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Syrian Army & Allies Penetrate Jaish al-Fatah Defenses South Of Aleppo Citadel

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The Syrian army and its allies have further peneterated Jaish al-Fatah defenses in the eastern part of Aleppo city.

After the liberation of Bab al-Nayrab, pro-government purged militants from the neighborhoods of Salheen and al-Qasileh, and the al-Madi station, located south of the Aleppo Citadel. The Syrian army’s Tiger Forces played a leading role in the operation.

Last night, government forces pushed Jaish al-Fatah militants from the area adjacent to the Aleppo Citadel.

After today’s gains of the Syrian army and its allies, the so-called “moderate opposition” is put in a desperate situation in Aleppo. The only hope of militants is the assistance from their Western backers.

Syrian Army & Allies Penetrate Jaish al-Fatah Defenses South Of Aleppo Citadel

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Informative map.

Other sources report quarters east of Sjeikh Maqsud taken over by, or handed over to, YPG.

What is the status there?

Heiko Demonus

False report!


I’ve read the SAA has achieved Victory , full control of east Aleppo. Tuesday afternoon, jihadist operators already bussed out .

Airtorn Mentha

“The only hope of militants is the assistance from their Western backers.”

I think that they´re here now http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/us-western-leaders-calling-aleppo-cease-fire-44031814


Western leaders can call whatever they want, but Russia and possibly China will just veto it in the UN, and unless they wish to risk WWIII by attacking Russian forces in Syria harsh language is all they can offer. Meanwhile nobody gives a **** what Obama and Kerry will say as everybody waits with baited breath for the Donald to arrive. And unless a massive Jihadist offensive like in August gets launched from Idlib today the Aleppo pocket’s lifetime is now measured in days, rather then weeks, let alone months.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Assistance from western backers has ever been the only hope of the opposition (terrorist) forces. Most are foreign fighters. Most Syrians who fight with them are forcibly conscripted (murdered if they refuse).


The terrorist pocket is shrinking fast. Soon there will be nowhere left to hide for the rats. Don’t let them leave. Kill them all.


The only immediate action the SAA can take after the victory in aleppo is to focus on east ghouta and go east from Palmyra and take Sukhna. This will regain their oil and gas wells. Attack anything else (like Bab or raqqa or Idlib) will provoke a blocking action from the US or Turkey. Those conflicts can wait. Let the kurds and the FSA fight it out for a while.

Moving to Deir Ezzor will be countered by the US using their kurds. But if turkey diverts kurds forces, the US will have little to allocate to taking deir Ezzor. A deal where SAA coordinates with erdogan against the kurds would win deir Ezzor, but end with conflict over who gets raqqa.

In the past assad needed the kurds to fight FSA and ISIS. That is no longer true. In the short term assad needs the turks to gain territory from isis. In the long term syria and turkey will face off over what to do with the FSA. FSA without raqqa is too weak and will have to negotiate a cease fire. But a FSA with both raqqa and Idlib makes aleppo weak and the war continues.


E ghouta is a great idea, securing Damascus area and freeing up forces for other areas. West Aleppo area still has to be secured. I agree that Al Bab should not be approached until ISUS is in full retreat from battle with TU/FSA. Also Idlib will have to wait a long time. The Deir Ezzor option requires large force to cover many miles of open desert. Syrian/allied forces should continue to secure western syria. Homs and N Hama still need attention.

Ryan Law

they may chose to deal with Damascus and the Golan heights while america is in lame duck phase. if they are going to do anything about Golan heights it needs to be in next 2 months


Excellent, the Aleppo pocket is collapsing faster than expected! The remaining jihadist may not have enough time left to get relocation agreement. Let them surrender or die in place. The SAA will continue to hit them from the east (no well prepared defensive lines there). The hammer and the anvil. Their situation is hopeless, time to shave their beards and hide in the basement.

Bio_ Hazard

Godspeed saa

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