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Syrian Army & Allies Unleash Hell On Militants’ Positions Around Aleppo City (Videos)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have launched an intense bombing campaign against fortified positions of terrorists in the vicinity of Aleppo city.

On January 16 morning, the army’s artillery began pounding terrorists’ positions and fortifications in the northwestern, western and southwestern outskirts of the city’s center.

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) and the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) are also carrying out airstrikes on these regions. According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the towns of Khalsah, Khan Tuman, Kafr Naha and Anjara were targeted.

Earlier, a military source told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies have intensified their rocket attacks on Aleppo city, warning that the army will respond.

In the last few weeks, the SAA amassed a large force, including the elite 4th Division, around Aleppo city. Many reports speculated that the army is preparing to launch a military operation in the region.

The ongoing intense strikes on the vicinity of Aleppo city suggest that the army could launch a ground operation there in the upcoming few days. Earlier this week, HTS sabotaged a ceasefire which covered the region. Thus an operation is once again possible.

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So these terrorists that are getting smashed now in Idlib by Assad are those that couldnt catch the flight to Libya….
Such a pity…boohoo
I blame Erdogan, he shoud be asking Merkel to send him a few more billion euros….those jihadis arent cheap you know!

Assad must stay

Hahaha hahahaha!!!!!


Hahaha indeed. I think this is it. No more so called ceasefires. The liberation of entire Idlib and West Aleppo awaits. Erdocunts puppet army will be defeated. No more white helmets. No more moderate headchoppers. No more green busses. Red paint only. Whooohooo!


comment image


Lmaooooo ??



Willing Conscience (The Truths

So far the SAA assault is staying well away from where the Russians are operating in Western Aleppo, they seem to have a 10km buffer between where the Russians are stationed and the area that’s being bombarded, but the Turks are happily attacking the Russian controlled sector with artillery, so the Russians are still in the firing line. The Turks are retaliating against recent ALF attacks by attacking the Russian controlled sector the ALF operate out of, but they do it all the time anyway, so the Russians are always in the firing line in Aleppo.

Here’s some very interesting info about HTS and their allies, it’s not current news but gives you an idea on what the situation is really like for HTS now.
And it seems with this motley crew, just hoisting the wrong flag is enough to start a civil war amongst their members, and that’s on top of the insurgency against Assad they cooperate in, so they’re all fighting 2 wars at the same time, LOL, It’s a miracle they’ve all lasted this long.

Rebel-held Idlib where democratic elections recently took place has seen a lot of fighting in the past 48–72 hours hours between the governate’s two biggest groups, Ahrar al-Sham (Ahrar) and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). Clashes were reportedly sparked by Ahrar raising the revolution’s flag in Iblin. Here is a blow-by-blow breakdown of what happened so far:
July 19
Hazarin and Kafranbel were handed over to the Free Idlib Army by HTS.
HTS captured ad-Dana and Sarmada from Ahrar in a push to seal off the Bab al-Hawa border crossing.
Ahrar took control of Atareb in the western countryside of Aleppo governate.
Ahrar captured Salqin, Harem, Qalaat al Madiq, and the al-Ghab plain from HTS.
HTS recaptured Salqin with help from Turkestanis.
HTS took control of Saraqib — the site of recent elections — after Ahrar withdrew from the city.
Jihadist cleric Al-Muheiseni issued a statement that the current infighting is haram (prohibited or forbidden in Islamic law) and no fatwas have been issued sanctioning the fighting.
HTS recaptured Harem from Ahrar.
HTS opens fire during protests in Saraqib reportedly killing several:
Audio message from HTS leader Abu Jaber detailing the reasons for the infighting: they refused to merge with us and sold out to foreign interests.
Multiple units from Ahrar defect and join HTS (Fajr al-Islam, Liwa al-Hijra, Saraya al-Faruq).
Ahrar and multiple high ranking HTS officials accept a mediation initiative by independent jurist including Abdul Razaq al-Mahdi.
July 20:
HTS took control of Isqat and Harsh Abdin.
Quwa al-Markaziyah defect from HTS after refusing to fight Ahrar:
HTS issues a statement refusing the mediation initiative.
The Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement leaves HTS after their refusal of the mediation initiative. English translation of their statement available here.
HTS says it will only accept a full merger of all groups to end military, political and administrative fragmentation in north Syria.
Jarjanaz is militarizing after Ahrar captured a HQ yesterday between Jarjanaz and Maar Shamarim:
Ahrar mobilize after a renewed attack on the Bab al-Hawa border crossing.
Uzbek group (possibly Katibat Tawid wal Jihad) associated with HTS says it will abide by the fatwas and sheiks and not participate in current fighting.
Leaders of both Suqour al-Sham and Ahrar are on the frontlines.
Ahrar captured Tirmalla and al-Thawbah.
Protests in Saraqib against HTS storm the court building and place the revolution flag on the roof.
HTS reaches within 6 kilometers of Bab al-Hawa, figting taking place in Kah and Aqrabat.
Ahrar Badia division defects from Ahrar and joins HTS.
HTS took control of Aqrabat after Ahrar retreated from the town.
HTS retreated from Saraqib due to protests against them.
Rumors that HTS control the whole Bab al-Hawa crossing are denied by activists, Ahrar is still in control and clashes are taking place near the crossing.
HTS says Ahrar fighters surrendered “Siyasiyah” checkpoint in Bab al Hawa, promises safety to all coming out of Bab al-Hawa.
Errant fire from HTS hit refugee camps in Atmeh and Qah leading to several casualties including children.
Abu Jaber calls on HTS members to help civilians in newly captured areas and Al-Qaeda veteran Mohammed Jolani recommends patience.
Decisive clashes in Babisqa (location of defunct Supreme Military Council’s warehouses) and the hills overlooking the crossing; Ahrar partially retreated.
Ahrar is in full control of Kafr Lusin again after clashes took place earlier.
Civilians in Saraqeb pushing HTS fighters out of the city and celebrating afterwards (video).
July 21:
Up to 200 Ahrar fighters arrived to Bab al-Hawa border crossing from Euphrates Shield-held areas, HTS attack on the crossing was successfully repelled (for now).
HTS took control of Atmeh village during the night.
Faylaq al-Sham and Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement release a joint statement calling to end infighting and deployment of peacekeepers.
Ahrar prepares to push towards Sarmada and Dana to lift HTS’s siege on the Bab al-Hawa crossing. Abu Azzam, an Ahrar shura council member, is leading the push.
HTS captures 106th brigade east of Bab al-Hawa.
Ahrar military commander in west Aleppo al-Farouk Abu Bakr — previously seen waving a revolution flag at protests in Atareb in June — vows to defend against “khawarij” and calls Jolani and Abu Jaber “traitors to the revolution.”
Ahrar fighters reportedly besieged in buildings of the Bab al-Hawa crossing.
Fighters from Division 13 are reportedly on their way to Idlib from northern Aleppo.
The “Al Hasaskah” from Ahrar defected and join HTS in Bab al-Hawa.
Mediation has failed because of disagreements between Nur al-Din al-Zenki and Faylaq al-Sham, Zenki claims Faylaq withdrew its peacekeeping force.
A group of fighters from Jaysh al Ahfad arrive at Bab al-Hawa from Euphrates Shield area.
Protests in Maarat al-Nu’man and al-Bab against HTS.
Advisory Council of the People of Knowledge in Syria, of which Al-Muheiseni was a member, issue a statement saying Jolani and his gang came to Syria to rescue Assad and that all factions must stand up.
Negotiations between Ahrar and HTS over the fate of the border crossing.
Ahrar confirms ceasefire with HTS.
Al Fateh Brigade left Ahrar and joined HTS.
Deal reached, all hostilities between HTS and Ahrar have ceased immediately. Ahrar pulling out of multiple areas.
Crossing will be placed under civilian control and both parties will release their prisoners.
Checkpoints are being lifted.
Suqour al-Sham continue to attack HTS.
Faylaq al-Sham statement saying they only withdrew their peacekeepers because the negotions had already started.
Suqour al-Sham leader denies that they are breaking the ceasefire and says they are committed to what was agreed.
July 22:
Clashes in/around Idlib city.
Ahrar fighters in Turmanin (near Dana) join HTS.
Ahrar fighters in al-Rami defect and join HTS.
Ahrar fighters around Darat Izza join HTS; Darat Izza under HTS control.
Rebel brigades Usud al-Islam, Khalid Ibn Walid, and Usud Bani Umayya join HTS in Zardana (north of Taftanaz).
Abu Darda Al Islamiya Brigade defects from Ahrar to HTS.
Protests in al-Atareb, Aleppo governate against HTS’s attempt to take over the town. Town was where U.S.-backed Harakat Hazm was based before Al-Qaeda destroyed them in 2015.
Reports that HTS is kidnapping people who mobilized against it in al-Atareb, Aleppo; Idlib city; al-Bara; and Salqin in Idlib.
There’s heaps more so here’s a link to the rest,



“Hell” – so the SAA and her ‘allies’ think they fight a religious war, one where they execute divine retribution? How are they different from the rebels, then?

George King

Secularist or the Syrian government’s inclusion of secularism, indifference to or rejection or exclusion of religion and religious considerations in civil affairs or persecution or prosecution of. If I have to explain why the jihadist ie isis if different, then a little more research may reveal the missing ingediants.

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