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Syrian Army and Hezbollah Make Important Gains in Southern Aleppo

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Syrian Army and Hezbollah Make Important Gains in Southern Aleppo

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On October 25, the Syrian army, Hezbollah and Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba fully secured the two strategic hills – Tal Ohod and Tal Bazo – and seized the Tal Mutah hill from Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and its allies in southwestern Aleppo.

The control of these hills allows the Syrian army and its allies to set a fire control of the southern flank of Hikmah area and 1070 Apartment Project. This complicates Jabhat Fatah al-Sham’s supplies and reinforcements into these areas and creates a foothold to recapture them from the terrorists.

The liberation of Hikmah, the 1070 Aprtment Project will allow the government forces to launch a full-scale advance on the Rashidin 5 area and to defend the southwestern flank of Aleppo city from the terrorists’ attempts to break the Syrian government’s defenses.

Syrian Army and Hezbollah Make Important Gains in Southern Aleppo

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I wish I had a better strategic understanding of what is going on.
Earlier reports were predicting a ‘massive’ militant offensive in
this area. However, all reports so far only indicate SAA gains. I
understand that may be this is preemptive action but it seems strange
that any militant offensive should begin by loosing vital territory.
I don’t feel I have a complete picture.


you know the situation when a school bully go to play macho man and have its ass beaten up?


Those claims about 12.000 fighters massing sounded … not very believable from the start.

Maybe there is some mobilization or just rumours. But 12.000 is a number that the terrorists will never amass for a coordinated attack again.

chris chuba

That was in regard to a relief force that would try to raise the siege from outside of Aleppo. The number of militants inside of Aleppo is declining because they are trapped and they will be losing territory.

Think of the Battle of Stalingrad where Von Paulus’ pocket that was trapped in Stalingrad was constantly reduced while Manstein’s relief force attempted to break the Russian encirclement.


The rebels will be trying to break the siege with 1500 men. Last time they broke the siege with around 5000 men. Since the SAA is better prepared now I doubt the rebels will succeed. All the talks about +10.000 men are bs because its simple inpossible to to move around 25% of your whole army on 1 battlefront. Leaving all other fronds outnumbered.


First priority should be to expand the area of siege especially from the 1070 apartments side as main strike would come from there.
Eventually to stop the supply of weapons and manpower they need to control the border either by capturing it or making routine bombings to let the “friendly neighbor” know of “business end”.
Eventually they will need to have a face 2 face in Northern Aleppo anyways once the SDF area is ran over by FSA in coming weeks.


1070 apartment is being used by SAA as a bait to lure more militants in. With those hills under their control, the surrounding area will be turned into cauldron.

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