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Syrian Army Amasses Strike Force In Daraa, Prepares To Launch Large-Scale Operation

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Syrian Army Amasses Strike Force In Daraa, Prepares To Launch Large-Scale Operation

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is amassing a large strike force in Daraa as a part of preparations for a possible large-scale security operation in the southern governorate.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the SAA reinforcements arrived in Daraa on May 7. The troops were deployed in Tell al-Khodor, Athman, al-Yadudah and at the Saru checkpoint.

A day earlier, around 50 military vehicles armed with heavy machine guns and carrying dozens of troops arrived in al-Sheikh Sa’ad, al-Sheikh Maskin and Tell al-Khodor.

The SOHR said that the upcoming operation will likely target the town of Muzayrib, where nine Syrian policemen were killed in a brutal attack earlier this week. The locals of the town promised to hand over the perpetrators of the attack, among them a known commander. However, they failed to do so.

“The wanted [commander] was supposed to be handed over by the elders of the region through Russian mediation, but the commander is still hiding,” the SOHR said in a report.

Pro-government sources identified the wanted commander as Mohamad Qassim al-Subhi, aka “Abu Tariq,” the former leader of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) al-Karam Brigade. The commander, who joined the reconciliation process in mid-2018, is reportedly behind other attacks on SAA troops in Daraa.

In the last few weeks, dozens of Syrian service members were killed or injured in different parts of Daraa’s countryside. ISIS claimed responsibility for some of the attacks. The upcoming SAA operation will likely help to restore security in the southern governorate.


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Pave Way IV

Wanted commander: the former leader of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) al-Karam Brigade.

I lost track of all these groups a long time ago. Will this guy rate some IDF close air support in Daraa? Israel always an excuse to stir up shit with Syria.

“We saw a SAA truck driver give a menacing look towards Israel’s Golan border. We will not stand for this kind of outrage and the clear existential threat it poses to the State of Israel. The SAA convoy, a nearby village and some random guy on a motorcycle were struck by several IAF bombs in a justified, preemptive protective action.”


That’s the sum of Israeli aggression , I agree.

Jens Holm

Ha ha.

They made the Holy Choran, Muhammed Ecco hollw nomics and killed the dead sea too.

Israel just do as they have since 1948. Its the only stabile thing in the whole ME.

Most of the rest are like too often rtight here a ROOSTERs kakkeliky learned too tell too much too early.

We neutralize those here by eliminating them for food.

We prefare hens. They taste better and also lay eggs.

Hens should take over. Its a waste to feed roosters and well seen for Syria.

The OYD program is the only good system for the whole Syria and for a better future. Let some YPJ be President.

Number one in that proces is to give the vomen and chikdren all weapons and let them shoot anyone they wish.

Zionism = EVIL

Firing 8 stand off missiles with a 250 lbs warhead from the safety of Lebanese coast and having 80% of them shot down or captured intact will not “win” the Zionist cunts any wars. It is just their desperation as Iran again officially stated that it has no intention of withdrawing from Syria or abandoning the Tehran-Beirut highway. What these pinprick Zionist cowards attacks have shown is sheer limitation of air-power as we have seen in all recent conflicts from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan to Yemen. The Americunt shithead lardass losers have dropped more tonnage on barren Afghan mountains than during the entire WW2 and the Taliban are still in control of 80% of Afghanistan. Look at Yemen, the Saudis losers have bombed civilians non-stop for 6 years now but lost every ground battle to the determined and motivated Ansarallah.

Carlo Robotti

The real aim is destruction and life loss, not ground control or conquer of something

Ashok Varma

Both Saudis and Israel are in real trouble as US is now too weak to do anything. The Pentagon has announced a withdrawal of Patriots from Saudi Arabia, this is a green light to Yemenis and Iran.

US military to withdraw Patriot missiles from Saudi Arabia: Pentagon sources and WSJ


On the contrary Ashok, we finally have a running government which means we can now enter a war if needed. You’re going to cry alot very soon, I have my promise to keep.

Icarus Tanović

Zionist exact rhetoric.

Jens Holm

In Your dark dark mind, You probatly not even know what zionisme is. Much to me You dont know about it or systematicly are lying.

Its no wonder You have so many silly and dirty littel flags and disagreemenets in Tour Région. When You talk about each other, You make Yiurself much better and the enemies and maybee anemies much worse.

Most killers hardly know what they fight for or against. On´y Turks in the whole Region (and the small SDFs) are the only ones having a plan for the future.

The rest fight hard to go back into the past for many decades and even centuries.


Flagged as Spam!

Jens Holm

We will see. If so it has been planned for months and FSAs there as a minimum has recieved TOWs and like that.

Its not impossible, but I dont think so, but I am very wrong now and then.

The idea seemes tempting, bacause the Iranians or at least some Iranians are closer to the borderline, then Russia has ordered them to. Maybee the Russian demand only was for missiles.

Jens Holm

Rhe best operation for Syria would be at Assad. I again will recommend Leaders making good reasosns for war, should be the first to be shot- not soldiers´and civilians.

Black Waters

Here, 5 shekels for your service.

Jens Holm

You can use them for toilet paper, if You wish. I only use creditcard – even in my behind.

Chutiya is named after Mango chutney …

Jens Holm

As long as the Assad regime is in power, there is no Syria unless You define it as a Baathist property or a Russian Oblast.

Assads has done nothing for decades to unite and build anything aprt from from svimmingpools for own purpose.

And Russian seemes still look for Engells in their economy. Here its weapons for no oil. They even sell Turkey missiles by loans even hardly a Turk has gold in teehts.

I do not know what to think about this local uprise and Assads again has too much fuel to spend. I might reflect bad times often for good reasons makes opposition as well as 50% unomplyment for men some years ago created many good mercenaires for almost nothing and into almost anything.

Many graves always makes more soldiers and religion of the bad kind.

They all fight with God on their side. So how many Gods are there??? Moses as well as Allah warned for BAAL from Balbek…


Stop talking shit, no one here is gonna believe your lies and propaganda.

Jens Holm

This is not about faith but aboiut how limited You and other mainly muslims are kept in line byYour Governes´added with fear and bajonets.

You dont know better. But I tell You because no one else do or makes terrible versions, You from birth are learned to eat like goat.

Many of Our pigs are more well informed about Your own socalled countries, then You are.

You have a build in often named as conditional reflex, which pr autopilotkeep You away in fear as I and it was too close to a campfire. In the computerworld it would be automatic Control Alt Delete and before that programs like CCleaner made by Your Masters of keeping You stupid and easy to handle. .

Alberto Campos

Now in English please.

Jens Holm

My english is more english then Your google or Bing transplants from Your reduced languages like Turkish, Urdu, Farsi or arabic.

Thats also added so many vital things for us, You are forbidden to debate according to Your leaders, Choran and ancient culture.

You are very good in reduced Lawyers and Doctors English. Most people in my world is not that as well.

Harley street is in London and not in Damaskus.

Ashok Varma

Street vendors in Mumbai have a better grasp of English, you ignorant spamming imbecile. Chutiya!

Jens Holm

India has its own version of correct english. I reapsect that.

But I dont respeckt as dane and neigbor to the whole English language group has to speak as a limited by censurship, religion non halal arabbi only able to write and certainly not behave like normal doctiors and lawyers do.

Normal people here dont speak and write as You do. I learned You version in school when I was 16 to 18 years old and will never go back to level apart from reduce my smoking. NO WAY.

You probatly are closed related to Ghandi spinning around himself too.
close(d) a joke.

The top non-native English speaking countries

1. Netherlands 70.31
2. Sweden 70.72
3. Norway 68.38
4. Denmark 67.34
5. Singapore 68.63
6. South Africa 66.52
7. Finland 65.86
8. Austria 63.13
9. Luxembourg 66.33
10. Germany 63.74
11. Poland 62.45
12. Portugal 60.02
13. Belgium 63.52
14. Croatia 60.16

I am told I in the 67% many times, but not from Your Region.


SPAM flagged!

Jens Holm

You dont like me. But dont cry. I write so people can come back here and learn no more crap from You.

Now go and flaggelate Yourself. It might help.Americans love start and stribes.


I know why your against the baathists your a masonic fucker aren’t you jens

Jens Holm

Assads are pest. Johadists are cholera. So of course I like none of them.

Masonic fuckers must be some family thing of Yours. Maybee You should only wear niqab and forget the sungasses.


Ooh getting nasty now Jen’s and I don’t want to wear a niqab it would get in the way of things now go and build a pyramid and put an eye in the middle of it will make you feel smart again..

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Baathists are socialists that believe in equality for all the Syrian ethnic groups, both the sexes, and equality of religion under democratic authority, but 90% of the people you back are nothing but religious zealots, who treat women like second class citizens and also think democracy should be beholden to religion.

Jens Holm

It seemes You cannot read or understand, what I write.

I have many examples from the Baathist Parlament in Damaskus by PMs, which would put in hail here fro years. I only take 2.

1) If and older man have relations with a girls and it full, the girl loose value and therefore cannot give money. So if the girl accept to marrie that older goat, things are outbalanced and her family gets the money – not her.

She already hardly has any rights. Here in Denmark those money for damage of her – even she has said yes witt or witout candy and nice dresses ANY TIME would go to here bankaccount.

2) If a Syrian vomen gets married in fx Syria with a any kind of man even being rich and muslim and they live toget and get som hildren too, the man and the chiildren cannotr get a Syrian passsport.

BUT if a Syrian man marries some foreign women abroad and they make children, his wife and the children can get Syrian pasports right away.

Thats socialisme. I dont see that.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Did you see how many women were elected in the last Syrian parliamentary election, HEAPS, and how many women hold positions of power in the opposition groups, NONE, NOT EVEN ONE.
Most of the political parties in Syria are socialist parties or have socialist aspirations, all except for the people you follow, they don’t have any socialist political party members.

Alberto Campos

Quoting ‘SOHR’ is never a good idea.

Jens Holm

Thats a totally lie. At many occations SOHR has been and are the most reliable source found in the whole Syria.

As for any other sources, You also should ve carefull. But they never lie.

SOHR sometimes is an incomplete source because its based on information, which comes in by volunteers, when it can.

So shame on You. You are against all facts about it.


Without unrestricted backing from Russia or a similar major military power, Syria won’t be able to pull this off, not with two Ziocorporate terrorist regimes, hyperweaponised ISISrael and subservient Jordan, right across the border, the enemy will alwlays have where to retreat and regroup to go on fighting. It’ll just become a Ziowahhabi insurgency guerilla gnawing on Damascus’ institutional power over its country

Assad must stay

very noice saa


then we will see some fireworks from ISIS air force too.

Zionism = EVIL

Pinprick air attacks by Zionists or the moronic Americunts simply can not win a ground war, but on the other hand the major problem facing the SAA is lack of trained motivated manpower to hold on to the whole country. Unless Iran ups its ground troop commitment or brings in large number of militias, this pattern of popping jack terrorist attacks will continue as the Americunts and their Turkey pimps will keep on for recruiting terrorists, just to continue the conflict for spite. There is no way on earth the terrorists can even remotely succeed,


After successful operation expect bombs from israel.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, is SF confused, can’t they tell the difference between SAA soldiers and Hezbollah/NDF militias, I can.
It’s actually Iran that’s sending their own troops to man the checkpoints now, it’s not Assad, Assad and Russia already sent the 5th army corps into Daraa last week, they’re the real SAA soldiers in Daraa, and SF hasn’t even told us about them yet, not even a peep, which is surprising since they’re amongst the most loyal of Assad’s troops bar none, mmm.
Isis don’t go after Hezbollah or the other Iranian backed militias, they usually attack the government soldiers and agents, but the Sunnis that aren’t affiliated with Isis do attack Iranian agents all the time, and occasionally government agents and soldiers too, but they have a taste for foreign fighters now, so that’s who their main targets are, Iranians and their proxies.
And the FSA isn’t the only group that has a problem with such a heavy Iranian presence in Daraa and Quneitra, they’re just the tip of a really big iceberg, and the very least of Assad’s worries.
The SAA beat the FSA senseless back in 2018 and confiscated all their weapons, Assad also conscripted 25,000 of them straight into the SAA and they’re still there now, so apart from a few fighters that avoided capture, and having few light weapons they managed to hide, the FSA are about as much threat to the government as an angry kitten would be, but as I said, they’re just the tip of the iceberg.
The Southern Front Alliance [SFA] plus 2 other large Arab militias reconciled with the government back in 2017, King Abdullah of Jordan and Assad worked out a deal that meant they didn’t have to lay down their weapons, not even the heavy equipment, they just had to cease fighting and not actively assist the FSA and HTS, and they did and still do comply to the deal, but that also means they’re still very well armed and also 60,000+ strong, and that’s just in Daraa and Quneitra and a small area of as Suwayda.
The Arab League [AL] are the people who back the SFA and the SFA are the people with all the guns, and thanks to the AL, they also have a basket full of money too, so these guys are the real threat that Assad faces in Daraa now, not the already beaten and demoralized ex FSA fighters that only have empty wallets.
And guess who the AL don’t like meddling around in Daraa, and they don’t like them meddling around there because they’ve already worked out a really good deal with the government, it’s Iran they don’t like of course, and now Iran’s just rushed in more proxy fighters to help calm the situation down in Daraa, FMD, they may as well throw some petrol on the fire while they’re at it.
If Assad doesn’t listen to Russia soon he’s going to experience another uprising in Daraa, Quneitra and as Suwayda, because Iran’s acting like a bull in a china shop right now, and Assad should realize what that really means for Syria.
These people signed a reconciliation agreement with Assad 3 years ago to end the fighting and save their children’s futures, and now Assad’s letting Iran move into their neighbourhoods and even worse still letting Iran provoke another God forsaken war with Israel, they didn’t sign that agreement to let Iran endanger their children’s lives, they signed it to save them.
Kick the bull out of the china shop before the bull destroys everything, and you don’t have to kill the bull, just move him to where he can’t do any damage.
The Arab league and Israel still have huge influence in this area and both of them have several reasons to oppose Iranian influence in the area, so Assad has to realize there’s still 60,000+ heavily armed fighters in Daraa and Quneitra that could switch sides if they feel betrayed, and I’m sure when they see more Iranian troops arriving in their neighbourhoods they’re going to feel even more betrayed than they are already.
Come on Assad, you should be smarter than that, listen to the Russians.


Iran is playing with fire next to our border, now that we have a running government it means the IDF can execute some plans that it couldn’t 1 year ago (you can’t go into a war without an elected government here). So, an action in the north vs Hezbollah or in the south vs Hamas is going to be made, the operations are coming.

Raptar Driver

Again douchebag, it’s not your border, it is occupied territory.


You can tell it to yourself, but it doesn’t change the reality. The Golan is an Israeli territory by law, nothing you can do about it.

Raptar Driver

What law? According to all known international laws you are an Occupying power. You imposters can’t just declare something and it becomes law , boy you’re full yourselves.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Thanks to Iran Assad’s not only creating tensions with Israel he’s also inflaming domestic tensions, he’s pitting the Sunnis and Druze on one side and the Orthodox and Alawite Shia on the other, and if he doesn’t do something to stop that growing discontent Israel may not even have to lift a finger to stop Iran, Assad could lose Daraa, Quneitra and as Suwayda if he’s not careful.
I’m waiting to see what Trump’s next comment concerning Syria, Iran, and Israel will be, that’ll give us an idea about what’s coming next, escalation or de escalation, I have my fingers crossed and hoping that good sense prevails, and the balls in Assad’s court now, so let’s see what happens.


Pompeo is coming this Wednesday to Israel to meet with Bibi and Gantz.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’ll probably mean good news for the team you back but I suspect my team probably won’t like Pompeo’s message and neither will the Russians, and I’m sure Iran will absolutely hate anything Pompeo has to say, or maybe even does, hold onto your hardhat.


If I had to take a guess, they would most likely discuss further actions against Iran in Syria and Iraq, and the annexation of the Jordan Valley. If the mullahs have somewhat left any reason in their heads, they would pull back from our border before it’s too late. Gantz as the DM will push for the operations, they only question is when.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’m pretty sure neither the US or Israel will be doing anything other than concentrating on Iranian infrastructure in Syria [and possibly Lebanon], and I’m pretty sure they’ll both coordinate with Russia if they do, so there may be limits to what Israel and the US can do to Iran in Syria.
As it stands the Russian’s aren’t located in any Iranian facilities that could be potential targets for Israel or the US, but that could change, Russia could start locating their personnel near vulnerable Iranian assets in an effort to deter hostile strikes, and I don’t think either the US or Israel would be willing to attack Russian personnel that were located in Iranian bases.
So I think the Russian will wait and see what Pompeo has to say before they do anything, if they don’t like what Pompeo has to say we’ll probably see Russian soldiers moving into Iranian bases, and if they don’t Iran may be in big trouble.
But I also think Pompeo, Netanyahu, and Gantz will all wait to see what happens in Daraa/Quneitra before they decide what to do, they may not have to do anything at all if things keep getting worse there.


I agree with you, but if the Russian army sends its forces into Iranian facilities to “protect” them, then Israel should not cancel an airstrike just because of that. I don’t wish any harm to Russian forces, so I hope they will be smarter than this.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I don’t think the Russians and Israelis will come to blows, or even the US, the only people that want to go to war are all religious zealots.

Furkan Sahin

do you know why Pompeo is coming to Israel soon?
because he wants Israel to go to war with Palestine

Furkan Sahin

Pompeo only creates problem


If it’s the SAA that is coming to restore back order then I’m cool with it, but if those are IRGC / Hezbollah militias then you can expect a harsh response from the IDF.


Let us see the meaning of “large-scale operation.”

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