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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army, Allies Captured 4 Oil Fields In Raqqa Countryside

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Syrian Army, Allies Captured 4 Oil Fields In Raqqa Countryside


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces and Tribal Forces continued advancing in the southern Raqqa countryside on Saturday where they captured the villages of Anabah, Falat Rajab, Khirbet Muhannad, Suh al-Bukhmis, Mansoura Shweihan, Halima and Samihan. The SAA also seized the oil fields of Al-Wahab, Al-Fuhayd, Dubisan and Al-Kabeer and the wells of Al-Qaseer, Abu Qutat and Abu Qatash. According to the Hezbolalh media wing in Syria, the SAA killed a large number of ISIS fighters during its advance.

The Russian Air Force increased airstrikes against ISIS positions in the eastern Hama countryside and in eastern Homs countryside, in order to accelerate the SAA operations. Government troops are now deployed 13 km away west of the ISIS-held town of Sukhna.

According to pro-government sources, the SAA also managed to re-enter the province of Deir Ezzour from the direction of Hamima village after repelling several ISIS attacks in the area.

Syrian Army, Allies Captured 4 Oil Fields In Raqqa Countryside

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Several pro-government sources confirmed the withdrawal of the Desert Hawks Brigade from the eastern Hama countryside due to coordination problems and slow operations in the area. Another reason was the SAA’s decision to change its offensive plan. According to local sources, the Desert Hawks Brigade will soon participate in another operation against ISIS.

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O yeah. !!!!


Very nice progress.
With the de escalation agreement in SW Syria, it is reported that most all Syrian air force efforts are now against ISUS. THIS IS GOOD NEWS !


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AM Hants

Nice one and well done.

Montenegrin ??

Once Al Taybah and As Sukhnah fall the Daesh “Caliphate” is finished. All that will be left is half of the Euphrates under their control and a large amount of indefensible desert, with a pocket east of Salamiyah City


It’s already finished. Mosul was the end.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Caliphate is never finished and it will go back to hiding with the aid of the US/UK in Syria and western Iraq . They moved to Al Qaim , Abukmal long before those attacks and had left light garrisons in those places , you are fighting an idea not an object .


Sure has been quiet at deir ezzor lately…


Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They’re finding Issam the wrong person to mess with and besides I think they realized Deir Ez zoir was bleeding them uselessly and heavily reinforced with locals and more SAA units waiting to strike out from there .


Oil equals income – money.
Regaining control of oil fields in Raqqa province is good work.
The Syrian military needs to make it a priority to regaining all its oil assets.


Taking all those oil and gas fields on the way to DeZ is quite a good strategy. SAA is securing its negotiation power for when the war is done and dusted.


yes ;:))))



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