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Syrian Army and Air Force Target Terrorists’ Positions & Convoy in Daraa


The Syrian Armed Forces and the Syrian Air Force continue their success in Daraa, inflicting heavy losses to terrorists.

Syrian Army and Air Force Target Terrorists' Positions & Convoy in Daraa

Terrorists’ positions in central and southern districts of Daraa city were jointly stormed by the Syrian Army troops and the Syrian Air Force. As result, the terrorists suffered serious damage and casualties.

Gathering and concentration centers of the terrorists in the southern side of an oil’s customs building, Souq al-Hal in Daraa al-Mahatta and Daraa al-Balad were pounded by the Syrian soldiers, backed up by the country’s fighter jets. A number of terrorists was killed and wounded, as well as terrorists’ military equipment and vehicles were damaged during the attacks.

According to earlier reports, the Syrian Military Forces tracked and targeted a long terrorists’ convoy in eastern Daraa.

A military column of terrorist groups was struck by the Syrian army soldiers in the town of al-Naeimeh. As result, a number of vehicles were destroyed and several guards of the convoy were killed.

In addition, the Syrian army troops’ offensive on terrorists’ strongholds in the central and southern districts of Daraa city damaged a number of road-building machinery. Terrorist groups’ bulldozers, building strongholds in Daraa al-Mahatta and Daraa al-Balad areas, were targeted by the Syrian Army.

Terrorists’ fortified positions in Daraa al-Balad were also targeted by the Syrian Armed Forces, who also destroyed two mortar-launching pads near Bilal al-Habashi mosque in the city.



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  • Naim Zuri

    What kind of siege is that in which the besieged ones never run out of supplies or manpower and sometimes even go on the offensive ?

  • wimroffel

    What is happening in the south of Syria? I thought it was rather quiet. But this article sounds different. The “convoy” suggests that the rebels get new supplies (and reinforcements?) from Jordan.