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Syrian Army And US-backed SDF Compete For Oil Fields In Southern Raqqah

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Fighters of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured Hawra Jrayat village and surrounding areas.

ISIS members claimed that its fighters were able to repel the SDF attack on Al-Adadh village south of the Tabqah airbase and killed 6 SDF fighters. ISIS also claimed that 5 other SDF fighters were killed during the attack on their positions in southwest of the Tabqah military airport.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), led by Tiger Forces, took control of Al-Thawra oil field, along with the Al-Thawra housing and pumping station south of Tabqah town.

According to unconfirmed reports, the SAA captured the Al-Ajrawi farm south of the Tabqah airbase. The SAA also repelled an attack by ISIS fighters on its new positions south of Tabqah town last night.

It is expected that SAA will continue its advance on the Athria-Rasafa-Raqqa road. And as the SAA troops in the western Raqqa countryside are large.

It is expected that SAA will also advance towards Khanasir road to push ISIS out of the rest of eastern Aleppo countryside.

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Joe Doe

This video has been shown in another article, liberating another area


One article stated yesterday that SAA military ordered a news black out in E Raqqa.
So no new videos I guess :(
But this may be a sign of good news to come :)

Carol Davidek-Waller

How grotesquely imperialistic.
Stealing another nation’s oil fields in broad daylight.

Jaime spenser

Complaining about one when 10 when eventually will fall to them in Deir Ezzor haha. If they wanted them would of already taken the oil fields.
Everything above river is likely to be taken by them and river become boundary for now.


If no sensible deal with SDF can be made, they will be dealt and steadily squeezed between Syria, Iraq and Turkey in the post war world with Isis and US backed terrorist.

Suran Ibrahim

US bases already there I would love to see Syria and Turkey attack US deploys troops in front lines where they plan to attack and if they do attack the US rains bombs upon them.


Territory the Kurds claim should be the part of “Rojava” has 70% non Kurdish population. You really think that those people will side with the Kurds and against their own? And what would they be offered in return – not democracy, political freedom or western stile human rights, that’s for sure. First thing PKK does when it takes a territory they eliminate all political opposition – including Kurds with different political ideas. How many people have been disappeared by YPD internal security in Hassaka and Qamishlo lately. And on top of all that Kurds would have to fight a war against 4 countries, completely isolated from any help – well that can’t end bad, can it?


I rather hope that the SDF are playing the game and want a negotiated settlement with the Syrian government once the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers have been kicked out. I would also like to see the Iraqi regime (whichever one it is that week) continue to have friendly relations with Syria apres la guerre.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Optimism is not a battle plan. To date the Syrian coalition have won hands down.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Really imperialistic when one wants their country back , they will achieve this despite the Usurpers backed by the US . The US will have much to explain in regards to their war crimes , they only know of one area so far which one village alone amounted to 200 dead of the 300 , the others are still being investigated .

Solomon Krupacek

Go, SAA, go!


Tigers are resting now.
Desert is to hot to be jumping around all the time. :Dcomment image

Solomon Krupacek

go to the hell, jack-puding


You seem to rather angry, check out the news from Tigers coming this weekend.
This is sure to piss you off. Tigers rested and grabbed much area from Daesh trash, please do not cry my troll friend !
comment image

Solomon Krupacek

angry? nno :)))

you are jihadist, that is all.


Of course HWY 42 is the main axis of advance.
SAA will move east to Resafa crossroads. To the west Habbari oil field and route to Ithriya will be taken from both directions.
comment image

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