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Syrian Army, Allies Stroming ISIS Stronghold Of Sukhna (Map Update)

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On Wednesday, the Syrian Army and its allies supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces captured hills southwest of Sukhna and deployed in only 8km from this important ISIS-held town located on the road between Palmyra and Deir Ezzor. According to local sources, government forces established fire control over the town. On Thursday, the army and allies contunied advancing in the area and reportedly reached its vicinity where clashes were ongoing.

If government forces liberate Sukhna, the town will become a launching pad for the  future government push aimed at lifting the ISIS siege from the city of Deir Ezzor.

Syrian Army, Allies Stroming ISIS Stronghold Of Sukhna (Map Update)

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ISUS still sitting in Sukhna are shit out of luck !! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2ff94513c388dc784fe118c42fe70228887b0f02852eb9494599395ede541697.jpg

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/744cb1674f02131454c8881f88ac619962a904b7588a9f309587b6c4eb969ea2.jpg Bubbles was looking for a place to keep his cats but ISIS got there first , f—ed the place up.

Miguel Redondo

Off topic German invasion in Russia makes progress.. 1.goal Kaliningrad (Königsberg) reached Reception by the Night Wolves (russian 1%ers) Visit to the Kurische Nehrung (baltic coastline in east Prussia) Visit to honor the fallen of first and second WW at the memorial and cemetery.


John Marks

The new German “invasion” of Prussia with tourists and trade is very welcome. Hopefully, it will convince other Europeans to end their self-destructive sanctions against Russia. These sanctions hurt Europe far more than Russia or anyone else. The only ones who benefit are the Americans – at Europe’s expense.

Miguel Redondo

I think the same way. But this invasion will not stop at Kaliningrad. There are 6 different groups on 6 routes to other places , one of them are heading to Irkutsk at the shore of lake Baikal. There was last year a group of geman bikers on Ural-sidecars who made Berlin –> New York , but without crossing the Atlantic. They came from the other side , via Moskow , Irkutsk , Kamtchatka , Bering Strait , Alaska etc etc


I think Tigers will be first to reach deir ezzor


If the southern prong reaches Deir Ezzor second its still a good result. Then at least the ISIS sailliant into Eastern Hama will be cut off. Which I think will be more and more the final area that ISIS will hold on to. East of Sukhna is desert, not so good ground for a long term guerilla campaign. Same with the Euphrates valley and the terrain east of the Euphrates. Methinks ISIS in Syria will give those up, still leaving behind some garrisons to inflict maximum attrition on the attackers, while concentrating everything else it got into the mountains and hills of central Syria. And the SAA is probably fine with that. Aside from some oil wells and roads there is not that much strategic ground there to be had. So they’re not wasting too much effort on taking that ground, gunning for Deir Ezzor and Eastern Syria instead. After that the enclaves of the socalled ‘moderate opposition, with all the sham organisations. And of course Al Qaidistan, AKA Idlib. Only once everything else is taken will they probably try to root out ISIS in central Syria.

That is my strategic prediction.

Graeme Rymill

The idea of caliphate is central to ISIS. My strategic prediction is that they will try (unsuccessfully) to hold on to the towns and cities in Euphrates River valley. As you say there is not much strategic ground in an eastern Hama pocket. Isolated from any major population centre and with no safe haven to fall back on the Hama pocket would have limited value to ISIS. The Euphrates on the other hand offers both populated towns and potential safe havens in northern Iraq.

Adam Kafei

I have to agree with Barba_Papa on this one, the position of the potential east Hama pocket is highly valuable in the event of the collapse of the rest of ISIS territory. For one the supply line to Aleppo runs just north of it, it is also local to other strategic roads that could be raided.

I would suggest if ISIS were interested in safe havens and any real defence of territory with an eye to take back ground they’d have withdrawn from this area already in favour of bolstering defences elsewhere as it’s evident this area is not drawing enough troops to slow other advances.


Good luck Syrians, bad cess to the Us head-chopping, heart-eating rapers.

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