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Syrian Army and Hezbollah Liberates 1070 Apartment Project in Southwestern Aleppo – Reports

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Last nigth, the Syrian army and Hezbillah inteinsified operations in the Salah Addeen neighborhood and the 1070 Apartment Project, targeting Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) terrorists and their allies there.

By now, the government forces have reportedly took control of a number of building blocks in Salah Addeen and, according to pro-government forces, liberated the whole 1070 Apartment Project (1070 AP). Pro-militant sources also indicate rapid advances by the army and Hezbollah.

If the liberation of 1070 AP is confirmed, it will be another major success of the pro-government forces in last 3 days. Control of the 1070 AP will allow the government forces to secure the whole northwestern flank of Aleppo and set a foothold for operations in the area of Hikma school.

Syrian Army and Hezbollah Liberates 1070 Apartment Project in Southwestern Aleppo - Reports

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Huisje tuintje boontje beesje

It’s imperatif for the SAA to close the doors , in the north the YPG sector must be disconnect from the Chauldron so to avoid any change of alliance , in the south they schould have Some more depth ( take the hills on the outside perimeter ) so to avoid a rescue attempt from the outside ! Than we will wonder what will show up after the capture of east aleppo

Vido Dasler

From my armchair i would advise to split the pocket and defeat in detail. Sure they know it themself though.


I think that for now SSA refuses to make extra pockets, it would then have to clean room by room. It looks like they just compress the ring and forcing terrorists to retreat from liberated area. Time for cleaning is yet to come.


They are planning to divide Eastern Aleppo.


That highway that cuts thru the rebels area looks appetizing! ;D


Yes, but not just yet. It will be interesting to see witch unit will do clean up. I bet Hesbollah in first line


Russia wants to either have divided Aleppo or completely retaken before the next US president. Retekening it will be very hard because its an urbam area and the closer you get the more islamist on 1 meter.


Yes that is logical long term strategy – but I think at present the SAA is working on premise of multiple attacks in different points around enclave so militants cannot mass their resistance effectively – ie they have to remain spread out all around enclave to cover their frontlines and avoid a SAA breakthrough. This is essentially what militants have long done to SAA, who have had to cover many fixed positions across country, so SAA are using militants own approach against them. By keeping them spread out they can wear militants down – by diluting resistance, attrition and exhaustion. At some point SAA surely go for splitting enclave in middle – but present approach may make that far less costly to SAA manpower whenever it happens.

Gue Bjuen

i just found out operation mosul has started. this will give us a better picture about turkey ,the iraqi government and what to expect US next move will be.

John Whitehot

yep. ISIS fighters are retreating en-mass with their families. Guess where? Of course, Syria.

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