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Syrian Army, Backed Up By Russian Air Power, Stabilizes Situation Near Palmyra – Report

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Syrian Army, Backed Up By Russian Air Power, Stabilizes Situation Near Palmyra - Report

Syrian government forces have stabilized the situation in the area of Palmyra with Russian air support and are preparing a counter-offensive, the Russian military announced on December 15.

“The Syrian troops have returned to stability the situation near Palmyra with Russian air support. Repeated attacks by militants of the Islamic State (outlawed in Russia) have been beaten back. At the moment the defense line lies in the area of the town of Tyas and Tyfor airbase. Russia provides assistance to the Syrian leadership in its preparations for a counterattack on Palmyra,” the deputy chief of the Russian General Staff’s main operations directorate Lieutenant General Viktor Poznikhir said.

Meanwhile, local sources report that the Syrian army and its allies still face a stiff pressure from the terrorist group. In the morning on December 15, the government-held Tyas Airbase was almost encircled by ISIS terrorists and the group continued attacks on it.

Syrian Army, Backed Up By Russian Air Power, Stabilizes Situation Near Palmyra - Report

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ISIS units launched a major offensive in the area of Palmyra on December 9 and seized the ancient city on December 11. By now, the Tyas Airbase has remained the key defense facility that stopped ISIS from developing the advance along the Homs-Palmyra highway.

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dessert for miles and miles, no cover, no caves, no buildings to hide in and still ISIS takes ground


yes russia needs to increase its air package napalm and cluster bomb them 24/7

Valery Grigoryev

the best would be to send chechnian spetsnaz there: 200 fighters would crash all isis troops there in few hours:)


Taking the ground does not mean they can hold it, it is temporary condition on the battlefield. The taking of the ground is not because the SAA is defeated, it is because they are retreating. I still do not understand why the defense of Palmyra was assigned to NDF, and not some seasoned troops with armor and enough firepower to defeat a presumptive attack.

northerntruthseeker .

It helped that the attack was coordinated using American satellites, radar, and even drones…

When will you realize that this “ISIS” now in Palmyra are US mercenaries/operatives?


Yes, bearded characters, Arab mercenaries, representing US. Is that what you are saying? Or are you implying special forces mingled with bearded characters? Coming back to the original point, if Palmyra was effectively defended by combined arms, the US mercenaries would have suffered heavier casualties and would have had greater difficulty taking the city. Their 3 pronged attack would have been met with artilery, mlrs, tank and atgm fire. Well placed weaponry has respect for no one, including US mercenaries and operatives.


I suspect that quite a lot of Russian pride and prestige is wrapped up in Palmyra so I expect it will be recovered quite quickly.

Valery Grigoryev

When I was a boy, I wondered: how can little Israel beats Syria+Egypt in spite of Russian support? Now I am not astonished:)


This attack on palmyra has got to have connections to the bombing of the airbase outside deir-azzor and the slaughter of that saa squad. They were siege seasoned and probably would have sounded the alarm over what was headed for palmyra . and the subsequent bombing of Iraqi army squad out side of Mosul afew days back. They must have strayed from the Nato fake liberate Mosul plan. They must have gotten mixed up in the real op “jihadi desert flow”.


Note that the twin Mosul “mis-bombings” (or however you wish to term them) by USAF occurred in a short space of time AFTER the sealing of the Mosul pocket by (not so easily controlled) militias to west of city (hence, hampering the western redeployment of ISIS from Iraq to Syria). Once that pocket was sealed, the idea of actually winning the city and destroying ISIS seems to have become less important, tying these factors together seems plausible ALSO with respect to moves of the DC regime itself (more arms for Syria, less interest in the Mosul battle-cum-siege once ISIS cannot escape).


Clean it up & maintain. International tourism should come back to Palmyra especially Uneco site

Ernst Lindenberg

Just like in case of Nazis, the truth will be revealed only after they (USA) have been beaten. After Vietnam there were some truths talked among American people but later all that changed and they played the role of “victims”. Just like many Germans 1919-1939.


This is the last of ISIS full power attack because they had some 4000 terrorists and rapists to spare. Once these guys are dead and wounded they will fall too quickly. They may recieve some more help from Iraq but then the Shia Malita that is supporting the Iraqi forces will also come after them. I am pretty sure this is the last of their final full scale attack, once the Syrian army done with them it could be the beggining of the end.


Not if US manages to successfully coordinate “moderate” Al Qaida in Idlib with ISIS. They would stretch SAA on several different fronts draining it’s man power with no concrete results. “The Coalition” has stopped the bombing and droning of Raqqa and there is an apparent stalemate at Mosul. I’m afraid they are setting up SAA/Russia for a surprise.

Daniel Castro

Russia needs to bring the ariforce back in full power again to break IS once and for all.

Marek Pejović

wait, is there still anything notworthy left to coordinate of Al Quida in Idlib?

Marek Pejović

so anyways, i have a question: what’s wrong with a little surprise air raid against ISIS? I mean, we know they’re using Palmyra as a base. we know there are no civilians in there. will it be unexpected? definielly, SAA and even russians are more known for their reactive bombardments or bombings as part of offensives. NOT as means of raids. so i think russians need to drone the sh out of Palmyra, and then send in some Mi-24 gunships in a serious night raid or at least while the terrorists are grouping before an assault. it’s make for quite a demotivating start when a couple of car bombs go off in middle of your base.


US devious losers supported their ISIS pets to launch this attack to relieve pressure on Aleppo defeat. Big failure as usual. LONG LIVE PRESIDENT ASSAD.

Ernst Lindenberg

Syria and Iraq are complex tribal societies problems to create government armed forces to maintain law and order.


It is not only US it is UK, Turkey, Israel which make Russia’s efforts hard or even not sustainable. Russia needs to send a message to Tel Aviv – by downing one of their airplanes which cowardly fire rockets into Damascus. Russia should tell Tel Aviv that its dream of its own ‘Third Reich’ is over.

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