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Syrian Army And Iraqi PMU Secured Vast Border Region Within Single Day

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Syrian Army And Iraqi PMU Secured Vast Border Region Within Single Day

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The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have successfully finished a joint combing operation on the border between Iraq and Syria only few hours after its beginning, the PMU’s Operations Command in al-Anbar announced in the evening of May 2.

“Our forces, which headed towards the Iraqi-Syrian border, met with Syrian forces in the agreed upon area,” the PMU said in an official statement, adding: “the military operation witnessed high coordination between the PMU, border police and the Syrian army, no violations were recorded.”

In the course of the operation, which began in the early hours of May 2, vast areas along the Iraqi-Syrian border were secured. ISIS remnants in these areas were reportedly neutralized.

Iraq and Syrian sources didn’t provide additional details regarding the joint operation. However, local observers believe that it was a part of ongoing perceptions to reopen the strategic Qa’im border crossing between the two countries.

Last month, Head of Iraq’s Border Crossing Authority Kazim al-Aqabi confirmed that the crossing will be reopened once all the requirements for commercial exchange and the passage of people are prepared.

Now when the border area around Qa’im has been secured, Iraq and Syria could move forward with their plans to reopen the border crossing, which has been closed since 2012.

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This is good news, finally after 6 months they are doing something.


Yes, but SAA now need to comb the rest of the desert otherwise these random Daesh ambushes will just keep on happening!

Hasbara Hunter

Random Daesh-Ambushes will keep on Happening as Long as the U.S. keeps on Dumping their Daesh-Mercenaries Everywhere….

Jens Holm

Again only crap. You of course is excused if one or more was dumped at Your head and You are damaged forever if You not was even before that.

Hasbara Hunter

You are ZioNazi Crap…& ZioNazis Created ISIS….for the execution of the Yinon Plan

Jens Holm

Very good. I change clothe at every clothe at Eid twice a year.

Last Year I was Ayatollah telling Iranian boycut jokes as well as production maneger selling oil to the whole world, so the low prices almost collapsed Russia and Saudi Arabia.

I hardly care about what You name and think me as. I know who I am.

I care about You should make solutions for at least no war. You hardly care about who of Your own are killed every day and even think the ones alive are winners.

Maybee You should visit graveyards more often. Just above the coffins – if they can effort one – You not only find flowers.

You find added hate and looking for revenge as well as growing religios extremisme.

I know that plan already. I didnt know its named as Yinon. I never has supported anything like that. But after 1967 and 1973 I do understand Israel prefare to have half of Golan as a defence zone.

Reading orgastic unrealistic comments here every day just confirm that very well.

Hasbara Hunter

Humans can do as they Please if it is up to me….Mo’ War…Less War…all fine by me….


It sounds like your the one that’s got brain damage!

Jens Holm

USA dont dump Daesh mercenaries anywhere.

The only signs of that are produced by enemies of the Coalision. They obvius have good results with You eating stones in bread.

They are Your dentist too ?

Hasbara Hunter

USRAHELL will keep Dumping New Headchoppers

Toronto Tonto

The whale is smarter than the average Russian no doubt .

Hasbara Hunter

An amoeba is smarter than you….no doubt


Another dumbed down Canadian ?‍♂️

Hasbara Hunter

With a direct connection to Hell Aviv…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I don’t think this was an operation to secure the border, this was most likely just a message to the US and others, showing solidarity in the face of US opposition to their alliance.
Al Tanf should be the next item on the agenda.

Jens Holm

Hahahaha. The Coalision already has the border from Baguz to the Turkish border with the Iraqian forces and SDF.

If You are able to handle a calender Iraqians and Syrians told exact the same about the Abu Kamal – Al Tanf border a few months ago, We saw the put up fences, making walls as well as shaking hands.

You also ignore that USA actually are re-incalled in as important help to Iraq and by many nations.

So You are as wrong asit can be.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Iraqis are constantly calling for the US to leave Iraq, they keep telling them they’re no longer needed at all, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Jens Holm

Actually The Iraqian Goverment has called the Coalision as well as Iran for help until ISIS is out.

So Your many iraqians are populisme of the worst kind. Shame on You.

Right now Iraq also have a Governess by moderate as well as less moderate shiits, which are decided by elections.

Writing as You do, You dont recognize the Iraqian Goverment.

Danes are there too as well as many others, and We help the Iraqian goverment by a good radar we are redefining logistics, so the army as well as the airforce can be more and more effective in fighting mainly ISIS. We also had elite soldiers of ours taking back Al Qaim from ISIS.

The last thing we do is learning Iraqian soldiers spending less ammo as well as making the lowest officers into better commanders in smaller very mobile units.

By that I am very well oriented about what we do there and how popular we are there.

So buzz of midget.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Your understanding of the situation in Iraq is as comprehensive as your understanding of the English language.
Why don’t you just post in Danish and let us translate your comments, then people could actually understand what you’re trying to say, not that anyone ever agrees with what you say anyway, but it would make you come across less retarded than you do.

Jens Holm

Sorry, but if You have that oppion, You only know a very limited part of our world as if we all are reduce lawyers, doctors and enginors.

You seemes to be from a world. which think in arabic or Turkish language and culture and think all our ways of communitican are limited and different from ours.

Thats why You understand west as You do. You not even have language for us. That even are added with SMS and MMS.

We normal citicens almost all speak and write at least some english fx in the whole EU as well as with other westerns.

You by that cannot expect things in our communications are reduced to spelling contests, where You not even have a language for, what we have.

However its true, You might not understand my phrases, but i do explain, if You ask.

My english is very well and very understandable even its a mixup by written and spoken and far from Yours. There is too much which is Tabu in Yours and among many our mixted roooms only are toilets and changing clorthe ones.

Our women are with us in jobs, they are educated as us, they mainly are paid as us, they dont need guards in the streets and are not named as prostitutes when they are with themselves on the streets or at a bicycle.
And I do understand whats going on in Iraq as well as it goes. If You understand things better then me and have sober solusions based on hard facts, You should send it.


You mean the terrorists? What the hell is an Iraqian? You got brain damage?

Jens Holm

Whats an Aussibob – a cat or an origian.

You understand, what I write and I hardly care about people, which are not able to read, what I write because they use lawyers and Doctors lkanguage only and primitive translated from arab or turkish thinking.

Have a walk about…You might come home with gold, if You pass Alice Springs.

Jens Holm

Very impressing they have fuel for that. War is beautilfull – If You are a tankdriver.

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