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Syrian Army and Kurdish YPG Launch Joint Operation East of Aleppo City

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Syrian Army and Kurdish YPG Launch Joint Operation East of Aleppo City

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The Syrian army and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) launched a joint military operation against the ISIS terrorist group east of Aleppo city on November 24.

The joint forces reportedly liberated at least 2 villages in the area: Sheikh Kife and Nirbeh.

Pro-government sources also argue that they liberated Juba and Halisah, but they had alredy been in the hands of YPG.

Clashes between pro-government force and ISIS were also reported near Tal Shair.

The joint advance of Syrian government and YPG forces took place following the recent escalations between them and Turkish-led forces across Syria.

On November 23, in northern Latakia, Turkish artillery units delivered strikes against the Syrian army, reportedly killing up to 80 soldiers. On November 24, the Syrian Air Force hit Turkish army units deployed in the countryside of al-Bab, killing at least 3 soldiers.

Intense fighting between Turkey-led forces and Kurdish YPG units have been ongoing west of Arimah since November 22.

If the army-YPG cooperation east of Aleppo is confirmed to be a full-scale advance, it will mean that the Syrian government and its Kurdish allies have decided to build a buffer zone west of al-Bab to prevent the Turkish military from expanding its presence into central Syria.

In this case, a major escalation against Syrian army and Kurdish YPG forces the only way to seize al-Bab for Turkey.

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80 soldiers?? Since when, I’ve heard no word about that many dying. And if it’s true, killing a measly 3 in return is a pretty poor response.


I have no idea where that came from, probably from FSA “media”… Syrian Army itself said that they had to retreat from a few points but didn’t suffer any deaths (because of the arty strike).

John Whitehot

lmao, I was about to write the same. Given that there’s a notice SF is under hackers attack it’s likely the work of some turkish retard.


There were certainly some casualties but not because of artillery but because of counter attack from the rebels/militants/Terrorists(take your pick). Not sure though about such a large number

Jens Holm

Well, If You have the time and a better filter then You have to have here, You can get a lot of information by – http://syria.liveuamap.com/

Click in the right side once more, You get a lot of comment and from 40 to 95% shit.

Very good maps, but cant cover everything and sometimes the sitemakers has some delay. I defend them, because its almost the best we can get and its free too.

Another subject came in here 2 days ago but probatly not from here. It was a virus.


Its pretty late now to go for Al Bab without major aerial escalation that in return would lead Turkish air force to go after air defences. Considering there is only one airport servicing and radar facility SAA could get into trouble. On the other hand if Russians get into action then balance could be changed. As the things stand now FSA/Turks are are at the threshold of AlBab and impeding them would be SDF job SAA is pretty far out.

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