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Syrian Army And Iranian Forces Prepare To Launch Large Offensive Against ISIS Soon

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Syrian Army And Iranian Forces Prepare To Launch Large Offensive Against ISIS Soon

Iranian-backed forces massing around Deir Ezzor city

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Iranian-backed forces are preparing to launch a large scale attack to eliminate the remaining fighters of ISIS in the Homs desert, the pro-government blog al-Masdar News reported on June 1.

According to thereport, several units of Iranian-backed forces were redeployed from southern Syria to new positions in the eastern governorate of Deir Ezzor. The source didn’t clarify if this move was a part of the supposed agreement between Russia, Jordan and the US, under which Iran allegedly has to withdraw from southern Syria.

During the last two months, the SAA launched two attacks on ISIS positions in the Homs desert. However, both attacks were limited, as the SAA was busy with dealing with militants on other fronts, mainly around the city of Damascus.

The Homs desert spread between the eastern Homs countryside and the western Deri Ezzor countryside. Syrian pro-government activists believe that more than 1,500 fighters and commanders of ISIS are currently hiding there.

Al-Masdar News said that the new military operation in the Homs Desert will begin soon, but didn’t reveal if the Russian Aerospace Force will participate in it.

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First, a ‘large offensive’ is being planned in both Daraa and Homs. Neither could be nearly as big as the Damascus operation, which the word ‘large’ implies.

I wonder at the value of the Iranian reinforcements, because it is never a good idea to conform military planning to politics. Also Iran lost much equipment to IAF efforts, although exactly how much is debatable, so I serious doubt Iran is ready or willing to take point on this one.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Has anybody been asking the logical logistics questions about this whole Homs Desert IS force?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

1500 fighters left, what about the 1200 to 1700 reinforcements that have just arrived with their families from Yarmouk refugee camp.
I hope they finish this operation long before the US do the same at Al-Hasaka, I’d hate to see the US be the ones to eliminate Isis from their area of control first. Assad deserves that honor.

Jonathan Cohen

Hooray! This operation needs to succeed before Daraa, when Syria and Iran will at least be hindered by Western interference, which will be far less until the Daraa offensive, making this operation far easier now than it will be during or after Daraa.

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