defence weapons inside their own country. 6> The nation of Iran is the most beautiful nation in the Middle East. They know how to live with dignity. 7> The modest dress of Middle East is not due to religion but due to sunlight and whether environment. One cannot expose his skin to sunlight in Middle East because it causes skin sunburn spots and skin cancer.

8>Irani population consists of Shia, Sunni, Christian, Jew and other religious and non religious people. They are all living there peacefully in Iran. 9>Iran is a peaceful country and that is the reason that Iran developing so fast. ———————————————————————————————————–

John Whitehot

well said.

Fuck Israel.


Zionist-occupied Palestine if you please.

John Whitehot

I remember the times when IDF soldiers were filmed while they snapped the arms of the Palestinian boys arms which they captured, and the US vetoed every attempt of the UN security council to even verbally condemn those acts.

It’s a fucking shame that a large part of Sunni muslims have forgotten Palestine, and got brainwashed into sectarian wars against Shias.

Same goes for Christians: in an ideal world – Europe, US and Russia should be all on the same side; their divisions and rivalries benefit only one entity, and we all know they are.

Gabriel Hollows

Death to Israel.


yes absolutely right 100000%%% my friend, i hope soon one day Iran dominates the entire region, as it is the most stable, civil country in the region, as you have described :)))

Justin Ryan

I agree. I’m not a fan of them hanging gay people though. But I believe that Shiia muslims ARE FAR BETTER than SUNNI Muslims. I admire Iran greatly for kicking out the US puppets from their nation many years a go and have endured sanctions and have manufactures a lot of their own weapons.

They are a great nation indeed.


ISIS should just surrender. They know they can’t win.


yes, should, but probably wont, as they are idiotic illiterate fucks lol


They know it, of course, but they can not get put these mafia of terrorists led by USA-OTAN-Israel, and they provide also enough drogs to the terrorists for they think alwasy in heaven and their 70 virgens.

Gary Sellars

They don’t realise that ISIS is way overdrawn on their virgin account… all they have left are goats and sheep, and many of those remaining are male…

The morale of the tale? If are an ISIS fighter, and want your virgins in the afterlife, you better hurry up and die so that you can get the female goats before they run out…

Solomon Krupacek

really good feeling to look at “petolucem” map

if he someday in the future makes a historical atlas of syrian war, i sure will buy.

Gary Sellars

for once, you and I agree 100%

John Brown

On to Deir Azur and also secure the highway to Aleppo at the same time!


they downed a russian UAV? wonder how the hell they managed that. and why is there a water bottle on top of it? anyway gGREAT JOB TIGER FORCES AS USUAL!!!


It looks like a fuel tank on the bottom of the drone. The small recon drones have a very limited range for this large desert terrain. Nice way to improvise !

Solomon Krupacek

you wizard. somebody from isis simple put in a plastic bottle. :)


Notice the fuel intake tube going to the the bottom of the bottle. Also the weight is placed on the C/L of drone. This is no wizard magic trick for sure.

Solomon Krupacek

yes, and when fell dovn, nothing happened :D


Lol. Thought the same thing. How the heck those bastards pull that one off? Is water bottle bobby trap or some goofy message?


i was like did russians or jihadists put that there? lol

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