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Syrian Army And Allies Reached Iraqi Border Northeast Of At Tanf – CONFIRMED

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UPD: The Hezbollah media wing and the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the reports.

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies have reached the Iraqi border northeast of the village of at-Tanf controlled by special oeprations forces of the US-led coalition member states and Western-backed militant groups, according to Elijah J. Magnier, a chief international correspondent of the al-Rai media outlet.

According to Elijah J. Magnier, pro-government forces reached the border in the area just few km from at-Tanf. The Popular Mobilization Units (described by the mainstream media as pro-Iranian proxies) control the same area from the Iraqi side.

If reports are confirmed and government forces are going to set up positions in the area, the US-led coalition and its proxies will likely use a force to drive the Syrian government forces back from the border with Iraq.

Syrian Army And Allies Reached Iraqi Border Northeast Of At Tanf - CONFIRMED

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Trapped like rats …the terrorist supporters and funders….scum



Leon De Elias

US led Illegal,Terrorist Coalition..


Donald, he’s furious, his FSA lackeys will attempt a counterattack.
We hope that the antiaircraft launchers are attentive to prevent an air attack in the zone. Eye viewer, the flights will be low to avoid the radar.
The Russian S-400 and S-500?


The upgraded S-300 sold to Iran has spy devices built in to spy on the new Iranian air defense system. They were doomed from the moment they plugged it in their system. Russia is the one who put those in and WILL NOT stop air raids because they are only in this war to gain a bigger portion of kingdom under new world order, sorry to burst your bubble,

Miguel Redondo

Now is the moment to make a official request to PMU to cross the border……

When they cross the border in force no air attack can stop them….

Pave Way IV

No need, Miguel. If the SAA (Hezbollah or whomever) has the Syrian side up to the border and the PMUs have the Iraqi side, then the Jordan supply route has been cut. PMUs are already allowed into Syria by Assad.

It would be the Iraqi parliament that would have to approve the PMUs crossing into Syria, and that would take days. That wouldn’t even be a sure thing – the U.S. has the Iraqi government bribed from top to bottom. They would argue about it for weeks. I think the U.S. was counting on that (endless debate delaying PMUs entering in Syria). This move makes it unnecessary – the U.S. Jordanian supply route for ISIS has been cut. It’s over for them.

Miguel Redondo
Miguel Redondo

This is another swift and appropriate counter to the US terrorist gangs.New rads to connect Iraq and Syria until the US has been forced to leave Al Tanf.

Jaime spenser

ISIS might be on the other side nothing confirmed.


The SAA linked up with an Iraqi garrison on the other side .


It is normally a bad idea try to play strategy games against Russia, and that applies not only to chess. Seems that once again the yankees were fooled in their own game. Well, now FSA can have a lot of sand to play “sand castle building”. Or even have a Sun bath. Meanwhile the SAA will atend to more important endeavours, like freeing Deir-Ez-Zor. Have fun there FSA losers… Shove the Al-Tanf in your mamas hole…

Colonel Brazil

It is frankly a shame to USA to get beaten everytime by Russian strategists. It is terrible for reputation.

Marisa Aguilera

Russia played a bad strategic move when they entered the war in 2015. The first thing they should have done was close all the borders and contain the situation- yes, that would have neglected several fronts but eventually the supply lines to ISIS and U.S proxies would have diminished and the war would be closer to an overwhelming conclusion.

Justin Ryan

yet all the SAA forces were in the West fighting for the survival of the major cities. How would u suggest they secure the borders in 2015?
Poor into Syria Russian troops who would then be killed in much greater numbers than the minimal numbers they have had so far?


It is good news from the free world though!


US gets beaten because they have no real strategy because this is actually a crime they are committing, their goals are immoral and therefore undefinable, and the soldiers there are unmotivated because they don’t like training jihadists and losers and then have to fight for them too. It is actually a losing proposition for anyone.

Tom Tom

Many “Yankees” are globalists and as so, hate their country and want the U.S. and Russia to destroy each other. Order out of Chaos/WW3.


This is definitely a war declaration against the US. Pro-regime have been extremely aggressive against the US forces whom are busy but they took them for granted. The Drone even fired at them. This is war declaration ladies and gents.

Encircling them that is a war declaration move make no mistake

Boris Kazlov

Where is the attack on the US?, those are invading illegal bandits, Syria has the right to attack the m. fukers

Rakean Jaya

CIA/Mossad Lonely wolf, you’d better stay at debka,oops Jpost comment sections

Solomon Krupacek

he is simply jew. no agent. too stupid for such role.


US forces are not encircled. They have open exit to Jordan.

Alan Sheridan

What you been smoking dickweed


Putin,Assad and all free People of the World give a fuck on your Views. This Blitz in USraels Ass was the End of your greater Israels Dreamparadies.. The End your Pipeline.. In your Face Shimon!


HAHA ! This must be very terrible news for you.
Maybe you go get drunk and stop trolling here.

Solomon Krupacek

you should go away from here! i saved by printsceen several times, that you welcomed americans and FSA in al Tanf!!!!! you are moderate jihadist.


I stated that the conflict should not be escalated between Russia and US airpower you idiot. Learn how to read and write Trolomon. :DDDDDDDDD

Solomon Krupacek

no, ypou wrote go FSA, go!


Lol whut? Total rubbish. Did Syrians invade California or something? ‘War declaration’ – are you talking about the US war against Syria? It’s not even a declaration of war, it’s just another illegal US aggression (they didn’t declare a war since WW2!).
btw Americans are free to leave Syria and return back to Jordan (or California even better) along with their terrorist puppets.


What are they doing in Syria?

Is Syria part of the US?
Has there been a declaration of war?
Has there been any UN authorisation?
Has there been an official invite from the elected Government of the Sovereign Nation?

Then ask yourself.

What would the US do if Syria turned up on her territory, because she wanted regime change?
What would the US do if Syria was to provide ground cover to say to a group of mercenaries, who were trying to achieve regime change?
What would the US do, if they managed to get the Syrian Forces, on US soil into a cauldron?

Who declared war on who?

How many times have the US and their allies, taken out Syrian Forces on their own ground?


So you want another Vietnam where pro-US-regime soldiers shoot their own officers in a senseless war?


Wow, ‘encircling’ uninvited foreign fighters in your own country that also bomb your troops is a declaration of war…. :’)

Pave Way IV

“…If reports are confirmed and government forces are going to set up positions in the area, the US-led coalition and its proxies will likely use a force to drive the Syrian government forces back from the border with Iraq…”

No doubt they would love to do this, but they really have no credible justification – it’s beyond their ‘deconfliction zone’. Plus it would be pretty obvious they were trying to reopen the ISIS supply lines from Jordan to Deir EzZor. And it’s significant that the Russian MoD is reporting this. I’m thinking they would use air support to protect that territory from coalition attacks.

Now the U.S. has to figure out how to 1) save their head-choppers in Deir EzZor without Jordanian supplies, and 2) take al Bukamal without having a supply line. In other words, the U.S. is screwed.

Pave Way IV

How embarrassing – once again, my country proves to be terribly sore losers. Maybe if we didn’t support head-choppers so much, we would have more success?


Since WW1 US has won wars because of overwhelming superiority in numbers and equipment, strategy is a moot point.
When this approach is not possible, their deficiency in strategic knowledge and execution becomes very apparent.


There is no coalition, unles ISIS are you new pals


The pro-regime is more motivated expelling the US forces out rather then ISIS. It obviously seems like they have more interest in Al-tanf and encircling the US forces is definitely a war declaration


U fool still didnt understand what the FSA and American forces want there right?


How can you declare war on nations that have invaded your country?

US and allies.

No declaration of war
No UN authority
No invite from the Government of a sovereign nation.

How many members of ISIS have been taken out since Saturday?


That’s just smart. The US are far more of a threat than ISIS is to the legal government of Syria.

Colonel Pors

About the “cut” in the Jordan Suply… Arms can still be smugled directly
through Iraq and Kurdish areas… Dont be so optimistic. The situation
got better, but its far from “safe”, and there is still the chance (in
fact a certainty) the there will be a counter attack to break the siege
now imposed over the USA area. So spect a heavy push soon…

Pampi Ta

Incredible blitz. The US and their proxies are cornered.


The US had better think twice about attacking these PMU militias. Remember, over in Iraq, US special forces operate with Iraqi Army units, sometimes just a stone’s throw away from other Iraqi PMU militias. These US special forces could easily be taken hostage at an improvised check point set up by the PMU.


Or …. wouldn’t it be a shame if some Iraqi army guy left the gate unlocked tonight at their joint US / Iraqi base?

paolo duchateau

se acavo para los gringos, hostia puta

DJ Double D

How did they reach the border from that side so quick? Seems Russia did their magic thing again?


I wonder if perhaps they were airlifted over there. If so, it would be best to have some regular SAA with the Syrian flag over there. Better yet ….. a few Russians too.

Mase fah

Not everything is Russia, its a joint Syria Russia Iran hezbollah and iraq team work, Didnt you see Iranian drone locking on the US drone from above around that area. This only achieved by the brave soldiers having one thing in their mind and not worry about no coalition bombs. Viva resistance.

Srini Rao

That’s what I wonder, how come this changed so fast. SAA couldn’t make progress along south and along the Damascus/Baghdad road, they took different root. This is like in American football game, ball is thrown to receivers who has less coverage. Quarterback/Offensive coordinator ( American football term) In a way is a Russia. Again Russians beat Yankees at their game.

Miguel Redondo

I don´t know who is the syrian commander for this raid. But he seems to have drunk the same milk es Erwin Rommel as child…..

paolo duchateau

big shame for saudis , for MI6, for u-s CIA, and pentagon and for our puppet in chief; mr micron

Leon De Elias

hahah..That’s is awesome..Illegal Yankee Terrorists in Syria can’t just kill an effort,for freedom of a 7000 year old Nation..!!


Wunderbar! What a Blitz! We have waited a long Time for this News!


Great news! Congratulations to the Axis of Resistance, death to the Ameri/Zio/ISIS alliance.

John Brown

That’s it check mate the war is won. Putin shows he is smarter again. No corridor for a natural gas or oil pipeline from Saudi Judea Arabia to the EU to push Russia out of the EU oil and gas market. Those 2 USSA bases along the Jordanian border mean nothing now. The USSA under orders from Israel will have to openly attack the SAA and Russians to get their way. They will be the clear aggressor
to attack the SAA and try to take Syrian territory from the SAA. Russia will shoot down any USSA planes that try it as the USSA will be the clear aggressor coming to the aid of ISIS.

Add to that Qatar Turkeys ally now being chased into the Russian Iranian Chinese orbit. This pushes Turkey further into the Russian, Iranian Chinese orbit. Who could have predicted it! Such arrogant stupidity the racist supremacist Jewish empire? Racist supremacist Jews keep doubling down and doubling their losses. Now Iran and Qatar can form a natural gas cartel. Turkey is rushing troops to Qatar to protect it from Saudi Judea Wahabi Arabia and setup their base their already agreed to. The USSA may lose its base in Qatar now.

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